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| April 21, 2021

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Watch a Dramatic Use of a Gun in Self-Defense That Didn’t Make News

Amy Swearer
If a defensive use of a firearm goes unreported in the media and nobody hears about it, does it really count?

I’m happy to report that the answer is a resounding “yes,” and I have evidence to prove it.

A man who was patrolling his employer’s property to protect it from thieves, confronted by an apparent carjacker, drew his legally carried firearm and subdued the stranger as police officers arrived and arrested the man.

A security camera captured it all, as you can see below.

I know about this only because the man who held the criminal suspect at gunpoint, a Daily Signal reader who holds a concealed carry permit, reached out to tell his story.

Every month, I write a Daily Signal article highlighting some of the incredible stories from around the nation of gun owners who successfully used their firearms to defend themselves or others. Every time, I note that we have good reason to believe that most defensive gun uses never are reported to law enforcement, much less are picked up and publicized by a media outlet.

Almost every major study on these issues has concluded that Americans use their guns in self-defense between 500,000 and 3 million times a year. Even two “outlier” studies have concluded it likely occurs around 100,000 times a year.

Yet we see a massive disparity between the numbers of self-reported defensive gun uses analyzed by these studies and the “confirmed” defensive gun uses found in media sources.

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More of an Op-Ed with video, here: Heritage

The pool of guns that get turned in in buybacks are simply not the same guns that would otherwise have been used in crime. — Harvard professor David Kennedy, as reported on FoxNews

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The pool of guns that are turned in for these voluntary buybacks are mostly junk. IIRC someone turned in an expended M-72 LAW tube for cash. The media made a big deal that this “weapon of war, a rocket launcher,” was taken off the street. The cop that handed the guy a hundred dollar bill for it was just as clueless as the reporter.


Can’t even make a potato gun out of those things !!!


How many “home gunmaker” hobbyists get their start making maybe-functional ultra-ugly zip guns out of pipes and 2x4s for those “buybacks” ?

Hmm. How many junk guns to buy a hobby-class milling machine?


I wonder how much a paperweight hand grenade would bring.


Just think how many gunz would be out there if it weren’t so many leaky boats? If one had some good quality SCUBA Gear, one could get all kinds of gunz to turn in on a “buy back” program.

BZ to the armed citizen protecting the Boss’ property.

.44s are alright I guess, but Bubba used a .45 on the jukebox.

Brother & I are making a recon down toward Savannah. See y’all this evening. Tox, you and Roh-Dog make sure that 26’beans BEHAVES hisself! And, yep SFC Sledge did have a gin machine in his hooch. Good Times!


Check out the 8th Air Force Museum if you’ve got the time. It was pretty good in the nineties!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

I’ll do my bestest to keep a watch on ‘Beans. BUT…..I’m still a working stiff, and may be distracted from time to time.
Shall I tie him up to keep him behaved? Maybe leashed in the backyard?


I abdicate responsibility to enforce any goodly order from contemporary inane chaos; this is the new standard demanded of us by our betters.
The Law is fungible with selfish desires as recent precedent has set.
Good luck out there, ‘tis a jungle, infested by beasts, the rule of hunt and hunted possess it merely.
(TL; DR: lolz, get rekt)


To paraphrase Dirty Harry,

This the model 69 .44 Magnum. It can remove everything including the fingerprints.


“And if properly used it can remove the fingerprints,” yes indeed…