Tanker Tuesday – New Tank Under Testing

| April 13, 2021

For Tanker Tuesday:  The new German tank for the Bundeswehr

The Bundeswehr is testing out its new tank in this video. The Germans decided to ot use the older model in the photo above.

I have to add here that the subsidies for Germany’s windfarms ended at the end of the 20-year contract (this year), not being renewed and the windfarms are being dismantled. Germany is now getting gas from Poland and nuclear-generated electricity from France.

And there is some rumbling in the ether about who will be the next French President (Macron or LePen?). I believe that Marine LePen is in favor of a Frexit (France leaves the EU) and Macron is not. The wine crop in France has been compromised by a very heavy late snow but there is no word yet on whether or not that weather system affected the hops for the beer business in Germany.

Enjoy the video, Tankers!



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Tanks, Ex!

A Proud Infidel®™️

Wind farms a failure? Color me surprised – NOT!!!


You should be.

It’s only a small number of farms. The farms were were actually so successful they worked themselves out of a job. Around 2018 there started appearing a huge surplus of energy on the market in Germany. Rates actually went negative for producers. Oftentimes rates are below US $.02/ Kwh. This isn’t enough to maintain the windmills.

Approximately half the power in the country is now produced by renewable energy. Wind power by far is the largest source of electricity in the country.


Old tanker

A tank with AC. Something we could only dream about in my day. Our version was to turn on the gas particulate system (NBC filtration and forced air) and shove the feed tube down inside our shirts.


With button-fly BDU’s that hose went right in my pants when gunning and maneuvering in the AZ desert.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Nice video Ex. I can’t go out and buy a Bundeswehr but I can go out and buy a Budweiser.


Grape issue in France, no worries. Hop problem? CRISIS!

Prior Service

Nice video!
I think the Leo 2 is the second-best-looking tank there is, but I can’t imagine not having ma deuce up at my TC’s station ala the Abrams. That’s a deal-breaker for me, though I spent 11 months on a tour arguing with a Canadian who was pretty sharp, except insisting that his Leo 2 didn’t need a commander’s machine gun. (Clearly it would have overwhelmed him.)


Where were the Earth Shattering KAA-BOOOOMs? Make a pretty target for some ARA.

The Germans importing fuel? AND electricity? And this from a country that basically ran most of WWII on synthetics. And buying said fuel from two countries that they f’ed over twice in less than 30 years (just in modern times)?

Yuenglings are American made. I’ll be OK.

Tanks Ex!


I guess I was on top of the world scanning the battlefield in the turtle shell atop my M60A1 with my NBC tube shoved in the crotch of my coveralls.