United Airlines pledges to be racist and sexist in hiring practices for pilots

| April 7, 2021

When you “Fly the friendly skies” with United Airlines, you’re probably like most people and feel safe in knowing that the pilots of your aircraft are the best and most qualified. Well not anymore. Yesterday, United promised;

You can read more about their in-house flight training program at Aviate. They reiterate there that “Diversity [is] at the forefront”. They say they are ;

continuing to remove gender and racial barriers. And we’re going one step further with plans for 50% of United Aviate Academy students being women and people of color to ensure our students reflect the diversity of the customers and communities we serve.

United is saying that they have been both sexist and racist in the past. Clearly the solution is more racism and sexism but reversed. Two wrongs make a right at United. The airline is saying that they will be discriminating against applicants based on their race and/or gender, both of which are violations of the Civil Rights Act and other legislation.

I want the man, woman, or gender nondescript human behind the flight stick to be the most qualified. Why is that so hard? From those I know within the FAA air traffic control community, this has been the practice for some time now. Don’t count on your ATC man, woman, or gender nondescript human on the ground to help lead the pilot selected only because of their skin color or sex organs.

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Jus Bill

Reason #5,493,746,493 why we fly Southwest.

Mustang Major

A fair amount of Americans are idiots. Will the American Airlines program make room for them?

Green Thumb

Greyhound all the way!



Hey, y’all remember Kara Hultgren and her buyin’ it in a bad F-14 carrier landing?

Green Thumb


I remember that.

It going to get worse here shorty as well.


Only thing that we know for sure is that IDC SARC would hit that.

Remember when the best qualified person got the job because they were the best qualified? Pepperidge Farms Remembers. Remember too, when Airlines would only hire the top % of former Military Aviators to fly their customers? Bet Pepperidge Farms remembers that too.


Competence is “racist,” comrade!


Since there are plenty of women pilots who do NOT make those mistakes and who do NOT have bad/fatal accidents, because they are properly trained and tested first, the DOD’s completely at fault for rushing things with anyone, period.


So what they doin? Hiring gang bangers recently released from prison as pilots. I can’t see how that will work out. Pilots need both hands to operate the controls bangers only have one hand free cuz the other is holding onto their waistband. But I can’t wait to see them in the airport with their hats on sideways


That idea did not work for E9 promotions.


Nor does it work for police departments.


CSM Teresa King (dirt bag RET)
She sure keeps her Wikipedia page clean and free of facts and embellishing. All those fake college degrees have disappeared.


Just saw a news article on her that the City of Fernandina, FL just had a “CSM No-Slack” day to honor her accomplishments./s

Still no combat patch, but that KDSM she has could put her in the running to be CINC of the VFW if she wanted to push it.


Oops, Sorry, that should be Fernandina Beach, FL.

Mea Culpa

A Proud Infidel®™

Choosing people for certain jobs JUST on race and gender. What’s next, will the self-identifying LGBTQWERTY “multisexual” with makeup and purple hair be placed in the front of the line?


“continuing to remove gender and racial barriers.”

That’s special, isn’t it? How about they just hire and train the best-qualified people regardless of race, gender, and all the other crap?

50% is not a reflection of the population so to me that means many will be pushed through, socially promoted, and end up flying a plane you or your loved ones may be on.

I did not like it in the military and as far as I still know, it has been a failure. Now they want to do it in commercial flights with sometimes hundreds of passengers. Many who only see a glimpse of the pilots at most. And families who will never know until the FDR and CVR are recovered that the pilot(s) graduated at the bottom of their class and by current standards, would have failed miserably.

This is ‘woke’ going to life and death standards.

Hack Stone

And don’t forget those people under the flight path. They aren’t even flying, and they are at just as much risk.


As Dr. Savage famously proclaimed, “Liberalism is a mental disorder…”


Have a bit more than a passing familiarity with pilots, and my main concern was their ability to bring me back safely after completing the mission. Neither NATOPS nor I cared a whit about gender or complexion, the standards were all that mattered.
Anything less is unacceptable.


Ah NATOPS! AKA “The Big Blue Sleeping Pill”!

I wasn’t on this mission, but a shipmate told me about it.

The crew was rigging a Soviet sub and the PPC was circling the boat. His turn got tighter…and tighter…and tighter. Until the engines started to stall. But he kept going. The pilot in the right seat, who happened to be the best pilot I ever saw, kept telling the PPC to increase power until he finally said, “I have it!” and pulled the plane out of the turn.

The PPC left the flight station for the galley. The FE followed him back there and found the pilot reading his bible. Pissed beyond belief said FE picked up the P-3 NATOPS and threw it at him.

“You need to be reading this motherfucker! You almost killed us!”

Good advice that I’m not sure this naval aviator took. Never liked flying with him.

Ex Coelis

To paraphrase our Sgt Curry(Noble Willingham) from the ’78 movie ‘The Boys in Company C’ – Just a buncha whey-faced, disloyal fucks…

E4 Mafia 83-87

Just more virtue signalling. You still need around 3K hours and about 500 as PIC just to be a FO at major airlines


Diversity is a wonderful thing. But it will never replace competence or ability. Nor should it.


Well. Isn’t this special? So, very, very special.

Not gonna have any lost sleep over this until they actually change the standards. And FAA requirements, for instance. By the time the lack of qualified candidates (of all persuasions) with a military background slacks off maybe the worst will have passed.

Much ado about nothing, perhaps.


Certain occupations have no room for mediocrity.

This is one of them.

Nice work United, clearly not a lot of functioning brain cells in the board room this bullshit was born in.