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| February 2, 2021

Who didn’t see this coming? Poetrooper sends.

Flood Of Chinese Aircraft South Of Taiwan Continues Days After Mock Attack Runs On U.S. Carrier


Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense says that eight Chinese aircraft, including fighter jets, maritime patrol, and surveillance types, have flown into the southwestern corner of its Air Defense Identification Zone, or ADIZ, in the last two days. There has been a significant uptick in Chinese military aviation activity in this general area of the northern end of the South China Sea in the past two weeks or so. This includes reported mock attack runs on the U.S. Navy’s Nimitz class aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, which entered the region, along with elements of its carrier strike group, last week.

During the day on Jan. 31, 2021, two People’s Liberation Army (PLA) J-11 fighter jets, Chinese clones of the Russian Su-27 Flanker, along with a pair of domestically-designed J-10s, entered the southwestern end of the ADIZ, according to the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense. A variant of the four-engine turboprop Y-8 configured for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions also flew a separate sortie in the same general region on that day, though the presence of these aircraft in the area is much more common.

Then, overnight, two more J-11s conducted another patrol in this same corner of the ADIZ. Today, Feb. 1, a maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) variant of the Y-8 conducted yet another flight into the area.

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Would it be acceptable for Taiwan to ‘assist’ in the next election, like China & North Korea are reputed to have done?

Asking for a friend.


Ah, but they did. Foxxconn dumped a billion or so in to the economy of Wisconsin to help shore up Trump and Walker with a non-functioning factory. Also to bribe off the tariffs.


Walker has been out of office since 2019, and if Foxconn dumped a billion into that small plant, I’d eat it. Even their CEO has changed since then.


The billions you are referring to were tax subsidies contingent upon them meeting certain benchmarks.

They didn’t meet those bench marks.

Nice way to obfuscate commissar er… I mean 5JC.


They never got their subsidies because they didn’t spend enough and hire enough people, that dosen’t mean they didn’t spend a lot of money. They claimed in 2019 that they had invested 750 Million to that year. I never wrote “billions”, merely a “billion or so”, a little give and take.

David, you must be talking about a different factory. At 1 million square feet it is in the top 50 list of largest factories in the US. President Trump claimed it would be the 8th Wonder of the World.

They still got the tariffs done away with the day after the photo op at the factory. You don’t suppose that once they lost incentives to build the giant building they slow rolled doing it? Nah.


In Foxconn’s world a million square feet is nice but not huge. Try visiting their complex at Longhua…70+ acres and has had at times over 500,000 employees. Half a million…


By Asian standards most US factories are small.


The question is no longer IF, it is WHEN. China has wanted control of “her breakaway province” since 1949.

Quantity has a quality of its own and China has stolen enough technology from us that they know exactly how the systems we sold the ROCs work AND how ours work.

Who wants to make book that Sniff’s Chinese Communists handlers have already told him to butt out?

AW1 Rod

Since the Senile Socialist Sundowner takes his marching orders from Xi Jinping, nothing will come of this.


I’ll bet the folks in Taiwan don’t agree with your assessment. They’re probably thinking that they are well and truly screwed…


The Taiwanese have known their whole lives they are living on the edge of a knife. Those around for Clinton might remember when he almost got them wiped back in the 90s by running his mouth. They ended up having to send most of the 7th Fleet over there to get things calmed down.

But right now China is all modernized and might be betting that what they perceive as a doddering old man and fille de joie won’t make much fight for them.


Especially when the doddering old man’s family is on their pad…

AW1 Rod

Sorry. I meant that nothing in the way of U.S. intervention will come of this.


World powers always want to test the new “Big Guy” in the White House. With Biden’s history, in particular with regard to appeasement of both Iran and Russia, I wouldn’t be surprised if China’s looking to reclaim their territory.

As I recall, we are treaty-obligated to defend Taiwan if they’re attacked by China, but if a Chinese blitz destroys the island, then we might not have anything left to defend.


In another stroke of foreign policy genius Carter killed the treaty with Taiwan. He then signed the Taiwan Relations Act that killed off our relationship with China that Nixon had started.

The Taiwan Relations Act does not guarantee the USA will intervene militarily if the PRC attacks or invades Taiwan nor does it relinquish it, as its primary purpose is to ensure the US’s Taiwan policy will not be changed unilaterally by the president and ensure any decision to defend Taiwan will be made with the consent of Congress. The act states that “the United States will make available to Taiwan such defense articles and defense services in such quantity as may be necessary to enable Taiwan to maintain a sufficient self-defense capabilities”.


So if China invades we need Congress to move quickly to authorize military intervention?

Glad I didn’t buy any property in Taiwan.


Yeah, pretty much smoking ruins.


Just tell them that it’s article of impeachment for Trump and they will move at lightning speed.


I believe it was Spock who said “Only Nixon can go to China.”

Now, he might say, “Only Biden can screw up US & China relations.”


Taking bets on how long in to “Lunch Bucket” Joe’s term we are before China commits a USS Panay type “incident”