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| January 12, 2021

Mauser C96

Robbery suspect shot, killed by man in self-defense, Durham police say

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) — A robbery suspect was shot and killed by a man in self-defense on Saturday night in Durham

The fatal shooting happened along the 3600 block of N. Duke Street around 6 p.m.

Authorities have not identified either individual involved in the case.

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Read the entire article here: ABC 11

Suspect killed by employee during smoke shop robbery in Barstow
Unidentified man shot multiple times by store employee

Matthew Cabe
A shooting at a smoke shop in Barstow this week left a robbery suspect dead after Barstow Police officials said he pointed a handgun at a store employee and demanded money and property.

The shooting occurred Wednesday afternoon at the So Cal Smoke Shop located at 1251 East Main Street. There, detectives learned through an investigation that the employee retrieved a handgun and shot the unidentified man as he was robbing the business, according to a Barstow Police statement.

The detectives interviewed multiple witnesses, reviewed surveillance video and processed the scene as part of the investigation, the statement said.

Officers were dispatched to So Cal Smoke Shop at about 2:37 p.m. Wednesday after receiving a report of a person shot during a robbery. At the scene, they found the alleged robber unresponsive, not breathing and suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

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Read the entire article here: Daily Press

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Good shootin’, Carol and Cali.
You both are a GO at this station, no further range time needed.

MI Ranger

Why does that Barstow story read like the reporter was a regular at the establishment?

Was never fond of Barstow…always locked the doors and rolled the windows up (even on the convertible) on my way to work!


NTC? We had to drive all the way to Victorville to see a decent movie. That was a 120 mile round trip! NTC > Barstool > Victorville and return.


Two more parasites on Society are no longer stealing our oxygen…or anything else. Oh Happy Days.

“…unresponsive, not breathing, and suffering…” Heh heh I do believe he was past suffering by that time. His suffering now is due to his worthless soul burning in Hell. And yes, I have ZERO (0) phuques to give for his alleged suffering.

Giving a little equal time for the fugly gun pr0n I see. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Fugly gunz, like fugly people, needs lub too. Difference is, with fugly people, beauty is only a light switch…or a paper bag, away. And the Mauser 98, unlike that “Abomination from God” of yesterday, DOES work and will “sweep them off their feet.” Heh heh 😛


Given that the Mauser 98 is a rifle (easily one of the top 5 military rifles of all time along with the AR, AK, M1) that’s a funny typo.





You’re pathetic, Lars.




I like that tingly feeling in my little man parts when I see stuff like this….


I’m hoping to see “disgraced civil affairs major trips over own hypocrisy, breaks neck”.