Private Lou D’Allesandro – Summer Camp Wannabe?

| March 15, 2021

The folks at Military Phony send us their work on Louis Clifford D’Allesandro Jr.  D’Allesandro lives in Manchester, New Hampshire and is 82 years old at the time of this writing – March 2021. D’Allesandro is well known in New Hampshire because he has been a State Senator there for many years. It seems he recently weighed in on an issue concerning COVID-19 and a Veteran’s Home where he criticized the New Hampshire governor.   Several articles covering the incident stated that he was a retired U.S. Marine.

In an OP-ED that D’Allesandro wrote, he stated that he was a “veteran” and because of that, the issue was incredibly personal for him.

Red flags were raised by Senator D’Allesandro’s constituents about the claims. On Senator D’Allesandro’s official NH Senate page, it states under “Military Service” that he was in the U.S. Marine Corps.

NOTE:  The above senate page has now been edited and the military service has been removed.  It can still be pulled up on Google cache or an internet archive.  See comparison here – this edit occurred sometime between March 15 and March 21, 2021.

On a bill-tracking page, Senator D’Allesandro’s biography lists him as having retired from the U.S. Marine Corps.

During a reelection campaign, the website stated that “D’Allesandro served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves in 1958.”

The comment above comes with a source reference – and that reference points to D’Allesandro’s official website under “Biography” which was accessed on May 16, 2014.  Oddly, the reference to being in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve in 1958 no longer appears on the Biography page.


Then, there is this article…

D’Allesandro and several NH veterans respond to alleged Trump comments

“The fact that the current administration is so negative in their approach to veterans, it’s very disconcerting and very disheartening. It’s very disheartening for me who has served with many people in defense of this country,” said D’Allesandro, a retired member of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Then, this article where D’Allesandro is referred to as a veteran and a retired U.S. Marine…

Veterans believe colleagues will support Biden

“Throughout the event, speakers such as Sullivan and State Senator Lou D’Allesandro (D-Manchester), himself a retired U.S. Marine, also used statements and actions from President Donald Trump as a contrast to Biden’s actions.”

On D’Allesandro’s Wikipedia page, there is a photo of him wearing a United States Marine Corps badge on his lapel…

Here is an official speaker’s biography for the NH Statewide Chamber of Commerce Summit held in December 2020.

On July 26, 2017, Senator D’Allesandro was officially recognized by a formal submission into the Senate Record.  This document is part of the record at the U.S. Congress.  In this official record, D’Allesandro was honored for having “served our country honorably in uniform in the U.S. Marine Corps…”


Well, let’s see what his official military records from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) say:

FOIA Results – Louis Clifford D’Allesandro Jr. – Summary Sheet

FOIA Results – Louis Clifford D’Allesandro Jr. – Assignments

FOIA Results – Louis Clifford D’Allesandro Jr. – Photo



As stated in the FOIA results – the NPRC summary sheet states that D’Allesandro’s records do not show any assignment to Basic Training in the U.S. Marine Corps.  There is no Officer’s Candidate School (OCS) recorded either. It appears that he was discharged from the Platoon Leadership program prior to becoming a Marine.  It would not be correct to characterize this as “retired.”


D’Allesandro offered up the following document when his political colleagues initially asked about all of this.

That certificate shows a discharge as a Private (E-1).  If an individual fails to complete Basic Training or Officer Candidate School they will get a Discharge Certificate from the Marine Corps… but they never actually became a Marine or served as one.

Furthermore, If D’Allesandro had become a Marine Officer there should be an entry in his records that reflects his graduation from The Basic School (TBS) in Quantico.

As a side note, there is a Louis Walter D’Alesandro that was in the Marine Corps for over 25 years, including 1958.  There is only one “L” in his last name, but there were occasions that it was misspelled with two “L”s.  Louis Walter and Louis Clifford are two different people – no relationship we could find – and their Service Numbers are different.

Louis Walter D’Alesandro – 048636 (<– Service Number)

Louis Clifford D’Allesandro – 1866911 (<– Service Number)

Back at that time, individuals were assigned a Service Number as an identifier vs. serving under their Social Security number.  The period of 1958 had a service number that was one digit longer than previous service numbers. We point out this distinction because we could not find a reference to Louis Clifford serving in any capacity in 1958.  His summary sheet from the NPRC states that he joined on March 19, 1959.  There could have been the equivalent of a Delayed Entry Program, so there is that.

We reached out to Private D’Allesandro through official channels asking him to clarify how he justifies using the label “veteran” or “Retired – U.S. Marine Corps.”  We initially reached out , waited a week, then reached out again. We have not gotten a response. We would have liked to have him comment on this issue.


We were able to put together a few claims that appeared in the press.  There’s always the likelihood of other claims having been made in speeches or in private conversations but we will leave that for others to confirm.

When a Public Official has many claims being published about their military service it is incumbent upon them to clarify that service.   All we seem to have from Private D’Alesandro is a few weeks of summer camp.  We wonder if Private D’Alesandro didn’t just take the money from the Corps to pay for some of his schooling and then drop out before actually earning the title “United States Marine” and going on to serve his country.

Ignoring requests to clear up the matter does not help.  It is not in the nature of most real Marines to duck and hide when their service is questioned.  Little Louie here should sound off like he has a pair…

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Well would you just lookie heah. Another lying, embellishing POS “Lion of a Senate” in the form of an oxygen and Valor Stealing, worthless, plutocrat, standing on the bodies and in the blood of True Warriors. What other lies has Louis D’Alesandro told? You are one more FIRST Class dirtbag. No surprise that he has a D after his name.

If anyone deserves a full scale deployment of the TAH Hemisphere of Insults it would be this TURD! Deferring to the judgement of Admin and Higher Powers, I will make a motion for the deployment. Hereby request a SECOND , an AYE, and a ruling thereof. Say his name, Louis D’Alesandro, make him even more GOOOGLE Infamous.

There is no shame in joining and being sent home for medical reasons. There is A LOT of shame to be earned in lying/embellishing your (Lack of) Service. Wonder if this “Lion” has driven across many bridges?

Daisy Cutter

He is rumored to have a new book in the works, a sequel to his “Lou D’Allesandro: Lion of the New Hampshire Senate.”

It will be called “Lou D’Allesandro: Lyin’ in the New Hampshire Senate.”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Com’on. He’s just trying to emulate his hero, Teddy Kennedy, the Lyin’ of the Senate.


Those believing phony military retiree Louis Clifford D’Allesandro’s claims could easily ignore your military phonies and valor guardian links, but these photos will be hard to ignore. Take your pick. :mrgreen:

White Letters:

Yellow Letters:

Daisy Cutter

I’m not sure he was even classified as being in the Reserve.

Maybe, maybe not. Just unsure of how he was classified with PLC.

Daisy Cutter

I’m told he is not considered as being in the Reserve – by someone that would know.

The Stranger

Fuck it, he’s a politician so…



Dudes and Dudettes, I’m getting ahead of my catching up here and I’ll try to make this brief… I saw the mention of the HoI in the WoT (OH SO MANY FN ACRONYMS but you fucktards should be used to that by now.) Anyway, the powers that be gave me a heads up to this thread also and here’s my take: 1. Yes, it’s very possible that said Private Dipshit here deserves a deployment and you *KNOW* I’m not talking about a trip to Pubic Bay or Pheket (LOLZ!!!) 2. Dave Hardon (LULZ Spelling) and I had a conversation in the recent past pre-Covid about dropping the HoI around the Foley and Jowers case, and in that instance, because there was “outside” attention, due to a political nature AND investigations of certain behaviors that came to light, I couldn’t understand why pages of the HoI kept disappearing until I got an e-mail from Dave asking me to call so he could explain. 3. In this case, it seems to me ( and a fellow Zoomie here) that saw the references in the WoT and here for the HoI and pointed out that this thread and such could attract attention from a variety of sources, SO, I’ll take the request and the “SEGUNDO FUCKERS!!!” (but I digress) and the assumed “AYE” vote that is practically crowning, like 6 or 7 centimeters and shit, with each contraction (I’m such a wordsmith. just painting a picture out there for ya’all…) and the screams are heard from Mother TAH ( yeah, I kinda like that visual HA!) but, I believe at this time, it’s false labor and it would be premature (HA yeah but not like me, 8 weeks, in 1963) to deploy the HoI at this time. I believe it would be prudent to give this some time to fester or bloom as it were AND, it’s ALWAYS an option to drop the HoI, it’s much more difficult to un-deploy the HoI if it’s disturbing to those who have not experiences life so richly as many of us have…so AS TO the fact… Read more »

Hack Stone

Dan Rather can attest to his service in our Beloved Corps.


Gunga Dan – 111 days

Lyin’ Louie – 43 days (as best I can figure out between the PLC/aborted Basic Training)


Ahh, the vaunted Gunga Dan Line. A goal sought by many POSers, but few achieve.

Green Thumb

John Giduck – 58 days.


Turd !!!!!


I’ll bet he has one hell of a rack after that career.

Hack Stone

He better not lay claim to earning the highly coveted and rarely awarded Precious Metals Recovery Expert Badge.


I would like to his shot record.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

WOW, finally a Monday morning phony at the TAH starting gate although not a phony Seal.


It has been awhile since we’ve had many phoney seals to play with.

I guess a phony Marine will have to do.

Any sockpuppets fothcoming?


His only “active duty” time was 06/24/1963 – 07/19/1963.

I’m sure he saw some hell in that 25 days at Camp LeJeune.

Probably doesn’t want to talk about it though.


Still plenty of time to have gone into Viet of the Nam under JFK
as an “advisor”. My neighbor was there during that period so I will
be sure to ask him about Lyin Lou.
Kennedy could not mention any of that secret stuff and did not write
it down so that part of Lyin Lou’s service was never recorded.
Unfortunately JFK was assasinated shortly thereafter.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

Gee he could have been aboard the LPH 3 in 1964 going over to Seville Spain for the Nato op Steel Pike 1 landing if he stayed in. Our Brink’s Air courier was a Marine SGT Major and served in WW2, Korea and an Advisor over in Vietnam and decided it was enough when his Marine friend was killed by one of the S. Viet soldiers. Rudy was a great guy. Gave me a brand new .45 1911 one time for my Gold cup. He also gave the Airline Pilots cartons of PX smokes and booze so they would delay the flight until we got there if we were running behind. 99% of the time, we took him to La Guardia Airport so he could catch the Boston shuttle. The Boston shuttle also took an ex con to Boston as a tech advisor while they were filming the Brink’s job. He also was planning to rob us when we came to the Airport and was caught by an alert PA Cop who saw him with field glasses and a pad writing things down from a gate over looking the ramp when the shuttle came in.


“Boston shuttle”

Eastern Airlines DC-9’s. Twenty bucks one way between
Boston and Newark. The FT. Dix express.
Two nip maximum.


Basic Training Company Supply Sergeant’s worst nightmare having to look at his face when he came to trade in his piss soaked bed linen every morning for that 25 days. Probably had to have a separate wall locker with his name on it just to keep the items in so they wouldn’t contaminate his normal weekly turn-in./smile


Unless Pvt D explains…
This appears to be 1 “Annual Training” (14-21 days)
with extra time for Private Sick Call
to climb out of the rack,
and get a special ride back home.
As an E-1, mind you.
Being in the weekenders over 4 years at this point.

A Proud Infidel®™️

He must have been what we Army types referred to as a “Sick Call Ranger” that made himself a “PX Ranger”!


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this smells like a classic case of being Sheep-dipped by the CIA.

All the breadcrumbs are there. Plain as day.

A Proud Infidel®™️

You mean as in “My records are classified and can only be released on direct orders from the President…” or any shit like that we’ve seen in the past?

Slow Joe

Yaaayyy. We got a phonie!

Roast his ass as publicly as possible. Let his constituency know the nature of his character.


Private Lou was definitely in the suck.

He had trouble with hospital corners on his rack.


Havent had one of these in a while. I don’t even know how to react.


We are starting to get FOIA requests back. I don’t know how long it will last or if it will keep up.

BUT… there should be another case coming out this week.

AND… it’s a doozy from what I hear!

A Proud Infidel®™️

Bogus Ranger, SF or SEAL?


All three in one. The hat trick.

Daisy Cutter

The Trifecta

Keepin' It Real

An unreliable, unsubstantiated source says that Lou’s response is the following:

“You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you talk about parties; you WANT me on that wall, you NEED me on that wall!”

Green Thumb

Phildo’s dad.

chooee lee

This pantload is a barnacle on the hull of humanity.


Jerk. Lyin’ PoS.

I don’t care how old he is. I don’t care what political party he purports to represent. He had a choice, and he failed to honestly report that he failed at being a Marine. He COULD have just ignored his failure and most people would never have known or cared about it. But, no, this clown decided one day to just pretend to be a Marine when he never was one.

Did he really fail while trying to pass, or did he change his mind and intentionally “struggled” just enough to flunk out? Hmmm? My guess would be the latter, but that is pure speculation. His decision to pretend that he actually retired as a Marine is ridiculous either way.


Platoon Leaders Class (PLC) is an officers commissioning program for college students under the overarching Officer’s Candidate School (OCS). There are several more commissioning programs available under the over arching OCS. PLC should be 10 weeks or more, He clearly didn’t make it through as he was joined to the program in July 59 and dropped in Aug 59. Injury, failure to train, or whatever he was on the hook for a six year enlistment. It would appear he took the $100 a month stipend offered to college students for joining the program. Once you do that, USMC has the hook in you to fill out the six years, either as an Officer or enlisted. While you are in school, USMC will not play hardball about the money. Once you graduate, they will get their pound of flesh. He signed in Mar 59, indicating he probably started college fall of 58. He was joined to MCRRD in 61 since he had not gone back to PLC to finish training. Probably graduated college in 62 and tried to walk away from the commitment. Looks like USMC caught up with him in 63 and sent him to the Lejeune Reserve Liaison Unit for individual combat training. I’m sure USMC got some sweat equity from him for two weeks. Not nearly enough IMHO. Receipt of the honorable discharge was probably his inducement to go to the combat training. He would likely have received an OTH otherwise. I went through PLC(Jr) course in 76 and PLC(Sr) 77. Took the stipend, received all the threats and brow beatings about failure to complete my commitment. I am completely familiar with the PLC program requirements. Later in my career, I was the unhappy recipient of one of these PLC drop outs in my unit who had to fulfill his commitment. In the 80s, USMC decided two weeks of combat training was insufficient recompense and these individuals were enjoined to serve their remaining enlistment on active duty or face collection of the stipend and OTH discharge and back then you really didn’t want an OTH. Probably still don’t… Read more »


I should have said, if you do not take the stipend, you can walk away from the PLC program anytime you like. No obligation.


Like cheese in a mouse trap eh?
Thanks for the explanation.


It looks like that $100.00 stipend was good money since a Buck Private only drew $78.00 a month base pay back in the day.


That $100/month was the same monthly stipend that ROTC recieved on top of tuition and books.

I knew some guys that went the PLC route rather than NROTC. I believe the reason for PLC is that with the eception of The Citadel and VMI NROTC restricts Marines to 10% ad does Annapolis


Don’t knock the $100/month… thanks to ramen and canned tuna, I lived off that in college.


Ditto. I rec’d the hundo a month in Army ROTC cuz I had a two year scholarship. But that gave me a four year AD obligation. But I exceeded that by another 1.5 years.


In the early ’70s I got $180/month for VA benefits. At the time, $180 covered full-time tuition. Nowadays that won’t even cover the Student Activity fees for part-time.

Hack Stone

That $180 won’t even cover a textbook written by Elizabeth Warren for her one class per semester.


There was no $100/month stipend offered when I went through PLC (69-71). And no 6 year commitment, either. You could do two 6-week summers, or one 10-week summer. If you chose not to come back after that first six weeks, or after completing the 10-week course, that was strictly up to you. If you did the two summer route, you got paid as an E-3 the first summer and as an E-5 the second summer. That was all the money you ever saw, and it was yours to keep. If you chose to be commissioned, there was a 3-year active duty commitment (more for airedales). If you turned down a commission after completing the program, you walked away. If you dropped out, or got kicked out, you walked away. No commitment. And even with the 3-year commitment, if you were commissioned and then just turned into a total shitbird and flunked out of The Basic School, you would be discharged for the good of the service and would be draft-proof. Seems the PLC Program has gone through various changes over the years.
All that being said, a completed PLC is not a Marine until you take a commission, or enlist and complete boot camp.
As for the Honorable Discharge certificate: I was Battalion Adjutant for a while. I have a footlocker up in the attic with a stack of blank ones, complete with official stamp. What do you need? Honorable, Dishonorable, Bad Conduct? Just let me know.


I’ll take all three. Really confuse the hell out of my grandkids one day.


Goddamn Chairforcebitch…
I almost…*ALMOST* shot energy drink outta my nose….fuckhead.
I should know better than to read TAH and eat or drink…
“Gimme all 3!!!!”

Well, I’m gonna get in line too cause I never got MY fucking Honorable Discharge certificate…I asked later when I went to the Reserves and they said you have to call and send a letter and all that and they have to do BLAH BLAH BLAH…I said fuck it….

Besides, I have this, one of you fucktards did for me, for which, I am forever grateful…

Hack Stone

Any Preciouses Metals Recovery Expert Badge Certificates (2nd Award) available? Hack Stone wants to ensure that it is properly annotated on his tombstone.

A Proud Infidel®™️



Obviously, this guy never had an up close and personal encounter with PN2 Fenstermacher. Such people are unforgettable.


A phrase I remember from my 24 years of Army service was “High Speed, Low Drag” for describing a quality soldier.

In the case of Senator D’Allesandro, it is High Drag, Low Speed. It is way past time for Senator D’Allesandro, “the Turd”, to circle the drain.


That photo of him in uniform looks like he’s got an EGA on his cover?

Grateful for advice – I’m not a marine, but I though you only got to wear one of those after recruit training. Different for reserves?

Daisy Cutter

Interesting – the collar devices say “PLC” vs a rank.


He may be a “marine” by the simple default of the Corps not severing its relationship with his can’t-pack-the-required-gear ass via a final discharge for six years, but that ain’t sayin’ much. R. Lee Ermey had farts better qualified than this guy.


How can one claim to be a Marine without even competing boot camp? Asking for a friend who is not a Marine.

One the other hand, he has likely been to sea in a row or sail boat at some time in his life so he may have that “marine” experience.


He’s got to not fail (i.e., “complete successfully” or graduate) his initial training of whatever sort to be a Marine by the Marines’ preference, but their giving him an Honorable discharge with “United States Marine Corps” and a legit rank (instead of a General, and probably “coded,” discharge as merely a “recruit”) says otherwise to everybody else.


I think his only nautical experience was
diving for turds in the bowl.


Lou’s days of FBing MJRC through her PPP are OVER!


I wonder if he knows “Da Nang” Dick?


He, Dick, and Gunga Dan could get together and regale each other with their tales of how tough their service was in the Corps. Da Nang Dick could mesmerize them with the hardships of sorting toys. Those teddy bears don’t just sort themselves.

Hack Stone

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a cap gun negligent discharge? Da Nang Dick probably still has flashbacks.


So that is what gave him the PTS of D, and not his imaginary service in the Viet of the Nam.

I didn’t know he was only on AD for 179 days. Thus, he isn’t even a veteran in the eyes of the VA.


Those powder burns will leave a mark.


I’m sure he does. After all, they are all members of the same Bed Wetters Club:

Lyin’ Louie – 25 days AD w/no NDSM
Gunga Dan – 111 days AD w/no NDSM
DaNang Dick – 179 days AD w/no NDSM

The Brotherhood rests easy./smile

Dave Hardin



Oh, and I forgot to include John “Ninja Shovel” Giduck. Dates of service 24 Sep 87 – 20 Nov 87 (58 days) w/no NDSM./s

Mea Culpa

Hack Stone

You’re not a real Marine until they shake you down to make an allotment to Navy Relief. You have no idea how many 1st Lt careers are hanging by a 100% Navy Relief participation claim.


That’s funny right there. Not being the sharpest tool in the shed, I asked my CO as a new 2nd Lt why I had to give if it specifically said it was voluntary. I found out later why it was “voluntary” when in 96 Clinton decided to make paying the military a political move. Navy Relief stepped up to the plate big time to help my young Marines.


US Savings Bonds was our 1st Sgt.’s thing. You couldn’t make it through the pay line (they paid cash in those days) without facing him, and who says “No” to the 1st Sgt.? $18.75 out of a PFC’s pay was a significant chunk. Then there was the annual(?) contribution of $0.10 to the old soldiers home.


[…] This Ain’t Hell: […]


Lou D’Allesandro re-election campaign page open for comments:


Take screenshots of your zings and plops.
Local politicians have a habit of:
1 – Blocking unwanted commenters
2 – Deleting unwanted comments
3 – Ghosting unwanted comments
(pretend blocking, visible to you & your friends,
but invisible to everyone else, and invisible offline)

Before & after screenshots of deletes and ghosts
can look really embarrassing to elected officials,
who really aren’t supposed to be deleting anything
except blatant harassment and illegalities.

Which of course,
political differences and truth about military service, are neither.


And Sen (Dickbreath) here posted a little quip and then passed right on to some COVID related bullshit…fucking gas passer (politician, full of hot air)

” Recently, there have been questions raised about my time spent in the Marine Corps Reserves. To quickly put the matter to bed, I entered the PLC program, suffered a knee injury, and was put in a reserve unit. I was called back in 1962. I then went to advanced combat training and received an honorary discharge from the USMC in 1965. Those who have worked with me over the past 45 years of my public service to the state of New Hampshire would know that I am an open book and if anyone would like to learn more, I am always happy to talk and share stories. That being said, I do not intend to use my time in this column to rail against baseless accusations. ”

Right, no one is questioning this because it’s documented but the “Peter Griffin…sssss OW….sssssss…OH….sssssss Ugh…….sssssssss…..ow…..(my knee)” Oh really.
That’s not the issue, the issue is your portrayal as a long serving, retired, veteran Marine. 25 days in PLC before being mustered out with a Boo Boo, does not make you a Devil Dog, there Sparky.

THAT, my antiquated, wrinkly no balls, sack, is the issue at hand.


New comment on Lou’s new post.

[Honorary discharge as an E-1 Private? After 6 years?
Why no promotion to E-2 Private 1st Class?
This is not exactly a “Retired Marine” story,
and barely a “Marine Veteran” story.]

I saw the comment only minutes old.
Let’s see how long it stays up.
Not holding my breath.


Any USMCR folks from that time frame? It’s impossible not to make at least some rank in the reserves now. Two years as a drilling reservist should at least net you E-3.


Surprisingly, this new comment stayed up for 1 hour,
and generated 1 Angry click.

I wonder how much New Hampshire news runs with this,
considering New Hampshire borders Connecticut,
the home state of renowned US Sen. DICK Blumenthal.


HONORARY Discharge?

Mongo smell stinky bullshit.


That was quick!
Just as predicted.
Question comment with MP link by “Tracy Burns”
and 1 Wow click…
just went POOF.
Try again..
and get your screenshot.


Lou answers the Book of the Face doubters about his service by saying he received an “honorary” discharge from the Marines./s

Hack Stone

According to his campaign Facebook page addressing this matter, posted 41 minutes ago, he received an “honorary discharge”. We all know about honorary certificates, wonder if this guy can read a fuel gauge?

Hack Stone

And that post is no longer on his page.


Hack Stone,
That new post is still there.
It’s getting some comments, too.

[served..discharged honorably…done. He IS a veteran.]

[The reason State. Sen. D is now getting national attention over this,
is due to his historic and intentional use of false and misleading descriptions of his service.
The word “retired” is abused.
The use of “Marine Veteran” is challenged,
because those medically and mentally unfit to continue get that discharge, too, when they are drummed out, often with a disability payment.
But he wears that lapel pin around,
when he can’t hold a candle to the honorable service of my Marine son, NOR my Marine daughter.
Shame on him for the dishonesty.]

[From your neighboring state,
look up CT US Senator Dick Blumenthal,
and see what HE got away with, for many years.]

There may have been others, as some comments previous got the POOF.


No ribbons, no medals, no rifle badge(s), no active duty, no MCRD, no rank, no PLC, no DD-214, no stories, etc. “First to fight for right and freedom and to keep our honor clean; we are proud to claim the title of United States Marine.” This guy is a living a lie.

Andy Kravetz

Feel free to email me or post here but I don’t get how he was in the Marines for six years but isn’t a Marine. I get his assignments but if he was never in the Corps, why does it show years in service? Again, I’m not a veteran, so I don’t know all the ins and outs. Sorry but it is confusing to me. thanks

Andy Kravetz, reporter
Peoria (Ill) Journal Star


Andy, that six years stands for the Universal Military Training Obligation that everybody whoever signed their name on the line got, regardless of whether the time is spent in a Reserves only inactive status or on active duty. Lyin’ Louies entire time was spent as a Reservist with his only attempt at active duty being the 25 days he spent at Boot Camp before washing out.

As a side note, that universal obligation was bumped up to eight years later on and is in effect today.


“bumped up to eight years later on” change occurred effective 1 June 1984.

Otherwise simply known as a Military Service Obligation (MSO)

Andy Kravetz

So, if I were to enlist right now, and didn’t spend a day in uniform, I’d have a FOIA thing like they do above that would show me “in service” for eight years? That seems kinda stupid.



“That seems kinda stupid.”

Yep, but that’s the government for ya./smile

The only way out of that government keeping track of you for eight years is to receive a less than honorable discharge somewhere along the line, then the clock stops.

Mustang Major

I was born on Quantico. Does my two day hospital stay let me claim USMC service if I run for public office?


Naw Man, it was this 4th of July. I had planned on going all Maverick and getting into Naval Aviation, but I got shot. My goose was cooked and I had to put those plans on Ice, Man! (snert)


What is the pin that he wears on his wikipage photo?
Looks like Marine Corps but can’t tell.


Looks like the eagle globe and anchor. Around the perimeter it says “United States….” I can’t make out the rest. Like all POSers, he lies about being a Marine. It is like someone who did a couple of years of ROTC and never commissioned, claiming to be a veteran.

The Stranger

Ah, the Steve Cushman Gambit!

Hack Stone

So who is more of a veteran, Lou D’Allessandro, Jr. or Hunter Biden?


Would be willing to bet that my certificate as an Honorary Disposaleer of the US Navy (signed by a US Marine) is worth much more than his “honorary discharge.”

Then again, that “honorary discharge” thing may be more rare.

Hack Stone

Quite few girls who were honored by Hack Stone’s discharge.


It’s mind boggling to ponder…


Ol’ Louie is making a defense and deleting dissent.

It’s like the boat is taking on water but no pump is better than a scared man with a bucket.


It’s kicking up!!
Some comments still there..
and the heat is ON.

(Visible to everyone. No Booka’ Da Faique necessaro.)


“The fact that the current administration is so negative in their approach to veterans, it’s very disconcerting and very disheartening. It’s very disheartening for me who has served with many people in defense of this country,” said D’Allesandro, a retired member of the U.S. Marine Corps.


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Spring Training HOME RUN on Google Fu
#1 – Military Phonies
#2 – Valor Guardians / This Ain’t Hell

Bring on the Korean Baseball League dugout cheerleaders.


What do you get when you combine
Miami Dolphins and Hooters?


Bonus… Jump to 1:40 to see the happy faces on the
3 American GIs at the ballgame.


For the good citizens of New Hampshire…
A reminder.

Decorations and Awards: “NONE”


Good catch.
Real growing attention on ol’ Lou in NH.
I suspect there will be more.


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Veterans believe colleagues will support Biden

“Throughout the event, speakers such as Sullivan and State Senator Lou D’Allesandro (D-Manchester), himself a retired U.S. Marine, also used statements and actions from President Donald Trump as a contrast to Biden’s actions.”

Keepin' It Real

Who pictured in the below photo took on more sniper fire at the front lines? Lyin’ Lou or Crooked Hillary?

Didn’t Hillary Clinton also claim to have tried to join the Marine Corps?

Lou and Hillary

Hack Stone

According to Hillary Clinton, who never exaggerates or flat out lies, she spoke to a Marine Corps Recruiter one time. She weighed her options, and decided that it would not be prudent for her to forward deploy while leaving Bill back on base with nothing to do except spend some time attending meetings of The Officer’s Wives Club.