Secret Squirrel’s request from the community

| May 14, 2021

We recently received correspondence from one of our secret squirrel ninja researchers of the stolen valor kind. They are requesting support to assist with their continuing efforts. These efforts include getting the word out on those who seek to be all they can be but never was.

The request:

Originally posted by one of our ninjas:

We are scraping the bottom of the barrel and running out of funds. We have under $100 in the bank so I predict we will run into problems in early June.

We usually pass the hat around mid-late June so it is a bit early this year. Last year, as I recall, we had a little bit more in surplus when we passed the hat and it lasted us for a year.

This is compounded by COVID-19 and the inability to get FOIAs on a timely basis, if at all. I suspect the lack of stolen valor cases has impacted readership although you all have been doing excellent work with the articles that you publish.

So, I’m a bit worried that if we can’t raise enough money we will run into problems late this year or early next year, but we’ll see.

The sender thanks you in advance.

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  1. KoB says:

    A bank draft drawn on the funds of The Gun Bunny will be posted from Fire Base Magnolia today. Need to dig thru the email trails to find the Snail Mail, USPS mailing address. A reminder to everyone that there are NO paid positions for the people doing the work to keep these sites up and running. Dave Hardin doesn’t even take anything to keep himself supplied with boxes of snack crayons. For those, like me, that can’t/don’t do the pay pal or plastic/digital money thing, hit the contact button, make a request for the info, and the info on where to send funds to will be sent to you in a private message. Sending funds in that way also does away with any fees that are associated with “digital money”.

  2. USAFRetired says:


  3. Hack Stone says:

    Hack Stone will make donation in honor Les Brown Stain and Daniel Bernath.

    This could be a creative and entertaining way to raise funds. If you donate funds, you get to “sponsor” a phony vet/embellisher. You get a package with a photo of your Poser, and your name and sponsorship will be registered with The Department Of Agriculture, since they are used to dealing with manure.

    So what do you say? Sound like a good idea?

  4. An Old Arty Sgt says:


  5. Robert Szrama says:


    • sbalm says:

      Donate button through PayPal at the top right of this page – and every page.

      Send one of the admins an email if you’d rather send a paper check.

  6. sbalm says:

    Based on input and just to reiterate some things so everyone is aware.

    * Each and every one of the people behind this site and its efforts DEEPLY appreciates the monthly, yearly and periodic donations that the community makes to keep the efforts going. It really is a community effort and if anyone really “owns” it is the readership and regular commenters because you make it what it is.

    * Much of the costs of the effort center around hosting, private investigator database subscriptions, insurance, legal fees, and software licensing. Most of the donations cover hosting and software licensing and much of the rest is covered by private funds contributed by site owners and admins.

    * The burn rate of funds collected has been slightly exceeding the amount of money built up. Last year we had a buffer before we collected funds but over the course of the year, the account consisting of the buffer and last year’s generous donations was slowly drained over the course of the year by the monthly hosting and subscription fees. Had we not had the buffer, we would have reached a critical crossroads even earlier, but as it turned out we reached it in eleven months since the last fundraising in June 2020.

    * COVID-19 sure didn’t help the entire effort with the challenges imposed on getting FOIAs. It forced us to change the postings somewhat to more veteran and human interest stories to supplement the lack of stolen valor cases. We realize that awareness of cases of stolen valor represents the historical foundation of Jonn Lilya’s efforts and our hope is that the lull is only a temporary situation. So, stated another way, we are mindful we are not what we were but are still hopeful to get back to the core roots when COVID-19 subsides and policies at the agencies that do records allow for full operating procedures, then address the backlogs. We probably have close to 100 FOIAs if not more backlogged, so efforts have always continued.

    * With all of that stated, the fear is that despite generous efforts from you, the community, we may run into issues again toward the end of the year or the beginning of next year if we don’t raise enough. The fallback position is to supplement with private funds but this has increasingly stretched us thin and it is getting harder to get approval from the spousal units even though they are also supportive.

    * I’m ashamed to say that this is the first time I’ve had to realistically entertain the possibility that there is a chance we may not survive the coming year. You all have been terrific and I don’t think we will have to face this hard question until months from now – hopefully, COVID will then be behind us, the FOIA gravy train will start flowing again, Dave will have cut back on beer and strippers, and everyone is happy… except the Stolen Valor thieves.

    Again, we thank each and every one of you and sorry to be so bleak and dreary with the above assessment, but it was honest and given to you straight with no sugar-coating.

  7. MarineDad61 says:

    Monthly donation begun.

    After all,
    the entertainment value provided is really good, and the service to society
    and the military / veteran community is beyond commendable.

    And, where else can I get the motivation (and source material)
    to grow my cellphone and pc video skills, and (currently with some outside support)
    cobble together a homemade video like this?

    (Note) – This is only a teaser video.
    I am told the long video will be up in about 1 week.

    For the ease and reliability of the provided Donate tab,
    this comment is to encourage others to set up a monthly donation.

    Thank you, MP and VG. 🙂

      • MarineDad61 says:

        Attendees / witnesses at last night’s burn pile event
        included an assortment of war and branch veterans, including Marines,
        from an assortment of veterans’ orgs.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      Nice tits hanging out the sleeves.

      • KoB says:

        Them must be what “Saggy Maggie’s” tits look like.

        • 26Limabeans says:

          I was thinkin they were kerosene filled balloons for
          a little extra effect.

          • MarineDad61 says:

            I made 2 phone calls about getting balloons filled with hydrogen, but neither company would do it.
            I thought of hydrogen for the (unseen) yellow balloon head, which popped upon lighting the jacket.
            There is also 1 small explosion,
            shortly after the teaser scene.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Not as cool as Uncle Rob’s gasoline explosions, but I still give it an 8.75!

  8. Skyjumper says:


    Now when does Dave Hardin give us a lap dance wearing his pink robe while smoking a ceegar? 😉

    • KoB says:

      DAMN Sky! Bad enough we had a double helping of the “Woke” video. AND the SKREEEE from the BEEyotch. Ya just had to come along a put this visual in our head! Brain Bleach…STAT!

      Bad Skyjumper…No cat heads for you! And you owe me for the dinner I just barfed!

      • Skyjumper says:

        Dave could face down & stop any Antfa/BLM riot wearing only his pink bathrobe with a ceegar dangling out of his face, bottle of his favorite beverage grasped in one hand, glass in the other and his Marine Corp lid jauntedly perched on his head.

        Get that picture out of your head, KoB. (grin)

  9. Sparks says:

    Done. And thanks to all of you who keep the site on the air 5 X 5.

  10. Roh-Dog says:

    Roger, Wilco, Over, Out.

  11. 26Limabeans says:

    Best five bucks I’ve spent in a long time.

    • sbalm says:

      That’ll keep the lights on for .68 of a day. 😉 Seriously, every little bit helps. Thanks.

      • Roh-Dog says:

        So $69.69 would get about 9.47 days worth?

        • sbalm says:

          I was wondering why a donation came in with such an odd number.

          I thought it was a take on a double sexual position.

          • sbalm says:

            Or she asked what you would like and you couldn’t help but stutter.

            Seriously, thank whomever so much.