The More You Lie….

| April 6, 2021

…  the stupider you are, and the sooner you are found out.

Gee whiz, it used to be that you could at least get some sort of information out of the electronic media that was not total BS, but it appears that those are those Days of Yore we sometimes hear about.  And they are now Those Bygone Days.

Now, the scumbags in the media just cut out what doesn’t suit their meme, rewrite real stuff into complete fabrication (lies, people, lies!), and think it’s okay.

This time, they’ve gone too far, period.

CBS, in its wisdom, decided to turn their segment on Gov. Ron deSantis (FL) into a (now rapidly crumbling) pack of lies, meant to discredit him and the way he governs the state of Florida.

From the article:  There is no more accurate way of describing last night’s 60 Minutes segment on Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida than as a political hit job. It was an aspersion, a slander, a smear — a calculated and premeditated calumny contrived for one purpose and one purpose alone: To hint darkly at scandal where none exists, and, thereby, to damage DeSantis in 2022 and beyond. Americans who tuned in to 60 Minutes yesterday are now less informed than they were before it aired.

The supposed “problem” that 60 Minutes highlighted was that Florida’s government has used the popular grocery chain Publix to help it distribute COVID-19 vaccines, that Publix gave $100,000 to Governor DeSantis’s re-election efforts last year, and that the combination of the two represents a quid pro quo.

This claim is absurd on its face. Not only is Publix the largest and most widely trusted grocery-store chain in the state of Florida, but the majority of its 831 stores in the state have well-equipped pharmacies at which Floridians are accustomed to getting flu shots. Irrespective of any other logistical considerations, it would have been surprising if Publix had not been one of the major players in the state’s effort. It is true that Publix has recently given $100,000 to Ron DeSantis’s gubernatorial reelection bid. It is also true that it gave a million dollars to the progressive Urban League last year, and that, back in 2018, it gave $100,000 to Democratic campaigns in the state. To believe that there is a connection between this routine behavior and decisions that were made during an unforeseen once-in-a-century pandemic is to stretch oneself to the breaking point. – article

Someone should tell the people who run CBS (Crackpot Bull Scheisse) that you rot in Hell for this kind of thing, whether it is Big Lies like the NYSlimes going after that teenager a couple years ago, or this bunch of slimeballs at what used to be a good Sunday evening news show.

The full story is at the link. Why CBS decided to discredit deSantis is beyond me, but unfortunately, their hatchet job is the same as that NYSlimes’ attempt to discredit a 16-year-old kid who had done nothing wrong, and it cost that bunch of muckrakers plenty.

Where the Hell is Joe McCarthy when you really need him?

Thanks to Skippy for sending this in.

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  1. AW1Ed says:

    Last time I watched 60 minutes Andy Rooney had a spot.

  2. OWB says:

    They don’t seem to even care any more that they are so frequently caught in their lies. They must hope that more people will believe the lie than will know, and pass along, the truth.

    That tactic worked for a long time. The lies have become so fanciful, so outrageous, that more and more people are fact checking or simply disregarding the lies because they make no sense.

    Strange times.

  3. AW1 Rod says:

    Gov. DeSantis appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show, and eviscerated 60 Minutes.

    60 Minutes IS shit, has BEEN shit, and will continue to BE shit.

  4. Devtun says:

    Meanwhile, 60 Min has dedicated zero time to covering Fredo’s big bro Gov Andy Cuomo’s troubles, or the recall process on CA Gov Gavin Newsom. Democrat protection society do know how to circle the wagons. At least DeSantis made 60 Min open up wide, and eat a sh1t sammich.

    • rgr769 says:

      Let’s also recall that it was “60 Minutes” via Gunga Dan Blather that aired the fraudulent story and forged documents of George Bush’s Air National Guard story. Also, every major manstream media source has repeatedly lied to us about the misdeeds of every major D-rat corruptocrat. It has become so blatant that Gropey Joe bragged on camera how he extorted the leader of Ukraine to fire its prosecutor investigating Hunter’s Burisma grift. If the corruptocrat has a “D” after his or her name, that politician can get away with just about anything, even drowning a young woman in your car and not reporting the accident for over ten hours.

  5. Bill R. says:

    The Democrat mayor of West Palm County has written a letter calling out CBS News for their lies. This was not just deceptive reporting, it was a flat out lie.

  6. Heard the same on WFTL 850 AM Radio this morning on the Jennifer Ross, Bill Adams show. 60 minutes should now be called the Joseph Goebbels hour or just 6 minutes.

  7. Hack Stone says:

    In defense of the producers at 60 Minutes, the segment was “fake but accurate”.

    Watching 60 Minutes on a Sunday evening on a big ass RCA floor console television set used to be a ritual at Stately Stone Manor. Haven’t watched the show in decades. Hack Stone has pretty much given up on the Big Three Networks for news and entertainment. They have destroyed sports and entertainment with their contempt for the American Middle Class.

  8. Skippy says:

    I use to watch 60 sec’s every Sunday
    I couldn’t get enough of it
    Talk about going to hell in a hand basket

  9. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    Just goes to show that one must always make a recording when interviewed by the press, and be prepared to publish it widely.

  10. KoB says:

    PHUQUE THEEEM! Nothing follows!

  11. Ex Coelis says:

    *shrug* Well, looking on the bright side of things – it’s nice to see that our ‘modern press’ is still talking out of both sides of it’s mouthpiece..!