Tanker Tuesday Video

| March 23, 2021

Couldn’t find a tank picture without going in deep, so the Camaro with the tank-plow will have to substitute.

Here’s your video of Tanks: Armored vehicle training at Ft. Benning. 2013.  Enjoy it.


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Where are our tread-heads today?


Ours…Fast, Tracked, Mobile Artillery Platforms!


Kool vid Mi’Lady, later in the day than usual, but as an adorable deplorable, that cooks, you are forgiven. Ahh, Tank you…Tank you verrah much!

The Tread Heads and Track Toads are either swapping out pads, swabbing tubes, or, given the time, passed out drunk!


M47s, T-62, BMP-1 and Iraqi APC


MI Ranger

Where were you looking for Tanks Ex-PH2? I found some here:

This will be the Armies Tanks of the future. MBTs hanging out in the rear riding shepherd while these babies do the fighting. Light and nimble, but with punch. Haven’t seen the big guy yet, this one needs a bigger gun!

Old tanker

I do miss gunnery days. I loved the feel of the tank rocking back from recoil and seeing the tracer zipping through the target. Best days were when we could exercise all 3 guns on the tank, although the coax on the old M60’s was a POS and almost never ran without jamming. The M85 50 cal in the TC cupola ran well as long as you remembered to straighten out the feed track and spray some lube on it.


I also have fond memories of gunnery, when things were going well. Then some days the targets didn’t work, hot shell casings swelled and stuck in the breach, rain/snow pored down, and some officer from higher would show up “to help”. As for the M219 coax, that vile attempt to improve on the designs of the Saintly John Moses Browning (howitzer be his name) may our enemy’s be cursed with weapons as well designed and made.

Prior Service

Aaahh. The soothing sounds of tank tracks clattering, turbine purring, and 120mm cannon booming. I sure miss my very own Abrams sitting in the motor pool. Side note-last day in command, I drove my mustang into the back gate, parked it next to my tank, and got the pics of two fine pieces of American Muscle.