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| April 20, 2021

FP-45 Liberator

Suspect armed with hammer shot by homeowner in Lucerne Valley

LUCERNE VALLEY, Calif. (VVNG.com) — A 27-year-old suspect armed with a hammer was shot by a homeowner after forcing entry into her home.

It happened on April 16, 2021, at about 9:14 am. in the 36700 block of Foothill Road in Lucerne Valley.

The victim reported the suspect later identified as Robert Garcia forced his way into her residence through a back door.

According to sheriff’s officials, “the suspect entered the residence wielding a hammer and threatened to kill the female victim.”

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When all your problems are nails…read the entire article here: VVNG

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.
Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.
– Barry Goldwater

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  1. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

    Once again, a stoopid perp learns a painful lesson about bringing a knife (hammer) to a gun fight.

  2. 26Limabeans says:

    So the author actually made a replica liberator.
    We used to make crude weapons in shop class like
    the RPG made from 3/4 inch pipe, threaded and slotted on
    one end to accept the fuse and threaded cap. The projectile
    was a used co2 cylinder stuffed with match heads and a fuse
    tail sticking out.
    Breech load the projectile with the fuse in the slot and
    screw on the end cap. It helps to fashion a wooden stock.

    Next episode….how to add a warhead.

    • MI Ranger says:

      We just used 8oz beer cans, filled them with smokeless powder, and stuck a waterproof wick from a M-60 (weak M-80). To seal it we just dripped candle wax over the pull tab opening (may be dating myself). They were really loud when we threw them in the lake, since they floated on the surface) and threw lots of water around…ahh the good old days.

    • rgr769 says:

      No 26 Lima, that is a photo of a factory made Liberator. They go for over $1,000, if you can find one.

      • KoB says:

        Friends don’t let friends buy fugly gunz, rgr769. 1K $ will buy someone a pretty something that was designed by his Most Saintly JMB (hbhn) It will also get you a very nice selection of Estwing Hammers.

        BZ to Ms Thang for hammering the dirtbag.

        • rgr769 says:

          Not only were they ugly, but they were not very accurate. Which is not surprising, given the poor sights and the very stiff trigger pull, as people who have fired them have noted. Their only value is as a WWII historical, collector weapon for people behind the lines.

  3. Vendor at the gun show had a Liberator with the original box it came in.

  4. John Seabee says:

    God job by the lady, but I offer this advice… Double tap… assess… double tap… repeat as necessary… Shoot the turd to the ground.

    • rgr769 says:

      Fundamental rule of gun fighting is don’t stop shooting until the threat is eliminated. I like what Sheriff Judd said when a reporter asked him why his officers fired over 160 rounds in a gun fight that killed an armed perp: “because that is all the bullets they had.”

  5. Smitty says:

    A high school friend made a .22 zip gun with a car antenna, door bolt, and rubber bands. He showed it off at school; the art teacher like it but told him to leave it at home. Imagine today it would result in a SWAT team, federal charges, and press coverage. Back then most of our teachers were WWII vets and not so nervous as today.

  6. The zippo lighter company changed part of the lighter so a car antenna or the round wouldn’t fit. I forgot which one. A couple of the *Rocks in HS shop were making zip guns.
    *Rocks were the name of NYC teens who wore motorcycle jackets, engineer boots, garrison belts and sporting a DA haircut.