Atlanta Spa Shooter Claimed Sex Addiction as Shooting Motive

| March 17, 2021

Robert Aaron Long took responsibility for the spa shootings that took place in Atlanta. (Crisp County Sheriff’s Office)

“The Sun” tied Atlanta spa shooter, Robert Aaron Long, to God and gun loving pastor. The pastor is the father. Nothing in the article tied the shooting to the fact that the father was a pastor or to the fact that he loved guns… Other than the later assisting law enforcement with information that contributed to Long’s arrest.

However, Robert Long stated that his shootings were not race motivated. He pinned the blame on his sex addiction and his attempt to remove an option for his sex outlet.

From Fox News:

Long has so far been charged with at least four counts of murder and a single count of aggravated assault, according to a press release. He is expected to be arraigned on Thursday morning.

Reynolds said investigators were able to track down their suspect in part because Long’s family contacted police after surveillance images were posted on social media.

“Shortly thereafter we were contacted by members of the family indicating that that may be their son, so we met with them,” Reynolds said. “They’re very distraught and they were very helpful in this apprehension.”

Police were able to track Long’s cell phone and arrested him without issue, authorities said.

“Crisp County Sheriff’s deputies, along with the Georgia State Patrol, were waiting for Long as he entered Crisp County,” a press release from the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office stated. “After a short pursuit, a PIT maneuver was conducted on Long’s vehicle, and he was taken into custody without incident.”

Fox News has more details on this story. The Sun has their article here.

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Buckeye Jim

And we need “comprehensive gun control” statements coming in 3….2….1 Followed by a right wing Trump conspiracy report.


Of course, “gunz control” “…for the chill’ren…” And yepper…it’ll be Trump’s fault. Dingleberry here went in to feed his sex addiction and grab ’em by their “pu$$y”, as he had been told by Trump that is what they liked. He, not knowing, that it was Jeremy/Jessica Watkins working ITs Day Job after a “swing shift” of servicing winos behind dumpster #3 at the Flying J, and a graveyard shift as Apprentice Towel Fluffer at Brucie’s Bath House (Enter thru the rear), grabbed IT by what he thought was ITs Ms Thang and realized that IT was a Mr Thang that he had a’holt to. /S/ I have nothing but the deepest sympathy to the people that lost their lives because of the actions of this murderous trash from hell! Glad Georgia still has the death penalty, tho I doubt that this scum will get it. He will be adjudged “mentally incompetent” and will be “treated” at taxpayer expense for decades. Hopefully, eventually, this POS will be tortured by the Barbed Cock of Satan as his worthless soul is devoured by the Fires of Hell. We can rest assured that the Boys of the BTJ&T Deli will keep him well fed on Man Meat Sammiches, plenty of salads he can toss, and gallons of Cream of Sumyunguy Soup. My Deceased Former Marine BiL, was a CO at the Jackson Diagnostic Center (location of Death Row and where everybody enters the system thru) and it is NOT a nice place. That’s where… Read more »


Buckeye Jim,
IMHO, I blame Cuomo.
Spineless. Or, on the take. See below.


Orange Man’s fault, of course– ban evil guns and RethugliKKKans!

Old Hickory

Good news is the Democrats are pushing through a bunch of anti-gun legislation and with a majority in the House, Senate and the Presidency, they will probably pass.

But please, cry more.


Filibuster! There’s a decent chance that neither bill will make it through the filibuster.


Why Demo-rats want to eliminate it.


Sounds like when he meets Thor, Tiny et al he will have his sex addiction handled. Just not the way he wants.

Much is being made of most of his victims being Asian. That most massage parlor workers seem to be Asian doesn’t seem to be relevant.


Nothing to see here, move along…

Old Hickory

A lonely white neckbeard with a gun and sex fetish that lived at home? This guy should be elected President since he represents America better than anyone else in office.


Well, Antifa, at least…


Where is the Antifastani video? That is what I wanted to watch.


I think Comrade Dragonlord got rightfully embarrassed and deleted it, but here’s some commentary with more excerpts at least:


The longer I go, the more I’m in agreement with Jonn re: being against the death penalty, but only because this shitbag will spend 25-30+ years on death row and waste millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars on appeals.

OTOH, putting him on a barren island in the Aleutian chain, naked, to serve out a life sentence, would suit me fine.


Rat Island in the Aleutians comes to mind.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I’m all for him “accidentally” being left alone among Asian Gangbangers to let prison justice take its course. In the meantime, I ass-u-me that’s his mugshot because he looks like he KNOWS he’s going to be “married” to Bubba, Thor, Julio or “Tiny Tyrone” before sundown!


Dancing in the blood of the innocents in 5, 4, 3,…


zer0 got to the blood dancing pretty quick.


Never let a crisis go to waste

@AOC your turn


Ban evil assault weapons with chainsaw bayonets and the things that goes up, she’ll say…

Old Hickory

She’s so dumb. Obviously arming sex workers is the solution here. Had those women been stroking more guns and less dicks they would have had the skills to defend themselves.


True dat, perhaps.

Old Hickory

I just miss the days of having an empathetic President like Trump in office who could offer us kind words to bring us together in a time like this.


How many states are infiltrated by these
Happy Ending Asian Massage Joints,
mostly owned by (New York State protected)
Flushing, NY Chinese mobsters,
and staffed by illegals and green cards??

This story is awful.

But these sucky sucky joints attract an odd and perverted crowd,
which includes the “family man” owner of the New England Patriots.

Some states can crack down,
but it’s cat and mouse, come and go, for over 40 years.
Until New York State squeezes it dry,
other states will continue to get jerked off.


When liberal leaders can’t decide which GROUP to blame.
Sex addicts?
Or racists?
Guns are next, as predicted above.

[Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms…
… countered the depiction used by Capt. Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department shortly after he pointed to suspect Robert Aaron Long’s assertion that
“sexual addiction” rather than racism toward Asian Americans
was behind his shooting rampage.]

Here we go again.


That $15 an hour minimum wage put the prices thru the roof.


Obligatory clip from Full Metal Jacket… quote Animal Mother:


“If I’m gonna get my balls blown off for a word, my word is ‘poontang’,” his twisted ass probably felt.

Only Army Mom

In Chicago, the offspring of Groot and Beetlejuice has promised extra police patrols for Chinatown in the wake of this racially-motivated hate crime against Asians…something that has been on the uptick but unreported and unrecognized since Trump ramped up anti-Asian sentiment by calling the pandemic Wuhan Flu and falsely accusing and blaming China for the deaths of Americans that wouldn’t have happened had he not mishandled this virus.

Yeah, that’s tying a whole lot together with a tiny and invisible string. Just imagine if it weren’t said as a run on sentence.

You can’t make this stuff up.


bwahahahahaha…..a neckbeard incel no more!

He’s gon get turnd out!


I’d guess is, he’s already been hootin’ and hollarin’ like the red bearded engineer in Polar Express


I’m willing to bet that his “sex addiction” was more like a “masturbation addiction”.