Keyboard Warriors – Let the Purge Begin

| January 28, 2021

Well, the ink has not dried on the new Executive Orders and some are already calling for people to be outed from their jobs.

The Independent reports that an Army Chaplain is now being investigated for his remarks about transgender troops.

Army chaplain under investigation after calling transgender soldiers ‘mentally unfit’

An Army chaplain is being investigated for suggesting that transgender soldiers are “mentally unfit” and “unqualified to serve”.

Major Andrew Calvert made the comments on the Army Times Facebook page on Monday, in reaction to new Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin’s support for lifting the transgender military ban, according to Advocate.

Later in the day, President Joe Biden signed an executive order reversing the directive that was imposed by former President Donald Trump in 2019.

In his comments, Mr Calvert, who is a chaplain with the 3rd Security Force Assistance Brigade in Fort Hood, Texas, called the decision “a waste of military resources and funding!”

There was the expected call for his job to be brought into question, one coming from the Twitter-sphere.

The military does have Wellness counselors, so I don’t think people are forced to see a Chaplain for identity issues or other problems.  For that matter, I’m confident that a Chaplain can recuse himself for certain issues that conflict with his/her faith or denomination.

That said, military members publicly speaking out on political issues are bound to draw unwanted attention.

People are starting to realize that a few posts on Twitter do not represent the mainstream.  They are just a segment of society that likes to comment on everything.  It’s kind of like a movie critic – what qualifies one to become a movie critic?  Why is their opinion rated above others?  If what they say speaks to you, they may get a following based on grass roots influence, but nobody gets that credibility right out of the gate.

Even comedians are coming under fire.  Several won’t even perform at universities anymore due to the hostilities.

Some are pushing back.  If you haven’t listened to Bill Burr’s take on “groups” you are in for a treat.


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Another major reason I don’t air my grievances on social media. I use the book of face, but its not my real name and my profile pic is off Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes.

My wife gets into the huge ass arguments online and Im just like, “Why? Do you feel better now?”


Arguing on the Internet is like participating in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still intellectually challenged. ;o)




Well personally I have had four (4) YouTube accounts deleted in two months for joking about Bernie Sanders LiL flipper arms that he cant raise over his head.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat it again…. I don’t care how anyone wants to live their life, none of my business as long as their choices don’t impact my person or my property. However here’s a simple test to ask what makes sense and what doesn’t… If I start showing up at work in Red Suit and tell everyone to call me Santa, I’m getting a 14 day psych hold at a local facility for those suspected of having some serious mental issues… However if I show up in a dress and insist that you call me Janet you have to let me take a piss in the ladies room and use the proper pronouns or I get to profit from your insensitivity to my professed “gender identity”… If your condition requires daily medications how is that not a dis-qualifier? We don’t let people with diabetes or dead thyroid glands enlist and go through basic how is a daily dose of estrogen to shrink your balls into a concave version of what should be a convex body part also not problematic? Like I said, I really don’t care if someone shows up at work in a dress and asks to be called a female name and use the single person restrooms we have here at the shop as long as they do their job that I pay them to do…but military service is not a guaranteed right for anyone. We all had to pass a physical exam and… Read more »

Daisy Cutter

I once saw an episode of “Daniel Boone” (Fess Parker) where his sidekick Ess (Victor French) said:

“There are only two kinds of crazy. One where you strip down naked, crawl up on a rock and howl at the moon.

(spits on ground)

The other is when you do it in my backyard.”


This guy NAILED it!

Video is 15 minutes in length, but well worth the watch.

Enjoy. We Did!

Daisy Cutter

Good one. That guy splits my side.


I still believe that 90% of the problems on the internet could be solved by allowing ONE internet ID consisting of the real name. Want to post something shitty about someone? Your real name is right there. Want to lie, cheat, pretend to be a horny 13 year old? Being named Horace Blumfontainski is gonna make it hard to hide. One of the few things I see as worthwhile bout him is that Lars at least had the guts to use his real name… Wonder if the level of discourse here would be more civil if instead of aliases everyone’s real names were attached to their posts? Just me $.02 worth.

The Dead Man

Nah. I could write out a long diatribe about human nature and the fanaticism shown. Or I could just point out the Twitter Hate Mob is run by blue checkmarks who can already destroy your life without making it easier by enforcing names.

The bigger issue is the circle jerk that happens. Twitter and it’s hard, far left radicals. Reddit and it’s authoritarian love for China (funniest way to get banned damn near everywhere) and tankies. There’s arguments to be made from some that this place hits that same problem. Bare minimum at least there’s a few outliers and one resident propagandist showing where their current goalpost is. Hell, the only frequent user ban I’ve seen was the propagandist in question being a piece of shit so at least this place is open ot the discussion even if it results in a dog pile.


I’m not very social and damn the media. Never twitted and don’t fake book. I hang out here ’cause I adore you deplorables. Trained myself to scroll past the obvious idiots and quit feeding the trolls.

No clue as to how we undo what the internal domestic enemies of our Republic have done. I’ve done what I can to blend into the weeds. I could use a little more re-enforcing of the North Wall.


[…] We are told by our rulers that the corrupt and demented mediocrity Joe Biden is the most popular president ever. YouTube statistics tell a different story, so they are altered.Moonbattery Well, the ink has not dried on the new Executive Orders and some are already calling for people to be outed from their jobs. The Independent reports that an Army Chaplain is now being investigated for his remarks about transgender troops.This Ain't Hell […]