Dancing in the Blood of Innocents

| March 18, 2021

Barry SCoaMF

A meltdown full of self hate kills eight in cold blood. Exactly as predicted, the ghouls begin their dance. The only question is what took so long?

David sends.

Obama says the Atlanta shootings show the need to finally bring in ‘common sense’ gun control laws

Thomas Colson

Former President Barack Obama said on Wednesday the US needed to introduce “common sense gun safety laws” after a gunman fatally shot 8 people in an Atlanta-area shooting this week.

Robert Aaron Long, 21, was charged with the shooting which left eight people, 6 of whom were Asian women, dead in Atlanta-area massage parlors.

“Even as we’ve battled the pandemic, we’ve continued to neglect the longer-lasting epidemic of gun violence in America,” Obama said on Twitter Wednesday.

“Although the shooter’s motive is not yet clear, the identity of the victims underscores an alarming rise in anti-Asian violence that must end.”

The meltdown reportedly used a 9mm pistol to commit his horrific acts. How universal background checks, registration, and an assault weapons ban would have prevented this is left unsaid, as always. The ghouls do get a two-fer with adding the Asian race card to the mix, so there’s that. Read the rest of the article here: Business Insider
Thanks, David.

*Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure for my fellow acronym OCD sufferers.

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He was an idiot when elected and has only gotten stupider.


That man is pure evil.


He’s too stupid to be evil. Evil would reject him.

The shooter, on the other hand, is awash in evil.


I firmly believe he may be the AntiChrist. If not, he is doing Satan’s work.


Well, really, if you can find his campaign videos, he was performing like a tent preacher on a roll in front of those crowds.

Not a whole lot of difference between him and the Devil, if you must know.


Idiotic nutcase comments like that is why I can’t take you guys seriously anymore.


Did you just get out of rehab??? Or make it back from training to run a “re-indoctrination center”???


Lars says, “…I can’t take you guys seriously anymore.”

But…but…but, what with your stellar command of the language, that “anymore” means you must have previously taken us seriously, correct?

Which means, I suppose, that we shouldn’t have taken you seriously all those times when you previously told us you couldn’t take us seriously, right?

So are you seriously telling us that you in fact did previously take us seriously but now no longer do even though you previously did?

Seriously, Lars, trying to understand your blather is seriously confusing…even more so now than previously…🤪🤪🤪


Then go away and stay away. It’s that simple.


Do you have a point to make? A thoughtful comment? A rebuttal? Not even one of your classic off-topic rants? No? You may go now.

The Other Whitey

Your absence was appreciated. Now kindly fuck off back to whatever hole you were hiding in.


Wow! And that is all it took to conjure him up. Sorry guys.


Fair enough…since no one here ever took YOU seriously.

A Proud Infidel®™

Fiie by me. I never took YOU seriously because it’s SO obvious that you have a very inferior mind!


And yet here you are, dipshit.


Wow the guy who celebrates the death of boomers from covid wants to talk about people who can’t be taken seriously?

GFY Lars. You suck.


Lars, I have not taken you seriously in years.

There was a time when I did, and even tried to put a charitable interpretation on your screeds.

You squandered the good will with your (ahem) idiotic nutcase comments, years ago.

Ergo – buzz off twerp. The adults are talking. And take your puppet community organizer with you.

Bill R.

There are over 10,000 “common sense” gun laws in our country. Perhaps they should begin enforcing those before they add any more.


Over 22,000 actually.

At lest in Houston, about 90% of the massage parlor workers were reputed to be Asian. Guess he woulda killed all whitey but it would have taken too much work?

In another article the Atlanta Mayoress disputes the cops’ version of the motives. Despite their having actually interrogating the perp, she (never having even set eyes on the perp) decried him as RAYCISS and the cops as wrong. Must be nice to have that godlike intelligence and perception.


Well, in her mind, he’s white, so of course he’s racist…


But that would require common sense and now we’re stuck in a logic loop.


FFS…Bastards saw how well People Control worked by forcing folks to wear face diapers after their Chinese Communist Masters unleashed the virus that our domestic enemies provided funding and covered for.

They are about to nut up to see how well People Control works when We, The People, have no way to defend ourselves from criminals and grubermint officials. (yes, I know, I repeated myself there) It has NEVER been about the control of gunz! It has always been about the control of We, The People! Wonder when oblowme the JEF is gonna tirade about his hommies in Chiraq that are killing one another by the hundreds every year?

A crazy white boy went off the deep end and killed a bunch of innocent Black Folks in a Church. That started the systematic destruction of all things Confederate because of a photo shopped picture of him with a Flag. Now we got a crazy white boy that went off the deep end and killed a bunch of innocent Asian Folks with a gun. These two isolated incidents proves that all white boys are crazy and must be RRAAAYYYCCIISS and have hate in their hearts. I guess I need to go a 1/4 mile north up my street to the predominately Black Folks Church and start blazing away. Then go a 1/4 mile in the other direction and shoot up the Asian Cafe next to the Sheriff’s Office. Too bad about that whole leaky boat thing, I can’t fulfill my destiny as a crazy RRAAAAYYCCIIISSS white boy.


Hack Stone

Meanwhile, the City Of Chicago logged 769 homicides in 2020. If they only had some type of Community Organizer who could slow the alarming rise in black on black violence that must end.


Blacks shooting Blacks is also a constant occurrence in every major city with a substantial Black population. Just watch a few episodes of “The First 48” if one needs further examples and confirmation. But for The Party and its leaders, that didn’t and doesn’t happen.


And blacks attacking Asians is far more common than by whites yet the media would have us believe that it was a white supremacist who carried out the Atlanta shooting.

Only Army Mom

Last weekend in Chicago, someone opened fire on a party, shooting 12 with 2 dead. Where were the calls for “gun control” then Obama? In your supposed hometown? Oh, that’s right. That was in the inner city. The victims were black, the shooters were black, the guns were illegal, it was about gangs and drugs. In other words, none of that counts. Black Lives Matter to whom? Obama? The other race-baiters?

I don’t know why this one has me so fired up. Maybe because those Asian massage parlor workers are indentured sex slaves, a facet of all this no one cares about because they can’t waste an opportunity to push their B.S. agenda about evil Whitey, evil guns, evil racism.

Blah blah blah.

And how many are too stupid, too brainwashed, too afraid of being called a racist, a Nazi, a Domestic Terrorist to stand up to these evil b@st@rds. Honestly, I’m most angry at the idiots than I am the charlatans pulling this crap.

A Terminal Lance Coolie


They rely on the idea that most people are just going to shrug and say “It doesn’t affect me. It’s not my fight.” They’ll regret that when it is their fight, and they lack both the tools and the allies to fight back.

A Proud Infidel®™

A perpetually power-hungry political demagogue like B. Hussein 0bama cannot be bothered with petty things like truth and facts while he’s babbling propaganda to his masses of minions like Major Moonbat!


“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” –Mao

“Never let a crisis got to waste.” –Saul Alinsky


Fuck Brachiator The Ex-resident with a flaming cactus dipped in tar and then dump a big truck of sticky, sweet, *white* marshmallow fluff all over his ass.
Goddamn poo flinger.


Him and his racist sasquatch of a husband!

A Proud Infidel®™

FUCK HIM with my ex-wife wearing a sandpaper-coated strap-on!


Ol’ Poe can’t help but wonder how many of those Asian sex workers in Atlanta and all the other blue, urban paradises where this open prostitution is tolerated, are illegal aliens, smuggled in by Asian and Mexican cartels and forced into a life of sex slavery until they are too old to attract customers, then kicked out onto the streets to become welfare recipients.


Can’t say for sure, but based on news reports I’ve seen in this state, I’d say upwards of 75% would be a good number to start with Poe


Kinda reminds me of the steam and creams in that
communist paradise once known as a Republic.
They now make our underwear.


And shoes 👟.

Ahh, the prolific houses of “Steam and Cream.” Every major base camp had at least one. I suspect the Army had a secret regulation that happy endings were mandatory. Fortunately, I wasn’t that desperate when back in the rear.
Besides, I was more of a DIY guy.

Slow Joe

I agree human trafficking is the real crime being exposed with this shooting, but nobody is looking at that.

The Party marches forward. Take our guns, control our lives. Who needs elections when the smartest people are already running the government?

MI Ranger

So I read the story about all the 8 +1 people killed and injured. I find it almost comical how this is being labeled as a racist attack on Asians. There were only three Asians killed. The owner, a women there with her husband for a couples massage (though they were not in the same room), and a new employee. The others were the guy putting in shelves (might be white or black), and two Hispanic folks. This sicko was not racist, he just wanted to shoot people, what that has to do with Sex addiction I have no idea!


The theory, supported by the killer’s own statements, is that he was lashing out at the sources of his temptations. But we will likely never know his true motivations other than his desire to shoot defenseless victims. Unfortunately, even when some of their targets are armed these psychos still manage to kill. This was shown in that recent gun store shooting in La. But disarming the law abiding is a bogus feelz good step for Progs. The Party Uber Alles, comrade.

John the Scot

Just look at what the likes of Hitler, Lenin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot and others did as soon as they had their populations disarmed…

Name edited to protect PII.

A Proud Infidel®™

And the propaganda campaign continues from the DNC Pravda aka the mainstream media, An Apple News Spotlight just popped up on my phone braying “”This is a new chapter in a very old story” . How the Gerogia Spa Shootings connect to America’s history of anti-Asian violence.”

So now the liberal media proglodytes are preaching victimhood for people of Asian descent, fuck the liberal media!!!

Skivvy Stacker

We have to ban assault AR-15 9mm semi full automatic pistol guns that have the ability to fire 10,000 bullet clips per nanosecond.


The attacker legally waited till he was 21 and underwent a legal background check… same as those “universal background checks” the antigunners promise will solve all our problems. But wait – there’s more! If there only would have been a waiting period (tried already under Brady, had no effect) ammo registration (mandatory under GCA68, ineffective and scrapped). We need more controls and roadblocks: wait, how about we demonize and ban one kind of gun! Which…


Personally, I favor an age limitation that prohibits the purchase or possession of firearms by anyone under 50 years of age. That will certainly take a bite out of crime. Plus, think of how the prices of guns and ammo will drop precipitously.

Of course, we will still have to deal with the conundrum that people who are prepared to commit violent felonies like murder, robbery, rape and mayhem are unlikely to obey any gun control law.