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| January 11, 2021

In case you haven’t heard about it, there is news on Biden and his prospective stimulus package, which came up this past week.

From the article: “net amounts of money right now.”

Biden said he would lay out the package in more detail next week. It would build on some $4 trillion in economic assistance Congress has already devoted to battling the devastating pandemic, including a $900 billion package President Donald Trump signed into law last month.

Discussions were getting underway in earnest with Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill, with Biden aiming to move the package to a vote as quickly as possible.

But in an early sign of the challenges Biden may face in getting his agenda through Congress, even with both chambers controlled by Democrats, Sen. Joe Manchin III, D-W.Va., expressed skepticism Friday about the benefits of a new round of stimulus checks. – article

So there you have it, folks: somehow, Trumps’ more modest package of $1.9 trillion, which was affordable at the $600 stimulus check level and included extending the federal unemployment coverage, among other things, was just not enough even though Pres. Trump did want to raise enough for the second stimulus payout to those in need by bringing it to $2,000. Nancy P., she of the gavel-clutching grin, even said she’d sign off on it. Unfortunately, it never got past the discussion stage.

But now someone who knows how to manage financial assets is gone, and we have Spendy Joe, who has no idea where this money will come from, with a package that is some trillions in costs. The total to date on public support since last April has come to +/- $4 trillions.

Biden says his new proposed package will cost trillions more, with no acknowledgement that the current recession is not going to generate taxes sufficient to provide this funding, it’s legitimate to ask: who will pay for it? There is no reference re: the source of this cash, which indicates that the proposal is made by someone who is a financial incompetent, with no idea how a budget really works. Biden has said in plain English “it will cost trillions”.

Okay, Joe, show us the money.

In addition, Joe Manchin (D-WV) has now stuck his oar into it, indicating clearly that it is excessively high and we simply do not have that kind of ready reserve cash. He is not alone: not all Democrats are financial idiots. I’m rather hoping that Schumer will speak up on this subject matter, too.

I know that there are plenty of people who truly do need the ready cash, but all of these people who are proposing cash dispensations (and that includes Trump) have not been looking any further ahead than the next two months.

It doesn’t matter where the money comes from, but if you are working, count on your federal taxes going up considerably to help pay for this plan. This recession, as I have said before, will last until mid-2024, and that is the forecast of two financial analysts who know and understand how economics work. If it’s bad here, it’s worse in the UK, because Boris has been asking for a new law banning the use of all carbon-based fuels (wood, coal, gas, etc.) and insisting on sending everyone to wind-generated systems. He does not indicate how that plan is going to be financed or who is going to pay for revamping homes to use electric heating systems at large.  China is also having a “rough” time, because even though they’ve done a lot of land grabs here and there, sales of their products are down.

In this case, all Joey knows about is “spend, spend, spend”, and thinks that everyone will like him in return.

Hmmm… I wonder if this means reducing military pensions somewhat to pay the po’ folks instead. The money for this has to come from some place, folks.  I’m not looking at cutting corners: that is not a solution. I’m looking at the efficient use of funds available whether or not it leaves room for unspent funds, which is how ordinary people do things. Will the military budget be cut back? That’s happened before more than once, to the detriment of the military overall. So back to the question: where are the real cuts going to come from? And how much will taxes be raised to pay for this trip?

Naw…. They wouldn’t do that…. would they?

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E4 Mafia '83-'87

The look on these China Joe voters faces when taxes go up and up and up will be priceless. Just imagine when AOC & Bernie want to spend $50 Trillion, and they can even understand how a $500 credit purchase is paid.


Sad part of all that E4 is the people that “voted” for the career grifting politician “Sniff” and his cohort “Blow” won’t be paying the taxes. A lot of them don’t work and pay taxes now and the rest of them are dead…or actually voted for Trump. It matters not who votes, what matters is who counts the votes. Those of us who have a job where our tax money is confiscated before we get our share or are drawing on our earned SS and or pension/401K payouts will be the ones paying this bill. The intent of the New World Order is to have the elite rulers and the starving peasants. You can bet that the Military Budgets will be cut to the bone so much that the Chinese, Russians, or hell, even the Mexican Army could waltz right in and take over this Country. That is if they wait until all the firearms are confiscated.

And how much of this bill will be packed with more foreign give aways of American Tax dollars?

Trump was never their target, we were. He was just in the way.

Biden is the puppet, someone else is pulling the strings.

AW1 Rod

The Senile Socialist Sundowner gets his marching orders from Xi Jinping. Or, perhaps George Soros.

A Proud Infidel®™

It simply depends on who is funneling money their way at the time they ask for a “favor”.


Bidens favorite smartass comeback..”that’s what Xi said”

Mustang Major

Nailed it, KoB




So, unemployment is at 6.7% with employers begging for people to work, the stock market is at record high having grown 50% in the last 4 years, interest rates are essentially zero and….

we need more stim for what again?


we need more stim for what again?

Because it’s the legal way to buy votes from stupid “low information” voters.


How could we forget:

Roger in Republic

I am forced to agree with her last statement. Romney sucks!


Which is why we only get $600 and the rest of the $1,000,000,000+ is being funneled through middlemen who get a taste and credit for their generosity.


For what? Why, to buy votes for the dems, of course. Didn’t Pedo Joe promise those who voted for Assoff and Warnock that he’d pay them $2000? I think that included anyone who voted for them, even if they didn’t really live in Georgia. Like the woman I saw on the news who gushed that she just had to fly “home” to Georgia to vote, even though she lived in Virginia.
Now it’s free money for all!!

USMC Steve

This time next year it will all be waaaay shittier than it is now. That is a certainty. Just like the majority of the 8 years of the inbred Kenyan.


Four years of leftist rule, and the press will need to learn to spell “quadrillion dollar debt” .



Slow Joe

Off topic.

Why so many dentists don’t take Tricare Prime?


Off topic answer: As an active duty service member, you are required to seek any dental services at your local on base military dental facility, and not trying to use the TRICARE Dental Program at a civilian establishment.

Got it?

Slow Joe

It was for my 6 year old.

Dependents have to go off post for dental care here in Fort Carson, CO.


Okay, Gotcha. Just looked it up and there are 405 dentists within 25 miles of Zip Code 80913 that are affiliated with the United Concordia/Tricare Family Dental Program (if properly enrolled).

Good Luck.


I can actually answer this because I was there.

Back in 1998 the medical community in the Springs became incensed with Tricare and literally hundreds of doctors and dentists in the area dropped them all at once.

Their grievances best as I can recall were:
– Slow payments
– A screwed up referral system that would sometimes pay and sometimes not.
– Non payments

It was horrible at the time. My wife was pregnant and couldn’t pre-natal care. The post hospital was quickly overwhelmed. Eventually, some time after we left in 2000 the doctors worked out a deal but the dentists never came back (I think it was under different name insurer back then for dental).


Don’t know. Why do so many not take medicare?


CoW-MaA-LA has her Book of Mao (aka Lil Red BooK) ready to swear in on.


“Stimulus package”

Delivery for Hunter from Columbia?


Hunter is incensed, the Navy keeps intercepting submarines that are bringing genuine Columbian exports, including tea, coffee and assorted “spices” that he’s ordered. He’s counting on Pedo Joe to help him out with his import business soon.


So, TV show?

“Inhale’s Navy”


The media is trying clean up Hunter’s image, he is being called a “struggling artist”. I am waiting to see if he show’s up for the funeral march.


I seem to recall reading Hunter received a “stimulus package” before. This was at a strip club where one of the ladies was dispatched to a porn shop for a “sex toy” to use on Hunter. No word on whether he was conscious or involved in the decision.


How much of that money will stay here in the states and not go fund some sort of pork project in a far off country?


Depends on the going kickback rate. Is 10% still customary?


I think that the “big guy” will want 20%… you know, based on principle.

USMC Steve

Just like this last abortion, less than one third will benefit us. The rest will go to bribes and influence peddling to countries hostile to the US.


At this point in time nobody can say what the future holds for this administration for the next six months let alone four years.
One thing certain, it will not be boring.
I just hope that the real aim of fukbook and the rest of the tech SA are just dying to crush anyone that ever even supported Trump in the least and see to it that they never work, borrow money or use the interwebz ever again….
You gotta remember that these pukes want us all dead, and I don’t mean that in a general sense of the word, I mean dead.
The local puke larsie-bunboi would gladly stand in command of a firing squad with most of us lined up on the side of it so we can fall into the pit and that diksuckfuckbunny doesn’t have to get his hands dirty.
I mean it, they want us dead….

Forest Bondurant

Dems need to slow their roll.

First, they need to impeach President Trump…

Then they can pass the stimulus package…then raise taxes to pay for it.

After that, they can press forward – raise taxes again to pay for all their leftist programs, then focus on destroying and economy, the Constitution, rule of law and eventually the rest of the country.

//sarc off//


The great part is that Biden wants the stimulus and the Squad wants impeachment, but they are both full time projects. Guess we are about to see who wears the pants in the Democrat Party.


Seems like impeachment is Pelosi’s priority too. The stimulus will ostensibly help Americans while another impeachment will further divide the country. No guesses as to which way I expect her to go.

It’ll be interesting to see just how quickly they move on “immigration reform” now that they have both houses and the White House. I predict it’ll get pushed back, with the stonewalling blamed on Republicans, until the midterms. Then again until 2024. Wash and repeat as necessary.

Forest Bondurant

Good point about immigration reform.

It’s unlikely they’ll address the topic in the next 4 years. Chances are, they’ll go the opposite direction and do what is necessary to open the borders more…in order to plus up their voting base for the 2024 election.

Heaven knows they’ll never enforce current immigration laws.


Great pic to start off the thread Ex! We’ve got a 15 y/o non-verbal autistic kid who wanders way from home and shows up at our station on a regular basis that usually has that exact look on his face…


A couple points:

Its not just if you’re working that your taxes are going up. If you’re retired and have a pension and maybe some investment income, get your checkbook out.

Manchin talks a good game (usually at election time), but he will do whatever Shumer tells him to do. Sure, he may vote with the republicans occasionally, but only when his vote will not make the difference and Shumer gives him permission, so he can look a little more reasonable to the voters in West Virginia.


Donks blame Repubs for Covid infections in Congress. They forgot that Pelosi brought in Covid-positive folks to vote for her speakership.

Ooooooops. They were supposed to have memory-holed that bit.

Did Pelosi just Cuomo-casualty Congress? Many of them are quite elderly.

And the Donk complainer who blames unmasked Repubs is on camera unmasked. Oops.

How long before anyone they dislike has to wear a colorful shape pinned to their shirt, so we know who to blame for the consequences of Donk actions?