Russian Update

| April 21, 2021

Russia is warning us to not bother them when we’re near Crimea, in regard to its buildup to do some thing to Ukraine. There are drills by the Russian military pending for the next few weeks.

Essentially, Vlad does not want us watching him while he sets himself up to seize Ukraine (which has been tried before), although I’m still not sure why he’s so anxious to get his hands on it. Aside from having control of a port on the Black Sea, he does have access in the Great Frozen North Sea, but – well, the Black Sea is warmer and closer to the Med.

From the article: MOSCOW — Russia insisted Tuesday that it has the right to restrict foreign naval ships’ movement off Crimea, rejecting international criticism amid Western worries about a Russian troops buildup near Ukraine.

Ukraine last week protested the Russian move to close broad areas of the Black Sea near Crimea to foreign navy ships and state vessels until November. The U.S. also aired its concern Monday, with State Department spokesman Ned Price saying “this represents yet another unprovoked escalation in Moscow’s ongoing campaign to undermine and destabilize Ukraine.”

Price noted that the move “is particularly troubling amid credible reports of Russian troop buildup in occupied Crimea and around Ukraine’s borders.”

The European Union also voiced concern about the troop buildup and the navigation restrictions. – article

However, I just want you all to know that the USNavy is on the job, watching Vlad’s Navy doing stuff.

The video report is here:

Yes, there is a Russian troop buildup going on and the Russians will be practicing maneuvers in the Black Sea, but they spy on us all the time, don’t they? Vlad is definitely up to something, just not saying what.

And if anyone is interested, Alexandr Navalny is quite ill and possibly approaching terminal state, from being poisoned by one of Vlad’s hamfisted servants. He may not survive, according to someone who knows him. The video is here:

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Only Army Mom

Just another enemy celebrating and taking advantage of our weakness. Thanks Democrats. You’ve made the world safe from mean tweets.


Vlad approves:

The Other Whitey

Well, this oughta be fun…


Someone, somewhere, is writing a stern letter for Josef Stolin to sign in the aftermath.

Probably one for Taiwan, also.


Taiwan will barely get a mention in the any of our so called Main Stream Media outlets.

The most powerful tools of deception to the American public in International Affairs isn’t necessarily done out of misinformation or coverups, but the collective will of the Mainstream News Media’s ability to outright ignore the news.

Forest Bondurant

For those interested in geo-political (naval) history and law, consider reading up about the “Montreux Convention” – a treaty which gave Turkey control over both the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits, regulating the transit of “certain” naval warships.

(Thought some mind find it interesting with respect to this story…)


Plus, closer to home, the post office spys on your social media activity:

“The Postal Service is Running a ‘Covert Operations Program’ that Monitors Americans’ Social Media Posts,” by Jana Winter, Yahoo! News, 21 Apr 2021,


I believe the last time Russia sent the military in to the Ukraine, someone named Biden was VP. VP Biden went to the Ukraine and declared solidarity with them and that the Ukraine must remain united and that Russia’s action would never be recognized. It still isn’t recognized.

If they go in again might be… two speeches.

Only Army Mom

Last time, Hunter needed a job. Ukraine better hope someone else needs a job this time.


Who’s gonna jump FIRST (ht 2 sgtcap), Russia on Ukraine, or China on Taiwan? Or maybe the Norks? Either way, prezzy sniffy is going to do exactly what his handlers tell him to do. Which is he will do nothing, probably not even write a letter, or draw a line in the sand. All of these foreign enemies know that we can’t fight a 2 front war. Soon as one jumps, the others will follow suit. We better hope like hell that the Europeans can handle the Russians while we get help from the other Asians to handle China.. The ROKs can handle the Norks.


The more and more I keep hearing, from unofficial sources mind you, the more I think my paranoia and personal protective posture ain’t enough.
Whole lotta ‘prep’ boxes checked off, running out of places to store food and water. To quote Commissar Sanders, “This is a good thing”.

Get ready, I’m not sure we get out of this one unscathed.

Slow Joe

As KoB mentioned above, one of these days we will wake up to the news of a Chinese Taiwan, a Russian Ukraine, and a unified Korea.

They will claim they were only reunifying their people, and we will do nothing, thus sealing our collective fate.