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| April 18, 2021

Buck 110

Shooter may have been fending off attacker, JCSD says

By Mark Thornton
A shooting in the Glade Community may have been self-defense during a domestic dispute, according to reports from the Jones County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies responded to a report of shots fired at a residence on Currie Road just after midnight Monday, JCSD Investigator J.D. Carter said. When they arrived, they found 22-year-old Tyrandy Tillman inside with gunshot wounds to the stomach.

He was transported to a hospital and was reported to be in stable condition at the time.

Ashley Smith, 35, admitted to shooting Tillman twice with a .380-caliber semiautomatic handgun, according to the report.

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The entire article may be viewed here: Leader Call

San Antonio police officer shot in hand; 2 suspects dead, third injured
The officer’s condition was not disclosed

By Louis Casiano
A San Antonio, Texas, police officer was shot in the hand Friday before he killed two suspects and injured a third during a gunfire exchange, authorities said.

Police Chief William McManus said the officer’s body camera footage did not have any audio but showed him pulling over a truck with three people inside around 11:30 a.m. for an unknown reason.

As he was having a “casual” conversation with the male driver, the driver pulled out a gun and began firing, he said.

The officer, who has been with the department for five years, was struck once in the hand and returned fire as he was backing up, the police chief said. The driver and a male passenger were hit and pronounced dead at the scene. They were described as being in their 20s.

A female passenger was shot in the chest and taken to a hospital. Her condition was not immediately known.

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Fox News

San Antonio police shoot, kill gunman at airport terminal
San Antonio police confirmed an officer-involved shooting at an airport parking garage after reports of an active shooter

By Michael Ruiz
San Antonio police said an officer-involved shooting at a parking garage on Airport Boulevard Thursday left a suspected active shooter dead before they briefly ordered a lockdown at the facility.

“There is no active threat to the public,” police tweeted shortly before 3 p.m. local time.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said during a livestreamed news briefing that officers were initially responding to reports of a wrong-way driver at the San Antonio International Airport around 2:30 p.m.

An officer confronted the driver in the middle of the road, and the driver allegedly opened fire with a .45-caliber handgun, according to the chief.

“What we had there was the start of an active shooter incident,” McManus said.

That’s some might fine police work, McManus. Fox News

The two previous articles courtesy of our own Gun Bunny.

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– Eugene McCarthy

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It’s San Antonio Sunday.
Gotta “hand” it to that LEO for taking out
the entire contents of that vehicle.

Very nice knife. Still carry one. Perfect for
dressing big game. The smaller 112 makes a
great first knife for a kid.


OK WW, we finally got you a trifecta DRT for your Feelz Good. With a bonus of two (2) WRT. Makes for a score of ACE for the good guys. We winning so you should be grinning. Hope you doing well Brother.

Bucks, Old Timers, Schrade…nothing like a good shank. And just for the Adorable Deplorables, a little ditty from Mr. Adams.

That Sister Golden Haired Surprise looks like she is ready…and I am willing and able. HONEY HUSH!

My own little feelz good story for today is older brother, Retired Wing Wiping Chief, showed up at Firebase Magnolia from Dakota. Gonna spend the week in the Sunny South Land. We may make it down to the coast before they leave. Today’s menu will include the fatted porked loin beast, cornbread dressing, all the trimming, and, of course, the House Wine…Sweet Iced Tea!


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MI Ranger

Kudos to the San Antonio police/Park Police. Great effort by the officer to not only not get hit, but to return effective fire and stop the attack!
They said they did not know how many rounds were fired, but by the number of directions they stated it sounds like he was shooting everywhere not at any specific target. Since he was also shooing from an overpass, sounds like someone that needed some mental help.

MI Ranger

shooting from an overpass (typing too fast)


One should avoid strong drink. It may cause one to “shoo” at tax collectors, and miss.