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| January 30, 2021

USS Donald Cook and a Navy P-8A Poseidon surveillance aircraft

The US Navy currently has three warships operating in the Black Sea, a region Russia considers its back yard.

USS Porter, a guided-missile destroyer, entered the waters on Thursday, joining two US ships that were already there. USS Donald Cook, another guided-missile destroyer, and the oiler USNS Laramie transited into the Black Sea on earlier.

Russia deployed a Bastion mobile coastal defense system in response.

Two US Destroyers Enter Black Sea; Russia Responds

The deployment of the two US Navy ships, along with a refueling ship, is the largest American presence in the waterway in three years.

WASHINGTON: For the first time in three years the Navy has sent three ships – including two destroyers – into the Black Sea, just days after President Biden confronted Vladimir Putin about Russian policy.

The move is sure to be read by Moscow as a statement of intent as the United States looks to confront Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine, attempts to assassinate political rivals and reformers at home, and continuing acts of violence against Russians in NATO countries, as well as the persistent threats Vladimir Putin’s regime has made against NATO countries.

The USS Porter entered the Black Sea this morning, less than a week after USS Donald Cook and the replenishment oiler USNS Laramie entered the waterway to start running through a series of exercises with NATO allies. Russia reacted promptly, moving a Bastion missile defense system into position in Crimea and making a show by running virtual drills, according to Russian state media.

The two guided missile destroyers are conducting command and control and maritime multi-domain operations with US P-8 surveillance aircraft and NATO AWACS planes, Navy officials say.

Dragging our coattails in Ivan’s back yard, warms this Cold War Warrior’s heart. Read the entire article here: Breaking Defense

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  1. KoB says:

    Sniff’s Chinese Communist handlers are telling him to poke the Bear and not pay any attention to what the Tiger is doing.

    And Sniff will blame Trump!

  2. 5JC says:

    You think the Ukrainians will get all riled up and think the US has their back? Then Uncle Joe can sell them down river just like Obama did with the Georgians? I don’t think they are that dumb but you never know.

  3. 26Limabeans says:

    Lots of international air traffic over the Black Sea.
    It should remain so. No brainer diplomacy for Biden.
    He will give up Taiwan though.

  4. Berliner says:

    Moscow is probably worried for Putin’s 1.35 billion dollar mansion on the Black Sea coast east of Gelendzhik.

    I found it on google maps before watching the video.

    Google Maps Link

    • UpNorth says:

      Vlad says it isn’t his, it belongs to, a. A Russian business man or, b. Vlad’s former judo partner. The Russkies must pay judo partners an exorbitant salary, the value of the “hotel” is estimated at $1.35 Billion.

  5. Mustang Major says:

    Recall that the Russians invaded the Ukraine and took over Crimea under Obama’s and Biden’s watch. I doubt if the Russians are shaking in their boots.