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| February 17, 2021

Joseph Hall being fitted for his final uniform

Joseph Hall is a 96 year old veteran of World War II, where he served in the Navy. According to the article, he enlisted in 1941 (age ~17) and spent three years overseas. Looks as though he rose to petty officer first class and was a gun captain (the man in charge of one of the ship’s guns and gun crew) and served in the Pacific Theater. We’ll forgive his ribbons being slightly out of order, though he did get his Philippine Liberation Medal right side up.

The reason he’s being fitted for his crackerjacks is that he wished to be buried in his uniform upon his passing. The only problem, which far too many of us can sympathize, is that in the decades since his service the darn thing seemed to have shrunk! He contacted a local seamstress who took up the cause, her father having been a Navy vet of the Korean War.

Joseph Hall walked into Causeway Alterations at the beginning of January with a strange request.

The 96-year-old veteran still had his original U.S. Navy uniform that he wore when he enlisted in 1941. He wanted to be buried in it, but it no longer fit.

Could someone there make a new one?

Seamstress Susan Williams heard him while working in the back of the shop. Her father had been in the Navy in Korea, and she remembered what his uniform looked like.

She poked her head out and asked, “Dress blue or white?”

Thus began a monthlong project to fulfill Hall’s dream, a tribute to the men he once served with and still missed.

“We were overseas together over three years before we got back home,” he said. “I feel this makes me more like I’m with them when I pass away. I want to join them again.”

The hardest part was finding the right materials.

Finding the right materials was difficult — the coronavirus pandemic has caused a fabric shortage. So, the Tarpon Springs resident drove to Sarasota twice in her quest for the exact shade of navy, spending about eight hours in the car. While she couldn’t find the original wool and silk, she purchased a near-identical polyester and poly satin.

“I had a heck of a time finding navy blue, the correct U.S. navy blue,” she said. “It’s not an easy navy blue to find.”

She did graciously sew a zipper into the pants to replace the 13 buttons (to represent the original colonies…Tradition!), which as I understand it is one of the least liked parts of that uniform.

Hall lives alone at Mediterranean Manors. His wife of 67 years passed away three years ago, and all of his former crew mates are gone. He turns 97 in March.

“I have nobody to celebrate with. I’m the last,” he said.

But putting on the uniform put a smile on his face.

“It’s making my heart beat,” he said. “It brings back memories of my crew.”

The smile lasted long after he had changed back into blue jeans and a purple plaid button up. It stayed on as Williams walked him to his car and helped him hang his uniform over the backseat. It lasted as she hugged him in the parking lot.

“Don’t be in a hurry to use that,” she told him.

Got dusty in here all of a sudden.

Source; Air Force Times

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Good on her and what a nice thing to do.
I certainly hope he has a long wait to use them and they get dusty all over again.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist

Damned Onion Fairy………
Can somebody catch and sauté that fucker?

As Ms Williams said, don’t be in too much of a hurry to use that uniform.

(slow hand salute……….)


“She did graciously sew a zipper into the pants to replace the 13 buttons (to represent the original colonies…Tradition!), which as I understand it is one of the least liked parts of that uniform.”

Yup. You had to go “through 13 states to take a piss!”

I would think that if someone had contacted the USN, the Navy would have provided him with some cracker jacks. Heck, I’d give him mine. They sure as hell don’t fit me anymore!


All’s well that ends well.


Gah…that last line: “Don’t be in a hurry to use that.”

Bless that lady. She’s doing God’s work.

Follow her advice Mr. Hall: Put them in the closet and just look at them for a few years (decades).


“It is I – LeClerc!”

Sorry, couldn’t help it.


Nope, you got the wrong reference.
Jack Haig as Monsieur Leclerc in “Allo, Allo”. “It is I – Leclerc” was his signature line.


Peace be with you shipmate.
Your loved one is patient and she will wait.
May your time left on earth be long and happy.

Boiling Mad CPO

Got the Gunners Mate Crow on the right arm. Many people do not know that there were right arm rating and a left arm rating.

Seaman branch sailors such as Gunner Mates, Singlemen and Boatswain Mates, Turret Captain, Fire Controlman, Mineman, Torpedoman, and Quatermaster (Navigation not supply) used the right arm, while all others sailors used the left arm.

This changed on 2 Apr 1949. I loved to confuse all the other services besides the USCG, with the USN insignia.


Well, just DAAAAYYUUUUM! Restores a little of our Faith in human beans.

You’d a thunk with all of this rain we’ve had here of late that the dust bunnies would be gone, but…here we are. Maybe the leaking from my eyes is because the unicorn keeps farting. Must be that, my decorative windmill hasn’t quit spinning for nearly a week now.

Thanks and His Blessing upon you, Seamstress Susan Williams, for your going above and beyond the Call of Duty.

Battery Gun Salute for CPO FIRST (ht 2 Chip) Class Gun Captain Joseph Hall.


Question and I might be wrong I had family members in the Navy and Marines I don’t see his Combat action Ribbon does he rate that I thought when it was issued in 1969 it was retroactive from 12/7/1941 to all members of the Sailors and Marines who be eligible.Just wondering because he has the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign medal with what looks like three bronze stars.


I thought that might be the case thanks Mason ashame if he rates it and does not know it be nice to try and see if he does and add on to his ribbon rack.



It’s just been announced that Rush Limbaugh has died.

RIP Happy Warrior!

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I swear, the first Libtard DIldoCrat that comes up to me to gloat is gonna get decked. I may have to continue posting from a jail cell.

Let me know where I can send some bail money.

If you get there first, request a large cell. We’ll all be following along shortly.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist


Steve 1371

It’s gonna take someone special to fill his shoes. Farewell Rush, you did Gods work here on earth.
Ms. Williams you have your heart in the right place!
Gunners Mate Hall, I wish you many more birthdays b4 you get to wear that uniform for eternity.


Gunners Mate Hall has restored my faith in Florida veterans. The phonies sometimes seem to outnumber the trued badasses. BZ to Susan Williams as well, a glass will be raised tonight in honor of these two!


Honor and integrity til the end.
My honor to you and yours.


Well done. Indeed. Very well done, all.