Former UFO Program Director Outlines Theories

| March 23, 2021

Former Director of Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (ATTIP) Luiz Elizondo

Let’s level set what a theory really is.

n. A set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena, especially one that has been repeatedly tested or is widely accepted and can be used to make predictions about natural phenomena.

Ex-UFO Pentagon program chief outlines ‘compelling’ UFO theories and ‘unique’ vehicle characteristics

UFOs break the U.S.’s current understanding of the laws of physics, says Elizondo
By Nikolas Lanum

The former UFO program chief at the Pentagon, Luis Elizondo, detailed the three leading theories on where UFOs originated from and the five defining characteristics of UFOs that break the U.S.’s current understanding of the laws of physics.

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Elizondo, the former Director of ATTIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) said that the United States government applied the same methodology used in terrorism intel operations in regards to UFO’s and found that they are not only “real,” but the information surrounding them is “compelling.”

The Pentagon has presented three potential theories on the origin of UFOs.

The first “highly unlikely” theory purports that UFOs are secret U.S. technology that has flown under the radar due to a lack of communication between government agencies.

The second theory speculates that UFOs are “foreign adversarial” technology created without the intelligence of the U.S. government.

“This would be a huge intelligence failure of [the United States] because we’ve been technologically leapfrogged,” said Elizondo.

Elizondo stopped short of concluding that UFOs could be alien technology when discussing the third and final theory.


“We are seeing these — let’s call them vehicles, if you will — that are incurring into controlled U.S. airspace that are displaying performance characteristics that are frankly well beyond anything we can either replicate or in some cases really even understand,” Elizondo said.

So not STOBOR either, Ex. *grin* The best argument for the existence of intelligent alien life is they haven’t tried to contact us. Read the entire article here: Fox News

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It’s aliens. I’ve seen them. Some of them live on my street. 🙂

I’ll return to watching a volcano build itself into a mountain after a long pause of some 600 years.


Ex, those aliens on your street are perhaps Watta Mallans or maybe Neeko Wagrans but most likely Meh Heekanos…


Sheesh. More illegal aliens…

George V

Actually, alien beings bent on destroying the USA who are so clever at hiding among us that the only evidence we have of them is an occasional glimpse of their spacecraft would explain a lot about the political positions of all Democrat and many Republican politicians.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

This A hole govt now saying that there are UFO’s. What about the UFO’s over the White House back in 1951 0r 52 I believe and the Viet Nam Swift boats that were attacked and the New Zealand or Australien Patrol boat that was attacked and all documented by the brass who were there and Chris Columbus’s log book telling about a UFO emerging from the ocean or the pics of a saucer on an oil painting during the period of the Spanish Inquisishion and a lot of other sightings including the USAF Base over in England. Elizondo left his job because he was hampered by his bosses when he came up with proof of UFOS which they didn’t want to get out and kept their A Hole heads in the sand.

Slow Joe

Oh pleez.

1) A civilization advanced enough to have FTL travel would not send biological beings. They would send sensorial machines who would record everything they detect amd see to be reviewed and experienced in some form of virtual reality by the sending civilization.

(I.e, the personal experience of a biological being does not means shit. I don’t know what the hell Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin saw on the Moon with their own eyes. However, a machine capable of recording the sensorial experience of landing on another planet would have data that could be experienced but the entire population of Earth in real time or later if so wished.)

2) If the alien exploration ship would be a machine without biologicals on board, controlled by an AI or not, then it would be as small as possible to save on resources, allow for mass production, minimize accidents, and avoid unwanted detection. Since the tendency in technology is for increased miniaturization, a FTL civilization could potentially build starships on the nanometer scale, one billionth of a meter, with those machines being completely undetectable by us.

(Sending biologicals into space must seem very primitive to space-fearing civilizations. The idea of sending vulnerable, high maintenance, biological bodies into space who have to carry their atmosphere with them, food, water, hygiene and medical services, and who have a limited lifespan, seem as something only a civilization lacking artificial intelligence would do.)

Slow Joe

Dam. I didn’t finish. I lost my train of crazy thoughts.

Therefore, since the tendency in the evolution of technology if for increased complexity, increased miniaturization, and increased intelligence, it makes it highly likely that those things being seen and recorded by people in the sky are something other than aliens. Perhaps a misunderstood natural phenomena, or a man-made experimental equipment.


Joe, you put in all that effort and described our Martian rovers, one of which was recently launched and made a safe parachute landing on Mars in an old lake bed.

That’s named Perseverance, a nice, quiet Quakerish name. I think you should offer to buy her a beer.

Slow Joe

The Martian rovers *are* the way technology is trending to. The future is automated.


What an incredibly anthropocentric argument. Aliens may and probably would have different priorities and values. Perhaps a largish ship IS the smallest which could include all the necessary equipment and systems? Perhaps in an infinite universe there are too many possible situations which require intuitive reactions AI would not be capable of providing? Etc… Too little data to authoritatively state ‘AI will rule etc.

Slow Joe

Nah. Your counter argument is too 21st century centric.

While cultures will certainly vary wildly, biological and technological evolution have proven to be under the boot of natural selection, therefore will have similar process everywhere, tending to go from simple to complex, with technology becoming increasingly smaller and smarter.

So yes, aliens would have different priorities from us, but but biology and technology would develop along similar guidelines, resulting in artificial intelligence and miniaturization.

The only chance of us encountering an alien civilization with big ships and a biological crew is that they are sooo close that they can travel to us at sublight speed in under one of their lifespans.

And generations ships are not a realistic choice. Any sociologist can tell you that.
Besides, the civilization sending generation ships would have enough interest in space exploration to develop FTL long before any generation ship can their objective, thus being able to overtake the generation ships.

Believe me, my reasoning is ironclad, though always open to criticism, which is why I drop my hat in this type of discussion to get your feedback and fine tune my thesis.

So, any aliens around, if any, would be AI in nanometer scale ships impossible to detect with our current technological level, but it is highly unlikely that they would be biological beings or in big ships in the meter scale.

Slow Joe

Mick West explain some of the Ufo videos.


ET flies toward Earth thru his wormhole. As he approaches he locks the doors. On his pass by, he mutters to himself, “What Hath the Gods Wrought.” Kicks his vehicle into a 180 back towards the wormhole at about Warp VI.

Reports back, “Yep, they’re still killing one another, but they still represent 7 billion rations for us, so there is that. We better make the harvest soon, before they get the Soylent Factories up and running.”

The Other Whitey

A fair representation of how aliens treat a visit to Earth.


TOW, I think that was more a representation of earthlings visiting an alien habitat…


I’d like to see Elon Musk (since NASA won’t do it), send out a flotilla of Voyager like craft each year with the goal to study and leave the solar system.

While the Voyager craft are there, they are old and obsolete. The amazing thing is they are still fairly functional though and we are learning from them. The sucky part is it will take 25-30 years to get new ones out there.


Because the aliens abused him.

(Russell Casse) – “Hello, boys. I’m baaaack.”


I have been monitoring the 10 Ghz “watering hole”
for many years. So far I have heard a few roadside
speed limit signs and my neighbors router.
I asked him to unplug it at night but he refused.
Some people don’t care what’s out there. Sad.

Slow Joe

That Louis Elizondo dude is so full of shit. He talks like he knows what he is talking about, but nobody challenge him on all his conflicts of interest and his stonewalling with “classified information”.

My bullshitmeter is blown in his presence.

Nigel Brooks

My thoughts too. BS meter went off the scale. Don’t know why Fox didn’t find this