Attention Seeking Twit Spooks TV Reporter

| February 27, 2021

Biden’s administration heading toward a totalitarian state? No, really?

Here’s the original article:

And another article:

Here is a link to the Tucker Carlson interview with Wolf:

Wolf is a “feminist” author who writes mostly non-fiction opinion-piece books. Her 2007 publication “The End of America” outlines the 10 steps taken to subvert and destroy a government. Now, think about that: she writes up instructions on how to destroy a government in 2007, and then shows up this month with Tucker Carlson on Fox.

Her 2007 article, published after that book was published, is here. Frankly, it needs to be updated.

There are too many things that have happened since that time period that make a huge difference in whether or not you can take someone like her seriously.  So before anyone goes off the deep end into the shallow end about this public statement from her, let’s look at a few things.

Remember that the lockdowns started with Dr. Fauci advising Trump that lockdowns were the best way to stop the spread of the CV19 bug, which unfortunately has the ability to mutate into new variants at will by grabbing RNA from other corona viruses. And not all corona viruses are harmful to humans.

We have testing and vaccines, and now Johnson & Johnson has come up with a single shot vaxx that appears to be as protective as the two-shot vaxx. The reasons for the shutdowns were backed up by the rapidity with which the CV19 virus was spreading. Now it is tapering off. Some states are lifting lockdowns altogether. (No, I do not have a list.)

And Fauci is now saying that it’s getting near time to end the lockdowns. If 70% to 85% of the population is vaccinated, that will create what he refers to as “herd immunity”.

This information by itself refutes Wolf’s claims that we are heading into a totalitarian state.

I do not think it’s going off the deep end when people who worked in an earlier Democrat admin are suggesting that this administration is heading in the wrong direction. That is an opinion they are entitled to hold. However, none of her opinionizing has happened so far. There are, in fact, states in which CV19 infections have dropped to or near a zero (-0-) rate, and things are back to normal. In states like NY, where Cuomo has made a public nuisance (never mind ass) of himself, things will return to normal whether Cuomo likes it or not.

It’s very easy to surmise that Biden’s admin may become quite lamebrained over the next few months, but a lot of whether or not something so extraordinary as a coup happens will depend on the states themselves. And if, as we learned recently, Ms. Harris was left out of the loop when the order was given to launch that attack on Syria, that means there are already cracks in the Biden admin.

In her breathless interview with Tucker Carlson, Wolf completely ignored that bit of information, a rather glaring flaw that refutes her argument of a potential totalitarian takeover.

Remember that part about “all rights not reserved to the Federal government are reserved to the states”? This means the states don’t really answer to the Federal government, nor can the Federal government overthrow the sovereignty of the states on a whim, no matter what some people in Congress “think” (and I use that term loosely).

Frankly, while one might wish to take Wolf’s feelings seriously, she is, in fact, so overtly dramatic in every way that instead of seeming reasonable with her concerns, she presents herself as being on the edge of panicking.  She also seems to be unaware that we still have free will in this country, whether the current admin likes it or not. That bunch of idiots who swarmed the Capitol in January do NOT represent me. Period.

And there’s that obvious question: how would a coup proceed if the Elder Statesmen of Congress disagree with it? They have continued to disagree on the Covid relief packages on both sides of the political fence and still want the current bill package done over.

Wolf infers that somehow, we’ll all be locked down the way they are in Britain, but we aren’t. Ostensibly, no one in Britain is allowed outside their homes, however, that is being blithely ignored by people outside London, as I have seen people on weekends in Penzance and other towns (live cam is nice!) out and about, and even going into the shallows at the beach in Penzance. They’re still out and about this morning USA time: so much for Boris’s lockdown. Therefore, in fact, Boris’s lockdowns are being ignored and the lockdowns here are easing off and in some places, ending.

And finally, what happens when we’ve all got our CV19 shots and there’s no threat any more and we want to hit the beach or the trails or the distant hills, go back-country hiking, or hike the Appalachian or Pacific trails?  Will we be told ‘no hiking, get back to your car or get arrested’?

Doubtful, from my point of view. Very doubtful. Hasn’t happened around here in my kingdom. People were out all winter in the cold and snow, having a great time. Wolf’s claim is hogwash. When Spring arrives (nearly here already), the free fish people will be Johnny-on-the-spot with their fishing tackle, going after trout and bass and crappies in that popular fishing spot up north of me. I will be out with a camera, and while we may have to wear masks for a while longer, my best guess is that it will be over by Autumn.

The threat of infection is rapidly being reduced by vaccinations and death rates are indeed currently dropping. Vaccinations are widely available and Johnson & Johnson now have a single-shot CV19 vaccine, so who is going to stop me or someone like me from going fishing, or shooting photos of birds and wildflowers, or trail hiking? Who is going to tell people they can’t go boating or swimming or have picnics any more when they are already outdoors with dogs and kids?

Even Fauci is now saying it is time to start easing the lockdowns and going back to normal. We have four or five vaccines available now, including the single shot from Johnson & Johnson, and you can be assured that more will be coming along in the near future.

What Wolf doesn’t seem to understand is that this has to run its course, so let’s not get our undies in a bunch. It is, in my view, very unlikely that Wolf still has access to the WDC rumor mill. She may think she knows more than she’s letting on, also unlikely.  More than anything else, she has seized an opportunity to promote herself on Fox, and her “warning” will be taken by the more radical twits who have nothing to do but whine about how bad it is when they should be grateful to be alive.

In conclusion, I have to disagree with her take on what is going on now and can only envision more ineptitude on the part of the current administration.

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  1. Wireman611 says:

    Relax, the government will come up with COVID 21,22,23 variant to keep the crisis going.

    • KoB says:

      ^THIS^ We are in, what, Day 340 some odd of a 2 week lockdown to lower the curve in achieving that magic “herd immunity”? Personally never thought it was about the Chinesecommunist Originated Virus Infecting Disease of 2019 Control, as much as it was about the control of the people. Kinda like that whole “Common Sense Gun Control”!

      Me thinks that Ms Whinny Sky is falling from the former admin is just pissed cause she is one of the few from past admins that have not reappointed to a position since the coronation of King Sniffy the Oneth. And the “relief bill” that was voted thru the House at 0GOD30 this morning? 9% for supposed relief and 91% porkiness payola for Queen Wannabe SanFranNan and her minions…with the aforementioned 10% for The Big Guy.

      States Rights? Nah, that theory got tested in the 1860s and didn’t end real well for the testors…See Reconstruction, History of. The States only have those Rights that the Feds let them think they have. If nothing else, the state politicians will bow down to slurp at the Federal Trough.

  2. Eric (The OC tanker) says:

    The progressive left as always ‘warned’ about a autocratic totalitarian right wing government. That trop has been tossed around for ever.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      And yet, we’re still here, aren’t we, Eric?

      I expect things to change. Lots of changes have happened since I was in grade school — LOTS of changes. And we’re still here.

  3. I hear that only 9 Percent of the 1 trillion + bill would go to the China virus problem and the rest to unions and others that the demoRats have to pay back.

    • LC says:

      You heard wrong. Nine percent ($160B) goes towards improved testing and vaccine distribution, but the rest doesn’t go to unions or other crazy stuff. Here’s a breakdown by the CRFB:

      • LC says:

        I should add: that link doesn’t readily show nine percent going to vaccine and health stuff, but that’s what various Republicans are claiming, without providing detail.

        Frankly, I tend to think the CRFB is better informed than sitting senators, though.

      • timactual says:

        I am sure that, like all other federal spending, each dollar will be spent on important items critical to the welfare of our nation and directly related to its stated purpose.

        After all, our political leaders wouldn’t mislead us.

        • LC says:

          I’m not naive enough to think that it’s all perfectly efficient spending without a single wasted dollar, … but to suggest nine percent is COVID related and the rest is going to unions and other things that ‘DemoRats’ need to repay is simply wrong. That’s the point.

          • OWB says:

            A possible distinction which just doesn’t matter.

            How much would go to rebuild cities which encouraged folks to burn them down? Some of us object to paying for their self-inflicted wounds.

            And how much did it cost all of us to send resources to NY and they refused to use them? That cost should be deducted from anything NY might get from this.

            No, very little, comparatively, being proposed has anything to do with Covid. It is absurd.

      • 9 percent of the trillion dollar bill is going to the China virus problem and the rest is mostly for pork. Unions Etc. I just read the link.

        • UpNorth says:

          Some of that cash is meant to bail out blue states that have proven, on numerous occasions, that they can f**k up an iron ball. Not to mention, their state budgets.
          I’m curious, is the money still in there for Pakistan to conduct gender studies? Is the money still there for Planned Parenthood?
          Let’s see, $195 Billion for “state governments”. Would that be the aforementioned blue state governments that can’t say no to any feel good program?
          $155 Billion to “local governments, tribes and territories”. Again, those places that demonstrate fiscal responsibility, like NYC, Chiraq, DC, Detroit, LA, San Franshitco, Seattle, Portland

  4. rgr769 says:

    Well I totally agree when she says the American people need to “wake up quickly…because it is a small window in which people can fight back before it is too dangerous to fight back.” The Bidenbots are already crafting legislation and regulations to disarm the populace. Why do you think they want all semi-auto rifles classified like full auto firearms? Next it will be semi-auto pistols. Then all pistols. They want us totally neutered like the English subjects in Englandistan, where the only firearm a private citizen can own is a double barrel shotgun, but with heavy licensing and regulation.

    Someone said, “People can vote their way into a socialist state, but they will have to shoot their way out.”

    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

      They won’t stop there, next they’ll go after Bolt Action Rifles for being “long range rifles” or some other monkeyfuck horseshit. One thing is for sure and it’s that if they’re going after everyone’s firearms, they’re planning on doing things that would get them shot by an armed populace!

  5. AZRobert says:

    You read between the lines and put the puzzle pieces together…Nuke button by committee, swallows well wants to nuke gun owners, N.R.A moves to Texas, etc… Times they are a changing.

    Emperor Bi-Dung of the District of China with the help of the Senate of Satan and the House of Horrors, anything is possible in this Post Republic Era.

    I think it’s time for some Ten Years After and I’d love to change the world….or maybe some Jethro Tull and more reloading…..

  6. Marineguy says:

    I don’t understand the point of the article. Those in power who want to take more power will take it, regardless of whether the virus is on the wane, or people are ignoring the restrictions, etc. Also, who is ignoring what restrictions is irrelevant to government wanting to take more power and become totalitarian— in my state, no one’s been staying inside, everyone’s been “fishing” and “hunting”, at all, since this all started, and that’s completely irrelevant to the topic.
    Furthermore, I don’t consider those who “swarmed the Capitol” to be “idiots”, and they “represent me” a lot more closely than the rich and powerful in Washington (or anywhere else).
    The post seems to be talking out of both sides of its mouth at once, and I just don’t get its gist or point.