Private Greg Barnett – Phony Fumbles Football and Fakes Purple Hearts

| May 20, 2021

The folks at MilitaryPhony send us their work of this Gregory Barnett fella.  Gregory Harold Barnett lives in Decatur, Alabama but spent a large part of his life in Taft, Tennessee.  At the time of this writing, May 2021, Barnett is 67 years old.  His middle name is sometimes listed as “Scott” and at other times just the initial “G.”

Barnett was recently featured on the Semper Fi Community Task Force of Northern Alabama website in a photo that appears to be a Marine Corps Ball.  He was honored as part of the Semper Fi Task Force Heroes Week.

Greg Barnett

Someone that had spoken to Barnett said that Barnett claims that he had seven awards of the Purple Heart. The exact number of Purple Heart awards is not distinguishable in the above photograph, although multiple awards can be seen. If the order of precedence is correct, Barnett may also be wearing a Silver Star.

Based on his status as a wounded Special Forces veteran, Barnett was also honored by the Letterman of the USA with an autographed University of Alabama football.

Greg Barnett – University of Alabama Football

Barnett expressed his gratitude in the following video.

Barnett also posed beside Alabama’s Secretary of State.

So, what’s the NPRC have to say about all of this?

FOIA Results – NPRC – Greg Barnett – Summary Sheet

Well, Barnett was challenged and despite an initial defiant response and claim of harassment, he acquiesced by writing the following email:

Amazing that the trousers and jacket were an exact fit and someone out there has seven Purple Hearts.



Barnett’s military records show a short enlistment of eight (8) months and getting out as a Private.  A early discharge at a lower rank usually indicates a problem.  Although it is possible that someone completed all early training, was shipped out to a war zone, was wounded and then discharged there is usually a considerable amount of time spent in the hospital and/or rehabilitation.


The odd thing is that Barnett has no medals or awards.

There is no evidence in his records that he has been in combat and no Purple Heart, let alone seven.


There is no listed training, awards, or badges that would indicate that Barnett was an Army Ranger or in Special Forces.

We have no way of verifying if Barnett was part of the Australian Special Forces SAS.


By his own admission, Greg Barnett is not a retired Master Sergeant and seven-time Purple Heart recipient.  If he gained anything of value – such as a football – from his claims, he may be in violation of the Stolen Valor Act of 2013.

He claimed the uniform came from a “Friend” that let him borrow it… I would love to know the name of that “Friend” who actually has 7 Purple Hearts.

Private Gregory likes to play Dress Up, no telling what other kinks lurk in his closet.  He should probably stick to playing with himself in Private and not expose the rest of us to his antics.



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Those footballs go for around $500 these days, assuming it was last year’s championship team. He is the whole package, a complete bag of shit.


What a Bag Of $hit (BOS) I followed along while this BOS) was rooted out and the lame a$$ apology is as worthless as his military record… Maybe he could stop by and build a ramp to my crippled dog’s dog house… Who the hell holds a beret like a damn frisbee anyway…

Name edited to protect PII.


Another Unicorn!!!! What are the odds?!!!
Another Aviation Unicorn

Green Thumb

I wonder if that was Nick Saban in the picture?

These days you almost need to keep a copy of a DD214 in your pocket.

Turds like this make it harder for real Soldiers (service members) to get recognized.



(This hand grenade has got some skeletons. The ticklemonster vibe is strong)


Concur. He does come across as a potential ChoMo.

The gist of his rambling “apology” seemed to be “I do a lot for people so don’t hold my Stolen Valor against me.”

Wrong, shitbird.

Did he even earn the prestigious mosquito wings of an E-2? Doesn’t look like it. What kind of mouth-breathing, dick-stepping, slack-jawed cretin did you have to be to not make E-2 at the time when the Army was at it’s lowest point at the end of the Vietnam war? The mind boggles.


Fucking Used Q-Tip.

A Proud Infidel®™

More worthless than a third hand used dildo!


…a broken rental buttplug.


More worthless than a third hand used dildo wit tits.

There…fixed it for you.


The resemblance to Fake Marine Phony Purple Hearts Chipp Reid
is uncanny.

Shall I load up my SUV (and utility trailer),
and pay a visit to Alabammy?

Bonus – I can enjoy a nice scenic drive. For me.
I can go there on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and come home due north.
He’s on the same highway as
WigWam Village #2 motel, Cave City, Kentucky,
now undergoing renovations, with a refurbished sign.


Jesus MD61,
How about visiting the Giant Ball of Yarn and the 1,000 lump of Gum too.
(I’m just making shit up…)


On past travels (only 6 years ago),
I went 30 miles out of my way to visit the
Fargo (movie) Wood Chipper.
It’s at a highway welcoming center,
they give you a fuzzy bunny hat,
and take the photo for you
while you push the foot and shin into the chipper.

Dave Hardin

I have been to the WigWam Village in Cave City… it is chronically in need of renovations.

There used to be a restaurant in the basement of the main office many years ago.

Scalped Potatoes were great.


Cool. New owners in 2021. Spending to renovate.
They will even open the office/restaurant huge main teepee, if they can find someone to rent it to operate a coffee shop/restaurant/gift shop.

Among vintage (old) US highway motels, where you can park outside your door,
and soak up the history and kitsche,
WigWam Village motels
(3 remain, there are 2 on original US66 in AZ and CA)
are hard to beat.
Last visit to KY October 2020. CA 2016. Never stopped at AZ.
I’ll be back. 🙂


Kitsch bonus –
On 2 of my 3 visits to WigWam Village #2,
in line with US Highway motel history,
a NIGHT TRAIN came though.
Some trackside US Highway motels have so many trains,
sleep is difficult to impossible.
(Famously lampooned in the movie My Cousin Vinny.)

Google Fu Satellite of WigWam Village #2, Cave City, KY.,+KY+42127/@37.1458473,-85.9480948,1248m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x886618c9863cb7c1:0xbe31376171cab3fc!8m2!3d37.1367171!4d-85.9569195


I must admit,
I would enjoy torching a Stolen Valor military phony’s VEST.

Phony MSG Barnett’s green bean vest looks more like fishing gear,
but it’s gooned up, and he’s riding that POW*MIA train.

Spc Ronson and Cpl Zippo ready for TDY.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

“I would enjoy torching a Stolen Valor military phony’s VEST.”

While he’s wearing it?

Never said that.
However, I have considered the idea of a public defrocking,
getting a crowd to surround an outed phony,
like at a biker or bike show event,
and having the phony take off his phony vest and hand it over.
Publicly, in front of others at the event.

I don’t expect too many legit biker veterans would be willing to publicly defend their phony friend,
especially with the cellphones rolling.

Mustang Major

The “Giant Concrete Legs” in Henderson, N.C. is a good one. If you stand in front of it at the right distance and position your head just so, it makes for a great selfie.


Mustang Major,
I stood between these legs…
before having my photo taken alongside, not under.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

RIP US40 Gulf War Muffler Man (1991-2015)
[Havre de Grace, Maryland:
Desert Storm Muffler Man (Gone)]


“Amazing that the trousers fit …”

I’m going to disagree with this and say, he’s 90 lbs of shit in a baggy, 100 lb, two legged, bag.

Blue falcon waffle.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Yeah. I was looking at those pants cuffs. They could have stood to be shortened at least 3″.

And the jacket sleeves are supposed to cover the wrists, but NOT all the way down to the knuckles.

No way that was ever HIS uniform.

(Reminds me: I may want to pull out MY Class As & try them on……if I can fit into them. I think when I die I’ll just have them displayed on a mannequin or similar, instead of punishing the poor undertaker with trying to stuff my stiff corpse into them.

The undertaker will just slit the back of both the
trousers and jacket. If you turn over most corpses on
display that’s what you will find.


Not me. I refuse to spend eternity with my ass hanging out in the breeze. Future archaeologists will find at least one decently dressed body.


The families of the dearly departed tend to get a little pissy if you flip the corpse.

Hack Stone

Do you make it a habit to turn over bodies at funerals?

Stuart Povick

Hell I was just over at the base exchange ( retired Navy ) and I can’t afford a rack or gedunk like he has …. if I am ever guilty of stolen Valor it will be because I impersonate a E-2 😉


Shameless, albeit, he stopped digging the hole when lesser men have doubled and trippled down on the lie.

Gotta wonder about the family and community that let this sort of thing slide… but then we get stories like DOKTOR Christina Blasey-Ford, Brian Williams or the ever deceitful Dan Rather.


I want to rip that CIB right off his jacket and hammer it into his bony forehead.

Also, doesn’t he bear a resemblance to a specific type of fish? What was it called?




Also noticed he has a service stripe for each month of service.

What an ass licking clown.

Not even Brucie’s Bath House (entrance in rear) material.

I’m guessing he hangs out at Zeke’s dumpster licking fromunda cheese..


Ret_25X, just came in from working in the shop for a coffee/snack break (and which, by the way was cheese & crackers) and just HAD to google-foo “fromunda cheese” (because I live in the Cheesehead State and it didn’t ring a bell)……ew, ew, ew, ew.

There goes lunch.(grin)



You can’t get the fromunda past the rat!


I finally made the jump,
and did the Google Fu on Brucie’s Bath House,
and I got realtor dotcom listings for
2 neighboring houses for sale,
on Brucie Lane in Tampa, FL.

BONUS – Entrance in the Rear photos on both houses.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Service stripes on both arms. No Overseas Bars, though, which is rather odd for someone with a CIB, etc.


Old style Army Dress Blues didn’t reflect Overseas Bars on the right sleeve. Dress Greens, yes. Blues, no.

Daisy Cutter

I read his apology and explanation.

I’m afraid I cannot provide analysis because I don’t know what the hell he actually said. I’m guessing he drives a Dodge Rambler.

I think it may have said: Greg do good things; Greg = good guy; da other guy made me do it; Greg never stole nuttin (except an Alabama football).

The Stranger

The Rambler was an Nash/AMC marque/vehicle, not Dodge. 🤣

Daisy Cutter

Fictitious car meant as a joke… which apparently didn’t go over so well.

Dodgea sudden quick movement to avoid someone or something
Ramblertalk or write at length in a confused or inconsequential way


The Stranger,
Yes. Chrysler’s equivalent to the American Rambler
was the Dodge Dart. And the Plymouth Valiant.
Darted poorly. Not valiant.
But they lived long, and died slow deaths.

A Proud Infidel®™

IIRC the old Dodge Darts had the good old Slant 6 Engines in them which pretty much refused to die!


Not much of an apology; his rambling blather is mostly a word salad of his good deeds helping aged and infirm supposedly real veterans. He could have just said: I lied, I don’t have a DD214, nobody gave me nuttin for my lies, but I am really, really a wonderful person cuz I help the elderly.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

What a fucking mutt…and that dissertation, how exquisite.

It’s so well written one wonders if perhaps he’s taken more than a few blows to the head.

RGR 4-78

Blows and head may well be a significant part of his existence, just not in the context you described.

Nobody from Nowhere

Awful funny that his buddy’s uniform has his name tag…


When I first looked at that pic of him in dress blues, it struck me that uniform was never his uniform. It is obvious it originally belonged to a man at least two to three inches taller than him. He has obviously been POSing for much longer than attending that Marine Ball; he has his POSer vest full of stuff he never did and units he never served with. Seriously, the Aussie SAS?


He heard “Who dares” and took it as a personal challenge.

Green Thumb

Don’t forget what it was missing as well.




No ASR and NDSM for breathing? Recycled for not cutting it until finally “get out!” perhaps?


He should have been awarded the vaunted NDSM, unless he spent most of that eight months in the stockade. I started wearing mine on my greens when I left the Benning School for Wayward Boys with only six months of Active Duty.

Note: The ASR didn’t exist back in those olden days of the ’70’s.


Aww, I’m crushed… no freebie award for breathing back in the day. 🙁


Nah. Back in Ye Olde Arme it was assumed that we manly men would breathe in a manly way without needing inducement. We were a humble lot (in a manly way, of course). The “feminine side” hadn’t been invented yet.


I’ve always hated the ASR — and not just for the “gay pride flag” reason. I hated it well before “gay pride” raised its ugly head and made the rainbow its symbol.

I hated it because I always figured that if you were in the Army, on active or reserve duty, and in uniform … that you’ve passed basic training.

I did not wear it and never will.

What a loser ribbon!

The Stranger

Thankfully, The Brotherhood appears to have dodged a bullet with this clown.

A Two-Time Recipient of the Always Earned (Never Given) National Defense Service Medal who is NOT a member of the Illuminati (hat tip to Daniel Wall)


If I recall correctly, the Army also can revoke all awards and decorations if court-martialed and pitched with a DD, or if found guilty of desertion in time of war. Dunno if that’s the case here or not, but it would be at least a theoretical possibility.

The fact that his assignments include two duty stations (Fort Campbell and Fort Jackson) argues against a discharge for repeated basic training failures resulting in that era’s equivalent of an entry-level discharge (if that type of discharge even existed in 1971).


Okay, now I’m wondering how big a loser he is and what he did to get booted.

A Proud Infidel®™

IIRC one really had to really be a 24K shitbag of a Sad Sack to get booted in that era!


Nope, API®™. during that timeframe the big shutdown/troop slashing after RVN was just about to begin in December of 71, so in reality they were just starting to let everybody and their brother out on any type of discharge that was applicable.

In Barnett’s case, it was probably a OTH/BCD/maybe a DD after “he ran home to Momma” a few times from Kentucky to Alabama and was a habitual AWOL/Duty Soldier at the Post Stockade for the remainder of his “service.”


The Brotherhood of the NDSM has breathed another collective sigh of relief.


And thinks he’s max’n out the cool-factor by wearing Australian SAS crests on his Ride-rag…? Tell ya what; If Barnett was EVER caught wearing these crests in Oz, THE most junior member of Aussie SASR would turn his short-stack-ass into bleached bones! Just based on the cut and appearance of his jacket sleeves and pant cuffs = lying sack of shit.

P.S. carrying what appears to be a 5th SFGA beret(dress) and has a 10th SFGA crest on left side of Ride-rag. Apparently, doesn’t have a mind to make up…


At least he copped a realistic rack for his awards– no AAM and Marine CAR put before an MOH with Silver Oak Leaf Cluster.


I’m going to piss you off.. drum roll….When I was psychologically mind fucking him into feeding me information he showed me a blurred photo of “himself” jumping off the ramp of a C130 facing the flight crews saluting. He stated it was him and they “…used the photo in an advertisement during the 2018 Super Bowl.” You read that right. At this point he still had no idea I am – Master Army Aviator, Airborne , Pathfinder, Air Assault and coffee and donut killing machine of nearly three decades on active duty. So I’m all google eyed and “wowing!!!! and holy shitting! I ask him how he could be on active duty at his age, which I then asked..”Geezus how old are you?” He stated 79. Which in his lying world has to be because it fits his Vietnam narrative. He’s really 67/68 I find out from Military Phonies. He said “yes I’m 79…..” it went downhill like hot goose shit on a teflon iceberg from there. The pic he showed me, I’d seen before… it was the 10th SFG warrior performing a salute upon exiting the C130 at 17000’ in Germany in 2015. By his admission- Mr Barnett in his fantasy world would’ve been in his early 70s…in modern gear, in door kicker physical shape…exiting that ACFT. Stunning to say the least. I think we should all be looking over our shoulders…
“This is not the Warrant you are looking for.”


You have now been initiated into the Hall of Fame of a contributor to the infamous The Hemisphere of Insults®™ .
I am editing your comment to read as follows for the insults…

“I heard he likes to go down on cock faster than hot goose shit goes down a teflon iceberg.”

I hope you don’t mind but that’s how it works sometimes, to craft something into a particular insult.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading The Hemisphere of Insults®™ , stand by because I’m sure someone will request deployment.
If you have, then Congratulations and I appreciate your contribution.


Respectfully request deployment of the HoI.

Push comments to over 100.




I”m about a day late and a dollar short BUT back to re-reviewing this, we have a request for the HoI and a “DO IT BABYEE”, so under Roberts Rules, that counts as a request and a Second, I’m pushing this back to the front page, so, Do we have an AYE vote for a fair deployment??
Although this may not get it as it’s is a weakassed bitch here AND it’s kinda old BUT never fear, I have faith in you guys and gals.
Let’s see….


He is generating a lot of additions to the H.O.I. but I
will let someone else pull the trigger.


The initial contact with Barnett happened in Decatur that led to this finding. He was just visiting Decatur. He is from Taft, TN. Just keeping the headaches down for you.
I initiated this quest to expose him.
US Army
(Corrected the email!… autocorrect hosed me😎)


Kudos. You did well.
Often, website fans (like me) take some time to INFORM the local community, such as on FaceBook local area public pages and groups.

This Barnett character may need a little community action,
and his community certainly deserves a current events update.


Thank you, I consider it an honor to make sure these honey pots get the attention they deserve. I’m one unicorn deep in research capabilities and long in the tooth- but don’t know how to quit when it comes to this growing affliction of fakery. The local military community is already deep diving on this asshat and he is in no way a reflection of the great men and women of the two organizations. His photos on Semper Fi Community Task Force’s website have already been scrubbed and everything with his pic is digital dust. As a courtesy , during my information gathering, and out of respect for both organizations, I contacted the leadership of Lettermen and SFCTF to bring them up to speed before trekking out on my own. This is only the second time this has happened in SFCTF history. The leadership is in the process of implementing tighter vetting procedures as you read this. I’ve spoken with the incoming leadership several times regarding this issue and he’s assured me that this embarrassment will not happen again.
Our brotherhood casts a long and distinguished shadow, we don’t need assistance in getting noticed by these womanly counterfeit door kickers. When the shit hits the rotary oscillator- we always know that… when we turn around… there is always another warfighter watching our six. Today it was my turn at bat.
“Fly to Glory”
10th CAB Alumni


To address the elephant in the room … get it? Roll Tide… elephant… *sigh* nevermind…

What about the University of Alabama football?



Update- Barnett is officially banned from the various organizations…with his questionable past front and center there’s no way he’s going to be able to pull off anything but ringing the Salvation Army bell this Christmas. Maybe he’s in line welcome patrons with an Australian accent at Outback. Stranger things have happened. I’m invited to the organizations’s annual dinner as a guest. I’m going and bringing gifts. My good friend John Stitt, CEO of KA-BAR sent me 12 different service KA-BAR knives for Semper Fi Community Task Force to use as awards or fund raisers. All my best to you and yours… V/r. Jim


Keep us informed of any followup or new news on Barnett.
The football question above is valid.

These comment blogs remain open for about 1 month.
Looking forward to additional resolution.
Thanks again!


8 months and 18 days active service. Obviously a High drag/Low speed soldier.


He didn’t even make it into the Human Mine Detector Platoon where he likely could have been of great service to our Army leaving the Viet of the Nam at that time.

A Proud Infidel®™

I bet he couldn’t even operate a floor buffer without setting a fire alarm off!

Daisy Cutter

It’s not the length of service but, rather, the quality.

Ol’ Greg packed an awful lot of experience into those 8 months.


Since this POSer was Regular Army, during 1971 he would had to have enlisted for three years. He likely completed basic and AIT as he was assigned to Ft. Campbell, as Campbell didn’t have an AIT. Barnett was likely assigned to a unit there and then got the boot at 8.5 months of service. So, I am smelling some dickstepping from this turd. Too bad the FOIA response didn’t include the assignments section of his Form 20, as it might show a confinement facility.


I did my Infantry AIT assigned to the 1/506th at Campbell in the fall of 72. Don’t know when it started however. It was called One Station Unit Training (OSUT). We had Viet Nam shake-and-bake NCO returnee squad leaders as instructors.

They told us about using a pinch of lit C-4 to heat a C-Ration can while walking patrol. Did lots of patrolling and ambushing. I am skilled at humping a PRC-77 and building a hooch! 2 years later got my PCS orders to Berlin.


Don’t try to stamp out the C-4 while it’s still lit …… so I heard.


BTW that “SAS” on his biker vest is fake, too.

Unless of course it means “Sack of Absolute Shit” in which case it’s the only honest thing he’s wearing.


Jumper, are ol’ Poe’s eyes failing him or are those senior jump wings he’s sporting? I can’t make out a circular wreath.

If they are, he’d be a rare bird indeed: a master sergeant in Special Forces without being a master-blaster, doncha think?


They are indeed Senior wings which is another reason for me to be pissed off at this loser (I wore Sr. Wings as well because I got off jump status about 5 jumps short of earning my master-blaster wings.)

On my last deployment my Sr. Wings were often conversation starters, since I was assigned to a leg NG Artillery brigade and there aren’t a lot of JM’s (especially enlisted ones) in NG Leg arty units.


Par for the “honor vest” course… he could’ve claimed “Charlie” gave to him.


His Silly-Assed-Service motto is “Who Cares Who Wins.”


Looks as if Barnett has been rocking the lies for quite some time.

Check out the picture in this 2010 article (link below)…does it look as if he is sporting a CIB/Purple Heart on his cover?

He was also identified as a “retired Lincoln County High School industrial maintenance teacher”..(whatever that is…)

You Be The Judge.

“Tennessee Town Mourns Victim Of Walmart Parking Lot Shooting”


“He was also identified as a ‘retired Lincoln County High School industrial maintenance teacher’..(whatever that is…)”


Dennis - not chevy

I’ve heard of Industrial Arts teacher; but with the spelling in his “apology”, I doubt he could teach a hound dog how to slobber.


Ninja & Poetropper,
That’s Chadds Ford LT Silver Star “Mr.Bob” Walker’s job.
And his mark target.
Mr. Bob Triple Rambo Walker’s phony shadow box
fooled the children (who passed it on to the parents).

Now we wonder how many children (plus adults)
were fooled by 10 years of Purple Heart caps and crap,
from an 8 month E-1/E-2 (likely E-1) washout?

Daisy Cutter

Anyone notice that the editor of the Chadd’s Ford magazine NEVER followed up with a correction about Mr. Bob?

He said he had to go out of town or something but would get right to it upon his return.

Yeah, right. He put it on the back burner long enough to where he rationalized that people forgot and it was yesterday’s news.

I have to say that I kind of believed him but here is another person that pissed on my faith in a fellow man.


Daisy Cutter,
Yep. He had a new small restaurant to open
(our 3-way was the day before opening day)
and then a trip to take.
Since the 2nd page on Mr. Bob, it’s been crickets.
I expected a followup email or text,
and it never showed.
I could have chased him, but I didn’t.

At this point, I’m sure he’s more worried about his own Chadds Ford JunXion shop & mag, than he is about truth (or corrections) coming from his mag.


Daisy Cutter,
Also, the possibility exists of a Mr. Bob correction in a subsequent JunXion mag, buried (as corrections often are), and I was never notified.
Again, I have not read those JunXion mags.

But I am now tempted to take a long drive (with Love’s coffee),
for some JunXion Cafe coffee….
and some extra noise coming from my table.

As Judy Tenuta (Love Goddess / Judyism) often said…
“It could happen.”

Daisy Cutter

At the very least, he needs to be asked.

If anything, we get to watch him squirm and engage in double-talk.

I’ll send him an email.


Daisy Cutter.
Great. Thanks.
Looking forward to the (copy / paste) reply update,
right here. 🙂

Daisy Cutter

Crickets so far. Only been about 4 hours, though.

If he saw it, I wonder if his reaction was “That was SOOOoooo last year.”


Daisy Cutter,
Give it 4 days.
We have time.

Dr. Crypto

I hate guys like this. He is a year younger than me and entered the Army a year before me, and supposedly earned all his bling in RVN. Had he served twenty, like I did, he should also have an ASM, Overseas ribbon and an NCO professional development ribbon and I would expect an AAM and and ARCOM or two and quite pissibly the bling we earned from Desert Storm. Just one look at his uniform would have had me questioning his claims of service. Great job on outing this douchebag….and my apologies to real douchebags.


They always have multiple Purple Hearts.
One is not enough. And I don’t think seven
is record here.


The claim of seven PH’s only puts him in 3rd place:

The records reflect that Scott Leddy (exposed July 2014) claimed 17 PH’s and Steven Holloway (exposed Dec 2017) claimed nine PH’s.


Added: Martin Le Blanc (exposed Mar 2020) also claimed nine PH’s (as well as being a three time CIB recipient), so I guess that puts Barnett’s claim of only seven PH’s out of the running./s


Wasn’t “Martin LeBlanc” the character played by John Cusack in “Grosse Pointe Blank?


Close, the character’s name was Martin Q. Blank.


“The Real Martin Blank”
It’s on the book cover (of Ghost Warrior),
so it must be true.

Uhhh, NOT.

[Martin LeBlanc -Real Supply Clerk, Fake POW,
Fake Purple Hearts, Fake Secret Operator
| March 12, 2020]


Seven!!! That could have gotten him sent home from Vietnam twice…🤪🤪🤪


Yep. But probably what happened to Barnett was he was only 17 years old when he finished Basic/AIT and was shipped up to Campbell instead of RVN. While there (in whatever outfit) he got his ass thrown into the stockade for the remainder of his 261 days of total service and was handed his ass with a BCD/DD and bust to Buck Private with a revoked NDSM.


I’m surprised he only has the single award of the CIB and didn’t decide to rock a 3rd award instead, and he also aimed a little low by only wear senior jump wings instead of master. I’m surprised he stopped at the air assault badge and didn’t pile on other badges.


I don’t see the Air Medal there let alone the 27th award of such.


He spared no expense on the uniform and accoutrements, but he went cheap and passed on the POSer Starter Kit.

It’s like picking up your date in a Mercedes, then taking her through the McDonald’s drive-thru.


Can’t believe that we are already up to 54+ comments and, once again, the Gun Bunny has to be the FIRST to call for a deployment of the TAH Hemisphere of Insults on the lying, embellishing, POS Gregory Harold (sometimes Scot, sometimes initial G) Barnett.

See what happens when I leave y’all unattended? Can I get a SECOND and an AYE?



No Second or Aye from me. This wanna-be is strictly weak sauce and IMHO doesn’t merit the deployment of the TAH HOI®™.

The Stranger

Don’t want to disagree, Poe, but I have to say the following:


Seven Purple Hearts and unearned Senior Jump Wings require a response.

The Stranger

Shit, I meant Claw. That is worse for me, hate to disagree with a fellow Hoosier.


Alright gentlemen,
I have conflicting votes here with a request a Poo Poo, a Segundo and then we’ll see so, that being said, I’m about a 5 on this one.
DO I have either a Super AYE or a “Fuck Him, he doesn’t rate” going forward.
We’ll base it on that.

Trust me, for Jim above, I’m sure the HoI is going to be deployed shortly one way or the other.


A Proud Infidel®™

I say I think he’s not worth even a squirt of a Real Vet’s piss, unworthy of the Official TAH HOI®™


OK, OK, we’re good on this.
It’s gong to be hard to beat API’s logic.
Save your piss for Frau Fonda.


[…] Private Greg Barnett – Phony Fumbles Football and Fakes Purple Hearts : This ain't Hell, … says: 05/20/2021 at 12:29 […]

Jerod Murphy

So after my make believe friend gave me his uniform to wear…there was a bright flash of light and BOOM all of a sudden a name tag appeared! It then jumped out of my hand and flew towards the chest of the uniform…moving so fast that it broke the sound barrier in our hotel room! If that wasn’t crazy enough I realized that MY NAME was on the name tag! Suddenly a man appeared, he said he was the Angel Gabriel and he thundered “wear the uniform and make up stories of combat”!! So, there you go, who am I to disagree with God Almighty!!??

Daisy Cutter

Good one!


He was awarded 7 Purple Hearts for injuries received at The Dangling Diner…


I thought he might have sustained wounds/injuries from working the glory hole wall at Brucies’. Those warrant a POSer purple something.



A Proud Infidel®™

He looks like an unwashed bag of sphincters to me.


He’s a scallywah scumbag second class. Not nearly noble enough for the Hemisphere of Insults (Grace be Upon It).

However, Greg Barnett is worth the Alphabet ASSault if the powers that control it will unleash it upon this dangling dick drooling dirtbag dinosaurish dipshit of donkeycock drizzle.


I agree Sarge. The H.O.I. is “earned” albeit the only
thing the person actually earned in their miserable life.
This guy needs a whole new kind of insult. One especially
desgned for those who can’t be bothered to even get their
trouser pant legs correct.


He didn’t do that because it is obviously not his uniform; it is a couple of sizes too big for his scrawny ass. Look at where the sleeve cuffs hit hit his hands and the length of the jacket.


That’s why I developed the Alphabet Assault and
the Staff Summary Sheet of Shame.

Use when General Courts Martial is not needed and a spot on Alphabet Assault can be used to correct things on the spot.

Green Thumb

I wonder if Barnett has made it down to All-Points Logistics yet?

Phildo could make him a greeter at the main entrance.

A Proud Infidel®™

Sounds appropriate, I heard that he flunked lunch as a Towel Fluffer at Brucie’s bath house (Entrance in the rear).


A Proud Infidel@,
… which is not far off, in nearby Tampa.
(Verifed by Google Fu search for Brucie’s bath house.)

Green Thumb

The story begins….

A new All-Points Logistics recruit opens the door of the main entrance at the All-Points Logistics HQ facility in Merritt Island, Fl.

Barnett: “Hi!”.

Barnett: “Welcome to All-Points Logistics!”.

Barnett: “Can I punch your two-hole upon entry into the building?”

All-Points Logistics recruit: “Uh. Unsure. Is that a time card? I thought The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) would be here to clock me in.”

All-Points Logistics recruit: “Punch my two-hole you said?” ……………..

Barnett: “Yes!”

I will let the rest of you good folks at TAH clarify and add to the ongoing narrative.


When will Veterans groups start checking out these POS. No DD-214 no honors, even if they provide one. Sent off for your own to double check. Dirtbags can google a Blake DD-214. But they can’t change the official records.