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| February 25, 2021

Colt Anaconda

Homeowner kills nighttime invader in Wapello County

OTTUMWA, Iowa — A man was shot and killed Thursday night in rural Wapello County after forcibly entering a home defended by an armed homeowner.

A statement issued Friday morning by the Wapello County Sheriff’s office said their agency received a 911 call about 9:15 p.m. by a caller who “explained that a male subject was attempting to gain entry into their residence, located between Ottumwa and Agency on 97th Avenue.”

Preliminary investigation indicate the intruder “did forcibly enter the home and was shot by the homeowner inside the residence,” the sheriff’s statement said.

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Read the entire article here: The Perry News

Police: 16-year-old alleged burglar shot by victim during attempted vehicle break-in; burglary victim also facing charges

BATON ROUGE – Three 16-year-old juveniles are facing charges of vehicular burglary after a crime spree in a Baton Rouge apartment complex early Wednesday morning. One of the suspects was shot while attempting to break into a car.

Representatives with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office (EBRSO) and the Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD) were among those who responded to the reported shooting at the Armstrong Apartments along Burbank Drive.

Officials with BRPD were initially dispatched to the area around 7:30 a.m., as the incident was originally reported on Jennifer Jean Drive, which is in BRPD’s jurisdiction.

But after their initial investigation into the shooting revealed that the incident also involved a part of Burbank Drive that falls in EBRSO’s jurisdiction, deputies with the sheriff’s office were called to the scene.

According to EBRSO deputies, the incident appeared to be an attempted vehicle burglary that ended when one suspect was shot.

They say the 16-year-old suspect was seen trying to break into a vehicle near Armstrong Apartments, but it’s unclear if he was armed. The owner of the vehicle who saw the teen breaking in attempted to stop the burglary from happening.

“He went up to them, confronted them. He said one of the subjects appeared to have a weapon in his hand,” said Casey Hicks with the Sherriff’s Office.

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Plenty of stupid here: WBRZ

Much law, but little justice.
– Thomas Fuller

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist

Colt Anaconda, a Hand Cannon even the KoB would be proud to own. The only question would be barrel length.

Bravo Zulu to the Iowa homeowner for taking out the trash. Not a lot of detail, but the essentials are there. “Bad guy breaks into home, ends up dead.”


Anybody bother to read to article about the first story?
A lot of stupid indeed!
The comments are hilarious.
The car owner shot the kid, then demanded to know where they stashed the $10,000 cash that was in the car.
So he drove the young criminal to the stash location where he called 911.
The vehicle owner was charged with kidnapping.
No mention if he recovered the money.
While it’s legal to keep $10,000 in your unoccupied car, it’s not legal to to shoot someone over property.
Although I do enjoy thinking about the conversation they must have have between the wounded kid and the car owner.

Hack Stone

All three teenagers have been previously arrested for breaking into cars. Of course, since they are juveniles, those details can’t be released, and when they turn 18, the odometer on their criminal careers will be rest to 0, so they have to rebuild their street cred from scratch.

As to (see what Hack did there?) the truck owner, who keeps $10,000 in cash in their truck in apartment complex parking lot?

RGR 4-78

“As to (see what Hack did there?) the truck owner, who keeps $10,000 in cash in their truck in apartment complex parking lot?”

That crosses the line from “a whole lot” to massive amount of stupid.


“…would be proud to own.” Heh heh You know me so well! I do have a gift receiving celebration coming up. Go ahead…Make my day!

Wonder what calling for the Dust Off to haul the trash in is gonna cost the local taxpayer? Ottumwa, Iowa. Ya think Radar O’Reilly’s Family knows either party?

How long till the civil suit against the shooter of the young urban entrepreneur shows up? The lad was just wanting to collect funds for the Choir Robes. Guessing the truck owner retrieved the stolen $10K. Shows his “intelligence” for leaving that stash of cash in there. Or his lack of trust in the family members in the house.


Always wanted a snake gun collection.
Anaconda at the top of the list.