Navy Officer Under Scrutiny for Letter Disparaging Enlisted Sailors as ‘Deviants’ and ‘Perverts’

| April 6, 2021

Sometimes the truth hurts.

This actually started to go viral over the weekend. Angry Cops did a video on it that’s definitely worth a watch.

Now is reporting on it;

An officer at Yokosuka Naval Base is under investigation for purportedly writing a complaint to the base housing office about the “deviant nature” of enlisted sailors who pose a danger to his family.

The letter, allegedly authored by Lt. Nathanael Allison of Naval Hospital Yokosuka, states that living in the Ikego Housing Detachment in an apartment building for enlisted families is “unacceptable.” The message, filled with spelling and grammatical errors, condemns enlisted sailors as “perverts” and accuses them of egregious behavior such as rape, involvement in drug cartels and attacking each other with hatchets.

“There are often drunk and often hostile sailors hanging around enlisted housing,” the letter states. “Housing with enlisted greatly increases the risk to my family. I have a good-looking family, a wife and two daughters ages 3 and 4. They are prime targets to be victims for these enlisted deviant activities.”

According to screenshots, the letter was sent Feb. 8 via a Google email account to housing. It began circulating last week on military community Facebook pages, and a YouTube video about the letter has garnered over 300,000 views as of Monday.

The Yokosuka housing office declined Stars and Stripes’ requests for comment. Allison did not respond to attempts to reach him by email.

The base hospital is investigating the letter for the strong remarks and language used, according to a response from Naval Hospital Yokosuka commanding officer Capt. Carolyn Rice posted Sunday by the hospital’s Facebook page.

“I am aware of the recent allegation that a member of our staff sent a letter to the housing office with comments disparaging to enlisted service members,” she wrote. “We are conducting an internal investigation into the matter and if any allegations are found to be true, we will take appropriate actions.”

Allison’s command is working with the housing office to confirm the letter’s authorship, hospital spokeswoman Erika Figueroa told Stars and Stripes in a phone call on Monday.

“It is under investigation, as is any case when someone allegedly acts in a way that is counter to our standards of behavior,” she said.

The letter states that officers are “more respectable” than enlisted members and that Allison’s children should “only be friends with officers’ children” and his wife “only friends with officer wives.” He also expressed concern that his officer colleagues would not want to visit him in enlisted housing.

The letter struck a nerve in some service members who said in Facebook comments they were disappointed that people in leadership positions may have such low opinions of them.

“Understandably, emotions are high because some extremely offensive things were said,” military spouse and former Ikego resident Amy Hayes said in a Facebook message to Stars and Stripes on Monday. “Any trust community members could have possessed for this man to serve hospital patrons without bias has been obliterated.”

Navy veteran and Ikego resident Amber Borreo said she found the comments about her neighborhood unsettling.

“I always feel safe here,” she said Monday in a Facebook message to Stars and Stripes. “It’s really upsetting, because our community is always really helpful. We have support pages specifically for Ikego, and if anyone needs anything they can make a post, and someone usually helps.”

Ikego is seven miles from Yokosuka and features more than 800 housing units, a fitness center, a swimming pool, tennis courts and a teen center, according to the base’s website.

The lieutenant lists prior Army enlisted service in his CV, so he’s a subject matter expert on the “man drugs” that enlisted men do. The LT’s wife has now taken responsibility for it, but scuttlebutt is that she’s covering for the husband.

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Methinks his career will be cut a lot shorter than he expected.


Drug Cartels? Sounds like the E-4 mafia (or the Navy Equivalent), has upped their game.

E-4 Mafia 4 Life

We do not use hatchets.
They are too sharp.

Hack Stone

Reminds Hack Stone of the Letter To The Editor that hit Stars & Stripes shortly before his arrival in late January 1997. Hack never got to see the initial letter, but saw plenty of blowback in the “rebuttals” that were printed. To break it down so that even the Vice President of a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the Federal Government could understand, the man (Hack assumes it was a man, and probably a Marine) wrote that fat dependents should not accompany their spouses on overseas tours because their obesity would present a negative image of Americans. Pretty sure the guy who write it was Staff Sergeant Al Bundy. Anyone of you deviants and perverts on the Rock during that time?


He sounds like Captain Queeg:

MI Ranger

Sorry I missed that one Hack Stone,
I was hanging out in Italy about that time, though I think that exact time we were somewhere between Hohenfells, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The only story I remember of that significance in the Stars & Stripes was about some Officers and a Spouse in Germany making the Frankfurt Galaxy Cheerleading squad! Made me want to go right out and drop my OCS paperwork!


Good gawd, he’s clutched his pearls into dust. OK, sailors aren’t saints. Never claimed to be. And an officer in enlisted housing isn’t ideal and likely is due to no room at the O housing. I’m sure he is on a waiting list and will be moved as soon as a vacancy occurs. Whining like a little bitch won’t hurry the process along, either. So lap it up, LT, or move off base. A cursory interweb search reveals lots of options in the Yokosuka area. Try it- living+off+base+Yokosuka.
As for the letter, I don’t suppose he considered exactly how it would get to the intended desk without first being screened. By enlisted people.
Seems whatever program he attended to receive his commission glossed over a couple very important points. Like displaying good judgment, and not creating problems for superiors. Same thing, really.


Ah, “asynchronous development”… when smart folk haven’t developed the maturity to handle their brains. (See the atom bomb spies, Robert McNamara and this dipsh*t.)


Saw the angry cops video last week and truly LMAO at it.

Several years ago Fort Hood housing wanted to place my family in a duplex with a Specialist’s family in the other unit.

I said no. It would be entirely unfair to that SPC to have a Sergeant Major living next door. What a dick move that would be.

This Naval Officer must have been a turd as an enlisted soldier if this is what he thinks goes on normally.

Flush him like the turd he is.




“Sergeant Major! Get off my grass!” – SPC Schmudlapp


MI Ranger

The SPC would probably come home early and wait for the SGM just to say that too!!!


naw…you know the CSM goes to work about 11 and comes home about 2…LOL


Geez, and I thought the Spoiled Brat generation had died out. It seems it not only got worse, but grew bigger.

He should have to spend some time being billeted in the old barracks at NS/RTC Bainbridge, a place where the barracks had nothing under the linoleum but plywood and 2s4s. Or even better, the ratty old buildings at NAS Pensacola, left over from WWII, with roaches the size of greyhounds on every floor, scuttling down the passageways.

Those were the days, my friends…..!

I think this young man needs to spend some quality time running the floor buffer in the passageways. Where is Yef when you need him????

What a waste of tax money this dork is.


In P-Cola those aren’t roaches, they’re Palmetto bugs. Huge roach-like critters that can fly.


It’s the whole damn state. Just miles and miles and miles of sand, pine trees, and palmetto. That’s the “dry” part. There are no basements in Florida; those are “indoor swimming pools”. I don’t even want to think about the numerous critters, mostly scattered about the lower part of the tree of evolution. There are no higher forms of life in Florida, including all those condo residents. And yet they insist on importing even more of the less intelligent forms of life, mostly with promises of “cheap, waterfront property”, “ocean view”, “sunkist beaches” and “tropical breezes”(June through November), etc. Real estate folks love those oceanfront building lots which generate multiple commissions by being repeatedly available for resale(December through May). Then there is the humidity, which can rust stainless steel in a matter of days.

I do miss that Spanish moss, though. And the seafood and barbecue.


I liked living in Florida. I may yet return.


Dress it up any way you like, 1st Class, they are still cockroaches with a hoity-toity name.

Used to have betting sessions on how long it took the bugs to die.

Then I moved to Chicago and found a degreasing household cleanser called Formula 409, which makes the little buggers melt. Also good for killing ants, and if they show up, wasps and hornets – in short, anything in the insect world that has a waxy shell.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Yea, what happened to Yef??? Hope he is ok.




“There are often drunk and often hostile sailors hanging around enlisted housing,” the letter states. “Housing with enlisted greatly increases the risk to my family. I have a good-looking family, a wife and two daughters ages 3 and 4. They are prime targets to be victims for these enlisted deviant activities.”

So basically, “Rum and Sodomy.”

This is what happens when you don’t have The Lash. 😉


Some pay extra for that. Or so I’m told.


Crossing the line ceremony, government housing mode.


“Enlisted deviant activities”?

Went thought CPO Initiation in ’94 in Yokosuka… don’t remember the LT being there when I went through it.

Fuck him and his entitles ass out of the service.

Mustang Major

Gee, the guy will have more fun in the enlisted housing. What is he thinking?


Heh. In Lajes we would sneak the O’s on our flight crew into the E club. Lots more fun there than the stuffy Air Force O club.
It did cost them a few rounds, of course. Good times.

AW1 Rod

Been there! Done that!


Sent from a gmail account. Completely over the top claims. Filled with spelling and grammatical errors. I smell either a hoax or a joke gone horribly wrong.

MI Ranger

Yeah I suspect a joke! The guys wife has fessed up to it. I would suspect either she is a little high maintenance or it was a joke that went a little overpowered!


Deviants and perverts in the Navy? Only if they are under way…or not at the pier. After all, it takes a Village, people. 😛


Swim lane. You, in. Stay. Good doggie.


Now, now, GunBunny: two of those guys were straight and had to pretend to be bent/gay to please their fans.

Appearances can be quite deceiving.


Yes’um, understand and Roger all that. Cop and Biker supposedly straight, howsomever, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…m r ducks. 😀


Ha! That was the Seventies. Those two were actually gay-pretending-to-be-straight-pretending-to-be-gay gays. Back then it still wasn’t in to be out.


Who let that cowboy on that vessel?
Or the Indian?
Worse, a phony badass biker in black leather?

Just wrong.
So very very wrong.

1980s Navy joke time…..
Q – Did you hear about the gay whale?
A – He bit the end off a submarine, and sucked out all the seamen.


Hey, got Pete Buttiplug not go Army…


Who does he think his daughters are going to be going to school or daycare with? When my daughter was in base schools, there were kids from all over the rank structures. If he wants to see real drunken debauchery, go to a Marine barracks around 9pm on a Saturday night. This turd would probably develop PTSD from it and get a medical discharge.

Hack Stone

Somehow Hack Stone does not see Lt. Nathanael Allison getting 100% participation from his troops during the next Combined Federal Campaign drive. It will reflect in his evaluations.


I heard about this direct commission Navy officer who smoked crack, filled every slit trench he could find, molested a 16 year old family member, adulterated with his brother’s widow, had a stripper baby mama while married and was heavily involved illegal influences schemes in several foreign nations.

Don’t think that is a step up for neighbors.


Enlisted are deviants, I resemble that remark. But look whose talking, Tail hook anyone. How about all those senior officers that took bribes from Fat Leonard.


Dude, stick to “preverts” and safety, and leave the “enlisted” and snobbery out of it:


His commanding officer should immediately relieve him of all leadership responsibility, revoke any authority that he has, and ask for a show cause board. This man should not be in the service of our nation, and the fact that he is an officer is an embarrassment to the profession of arms and the United States Navy.


Deviants and perverts? Is he sure he’s not hanging out at the Marine Barracks?

Sounds like his wife got hit on when she went slumming at the E Club


And don’t forget Hunter Biden– he missed Tailhook and went out of his way as a brash young Naval Ensign/O1 to make-up for that:
comment image

Green Thumb

I wonder if that photo was taken in the back room near the pool at the last All-Points Logistics Employee Christmas Party?

And I can only imagine that it was the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress himself (CEO of All-Points Logistics) that snapped the photo.

I wonder what happened within the next five minutes?

Drugs? Disgraced Naval personal? Flaccid cocks? Sexual and professional lies?

Scary. Especially being that both Phony Phil (Phil Monkress – CEO of All- Points Logistics in Merritt Island, Fl) and Pony Boy Biden both have access to government taxpayer-funded money to support their “habits”.

Green Thumb

Its the Navy.

Dudes doing dudes.

Nothing new.


Only Army Mom

Well, we’ll have to wait and see. IMO, the comment about his good looking family, the wife and kids being forced to socialize with the enlisted peasants, and the grammar and spelling errors sounds like a trophy wife who expects to be saluted more than the Officer. If so, she and the kids, or at least her, should be shipped stateside at personal expense. But, if I’m being overly generous to the Officer, he can accompany his good-looking family and wave goodbye to his rank,commission, and future with his DD papers.


Same thoughts occurred here. But, it also makes one wonder if English is the first language of either spouse. Spelling errors??? How difficult is it to spell things correctly? Well, it’s easy enough these days, what with spell check – even enlisted can do it.

Assuming it’s not a hoax. Then again, for someone to go to this much bother as a hoax, somebody must have really, REALLY ticked off those subordinate troopers and/or their wives.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone heard through the Filipina Mafia Grapevine in Yokusaka that the wife is from Cebu. Hack is withholding judgment until he sees a photo of the wife. She must be a real hoot to deal with at the Fil-Am meetings.


Dude got captain mast and punished. He fucked over his replacement.


This may all be true, but remember the story “broke” on the Yokosuka spouse’s FB page. You know, that beacon of truth that is the dependapotomus FB page? Also listed on the tricareatops FB page was that his wife admitted writing the letter. Further, it was listed on the mound of rebound FB page that the hospital has removed him from the command. Man, these spouses, obviously with nothing better to do, are scooping the hell out of this, right? Stars and Stripes did a write up on this, and to calm the fury in Yokosuka, the USNH Yokosuka CO wrote an open letter, posted on FB (go figure), stating this was being investigated. Don’t be surprised if this turns out to be BS. If it’s not BS, and there is an actual moron this monumentally stupid, stealing breathable air from the rest of us, well, the guy deserves his fate. After 30 plus years in WESTPAC, I no longer take this kind of crap at face value. The real truth isn’t in Angry Cop’s rant, or the Twinkie queens on FB, but probably somewhere else. Nowhere else in the world can jumping to a conclusion end more poorly than in WESTPAC – you got to check the hand size, shoulder to hip ratio and the Adam’s apple of every issue out here.


Yeah, it seems unlikely that a guy with a PhD would be that bad at spelling and grammar.

Also per his ribbon rack he was an Army enlisted guy at least long enough to earn a GCM so that’s 3 years of enlisted service. Deployed to the sandbox at least once, again per his rack.

Even given a little friendly inter-service rivalry it’s hard to imagine a former enlisted soldier presenting such over-the-top caricature of enlisted sailors (particularly enlisted sailors who live in family housing.)

Now if it was unmarried Marines in the barracks, I’d say his description was spot on or maybe even a little bit understated… 😉


“Over-the-top caricature” you say?
I will have you know that we former enlisted soldiers are quite well informed as to the peccadilloes of our squidly brethren.


Actually it all spilled out because someone from housing office leaked it on spouses page.

Ex Coelis

The apparent basis of his so-called ‘complaint’ makes this el-tee sound like a whiney little twot that still likes to suck both his thumbs(at the same time). Fairly certain the mighty USN wouldn’t miss this twotty little newt if he fell overboard. Can only guess that this guy and people like him are one of the many reasons for the Navy use’s the term ‘shove off’.
Middle-finger sah-lute!!! What a putz…