Whine, Whine, Whine

| February 24, 2021

This gives me the heaves. My response to the “opinion piece” is “Tough bananas, Tootsie.”

I am, and shall be in perpetuity, so fed up with this whiny bitching that I could – oh, never mind. Just read the article. The author does make a few points, but for the most part, it’s a whine about ‘no wimmins, no blax’, and not much else.


She blithely ignores Rear Admiral Alene Duerk, a Navy nurse and the first Navy Flag officer, who visited us gals at Great Mistakes in 1972. She passed away in 2018. RADM Hopper passed in 1992, which is likely why Hopper Hall was named for her.

I get the impression that the amount of real research by this unenlightened individual is based on personal prejudices, not on actuality. Since there are only so many spots or buildings to go around at the Naval Academy and no one important has died lately, I might ask why this “reporter” decided that naming a build after so-and-so for reasons found in history is so offensive that she can’t even do a decent job of research about the Navy or Marines to begin with.

Just ’cause you don’t like real history, that don’t mean you get to change it.

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Like we should care what she feels… why????



A young lady (I use that term loosely) who appears to be from the People’s Republic of Maryland, and was edjumedicated at AU and MIT.
Lovely. (LOL)


You are assuming she is actually educated. Based on her willingness to change history to her liking suggests she is not only not educated, she gives all appearances of being a flaming liberal whose little feelings got hurt.


She looks like the kinda girl that would be instantly offended and attempt to clutch a pearl necklace if one was given to her.
😀 😀 😀


You’re talking about the shiny round aquatic jewelry, correct?

I’ll put myself in timeout.


Drum roll.


Probably has an entirely different use than clutching the necklace, with her hands.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist

You mean “educated” in the same sense that AOC is educated at BC in Economics?


Evidently even a degree from MIT isn’t worth much these days.

“Report for America is a national service program that places journalists into local newsrooms to report on under-covered issues and communities. An initiative of the nonprofit media organization, The GroundTruth Project,…”


I spent some time trying to determine the funding of this “charitable” organization, but I suspect that somewhere, somehow, government funding is involved. The “under-covered” issues and communities I found all seem to be left-wing causes. Surprise!


“Just cause you don’t like real history, that don’t mean you get to change it.” Happening everyday more and more. And been happening for about 50 years now. History is what it is, history. Many people today are trying to interpret history thru the eyes of some one living now, not as how things were then. It doesn’t work that way.

I’m curious as to when these modern day historians will look into the connections to slavery and oppression that the current VICE President has.


Buildings named after long-dead naval heroes, from an era when most IN the military were mostly white and almost 100% male. So she fails to understand how they came to be named after mostly white males?


The Soviets had an old saying – ‘The past is unpredictable’.


Google her. This proggy bint of a purported journo never served in the military. She just graduated from American University in 2015. Prior to this gig she was writing about healthcare and the enviro wacko scene. She knows zero about our military or its history, but she has been fully proglodyzed.

Slow Joe

I tried to read that whining crap, but I still have fever from the second dosis of Moderna which I got yesterday, and I feel like dying.

Fuck this shit. Next time the Army gives me the choice to get anything, the answer is a big fat NO.


Been there, done that, Joe. Life sucked for about 18 hours, side effects left as quickly as they appeared. I’m not sure if the extra toe on my right foot is related to the shot, though.

MI Ranger

I don’t quite understand what Ex-PH2 is whining about. I read the article. I see it as putting forth facts. It states two buildings on Annapolis are currently named after persons who joined the Confederacy…and are currently persona non grata. Therefore they will have to be evaluated by the Commission for the next three years to determine if they are in fact named after the people she identifies and suitable names will be put forth.
She further states facts, like certain buildings are named after blacks, and certain ones after females, and some were named after people slightly before they died, which was an exception to policy. I did not see any whining about not enough buildings named after women, people of color, or people who don’t know what gender they are. I could have missed this, as I sometimes mistake forests for a bunch of trees.

One would hope that the Navy continues to name buildings according to an established standard and considers all who have contributed substantially, not just a flavor of the day. Maybe they should add up all the people who have graduated from the academy, divide that number by the ethnicity, race, or gender they subscribe to and come up with the statistical analysis to show how many buildings should be named for each groups contribution to the graduating class, minus those alumnus that have specifically contributed funds to build a building and have it named after them (like the two identified couples did). They may find that they are pretty close to the current population values based on Old White guys making the 100% majority of the first hundred classes. I did not see that she identified any Hispanic named facilities or Native American ones, but then she also did not provide statistics for the populations of graduating classes since it was founded.