Washington Post highlights the real heroes of 6 Jan in DC; Democrat politicians.

| January 8, 2021

The Washington Post takes a fresh look at the issues in DC this week. Democrat veteran politicians apparently took over when the police failed to protect and lead our nation’s leaders. The real heroes of the day apparently hid and removed identifying marks. Looks like Chinese intelligence source Rep Swalwell (D-CA) also scores some points from the Post.

The biggest takeaway for me is that Congressmen have gas masks stowed under their seats like flotation devices on airplanes. Seems odd that the Capitol security apparatus had enough forethought to do that, but didn’t to have the place adequately staffed and hardened to repel a mob.

On Wednesday, after chemical irritants were fired in the Capitol to repel a pro-Trump mob, Rep. Ruben Gallego thought of the moment years ago when he entered a Marine Corps gas chamber.

The training was suddenly relevant for the Iraq veteran and Arizona Democrat after an announcement blared to don gas masks stored under the seats. Gallego looked over the panicked faces of fellow lawmakers and explained to them some of the most potent lessons from boot camp. Trust your mask. Take measured, shallow breaths. Don’t panic.

Police barricaded doors and pointed pistols at infiltrators through broken windows. Gallego removed his jacket. “I thought I’d have to fight my way out,” he told The Washington Post in an interview.

Gallego was among a handful of veterans-turned-lawmakers who reverted to military training after a mob smashed windows, broke down doors and rushed past federal police in an attack. One woman was shot and killed by police inside the Capitol.

Inside the assault on the Capitol: Evacuating the Senate

Rep. Jason Crow (D-Colo.), a former Army Ranger who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, also soothed colleagues on the balcony and compared the moment to flashes of combat. He told them to remove pins identifying them as lawmakers and wielded his sole weapon — a pen, he told CNN.

“I haven’t felt that way in over 15 years since I was a Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Crow said.

Gallego said that with the House floor in chaos and police focused on sealing the doors, few were left to take charge.

So Gallego, whose mind flipped to a “Marine Corps brain,” became Cpl. Gallego. He stood on a chair and barked instructions to move toward exits. Crow made similar efforts up in the balcony, he said, and photos show him comforting Rep. Susan Wild (D-Pa.).

Colleagues, some elderly and frightened, needed help with their masks. Gallego didn’t don his, he said, but he helped others by relaying long-dormant tips, such as breathe slowly to avoid hyperventilating. He took in surreal moments, like a chaplain offering to pray in a time of action.

About 15 minutes passed before lawmakers and staff were ushered off the floor and into secure locations. Gallego said he and Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) were the last ones to leave after ensuring that everyone else had been evacuated.

Gallego was still amped up from the event hours later.

“I have that combat adrenaline rush going through me right now,” he said as midnight neared Wednesday.

But Gallego and Crow were not the only veterans in the Capitol that day.

Ashli Babbitt, who served in Iraq with the Air Force, was shown in videos trying to climb through a broken window inside. She was shot and later died of her wounds, police said.

Thanks to Jeff LPH 3 for sending in the story tip.

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Jeff LPH 3, 63-66



So, “protests should make people uncomfortable” , but only -some- people, correct? And not the political elite on the Left? Got it.


Commie-tsar in 3…2…1…

Oh and WashPo is Shit, I mean really shit.

Oh and speaking of shit, I just got banned from Facebook for 30 days (again) for calling someone “Bitch” (Bullying or harassment, REALLY!?!?)
I said “OK BItch, this is *NOT* supposed to be funny, BUT, I did it. I fucking larfed!!!”

And I got the banhammer.

Book of Fuckingshitzuckerfucker is shit. I mean it’s *really* shit now and by the time I get bak in 30 days, well, you know what’s gonna happen to them fuckers.

THEY’RE going to be in fucking JAIL!!

(I hope)

See ya on the WOT and around!!


“…takes a fresh look…” “…failed to lead and protect nation’s leaders.” Bovine bagels is the only fresh thing that WaPo ever looks at…or brings up. And we do NOT have any “leaders” as Kongress Klown Kritters go, in the grand scheme of things. Swallows Well is a domestic enemy of our Republic, “The Gentlemen” from Arizona and Colorado, well I don’t know anything about them. And as we have seen, being a Veteran doesn’t mean you can’t be a sh^tbird too. And how much of all of this is nothing be grand standing anyhow? IMO, what we are seeing lately is the culmination of not just years, but DECADES of insidious plans to destroy the Republic from within, aided and abetted by said domestic enemies, of which the press is leading the charge. The politicians are concerned with only holding onto their power, and the people be damned. They are using the naive “free sh^t” parasites to keep getting re-elected on the one hand, and the fear of the same on the other. There is NO difference between the “Ruling” parties, they have proven that elections can be stolen and the sheeple of this country can be lead around by their mask and the promise of a measly $2K “stimulus” payment. BFD! How much of a raise did they give themselves? The very “leaders” who were encouraging Trump supporters to let their voices be heard, were not to be found when they showed up to be heard. The march to really question the election results fell by the wayside with the distraction of a perceived threat to their power and persons. You will never convince me that the National and GA State elections were not stolen by the demonrat political machine, again, aided and abetted by the RINOs. I was up late the night of the voting on both days, and again, the repubs were leading up until the near 85% of the vote was reported. Then all of a sudden, the dims started counting the mail in ballots from Fulton County. Does not anyone think it odd that the… Read more »


No, you’re right. RINOs are cowards and Democrats cheat.


Most politicians in this nation fall into two categories, corrupt and cowardly, and most qualify for both.


” the police failed to protect and lead our nation’s leaders.”

According to all the campaign speeches and literature that place was chock full of “leaders”. I remember the phrase “Who shall watch the watchmen?” (also appropriate for these folks), now we can add “Who shall lead the leaders?”.


Where was Blumenthal?


Dickie was unable to respond due to flashbacks and PTS of the D. Toy drives are hell. The horror…


Hey, a lot of those toys are dangerous! Just ask the CPSC(?) Consumer Products Safety Commission?. Hell, I can’t keep up.


Thank God I remember what to do after the first round hits…

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Hmmm, no mention of Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Tx) a form LCD. and Navy SEAL. No, no bias by the WashCompost. Swallow-well was probably on the phone to Fang Fang and his CCP handlers to make sure he was destroying bank notes & wire transfer receipts.


Even comrade Sanders said the protests should have been shot.

AW1 Rod

Yes, but first let’s let our vaunted Federal Bureau of Intimidation look up everyone on their new “MAGA Most Wanted” list. Only after the FBI has done all it can to ensure that NO ONE ever again rises up against our governing Betters should the Imperial Federal Government resort to executions.


Awfully fast for folk who took a knee with BLM and took forever the get after Leftists attacking federal building all last year.


Got a source for that? I haven’t seen it.


“Gallego didn’t don his (gas mask), he said, but he helped others by relaying long-dormant tips, such as breathe slowly to avoid hyperventilating.”

Not taking anything away from them having served, but correct me if I’m wrong, in all of my NBC training, it was drummed into our heads to put on your own mask first & clear it before helping others.

This is the protective mask they have stowed under seats? Seems to be a glorified Zip-Lock bag.

comment image&w=691

West Point 1987

They’re actually “escape hoods”, not pro-masks…designed to give you about a minute of protection against smoke inhalation so you can dash through a couple of smoke filled corridors on your way out. All federal buildings were required to have them on hand for all assigned personnel after 9-11.


Thanks West Point 1987, I did not know that.


They tell you on airplanes to put your oxygen mask on before helping others. Gas chambers were easy for me. I still do not understand the panic thing, guys going all ape shit stupid.


put your mask on first, then attend to your kid. If you have more than one traveling with you, decide which one you like best.

Of course Swalwell was one of the last to leave… he was awaiting instructions from his Chinese handlers. (Anyone else notice the deafening silence from Lars about that whole story?)


He’s too embarrassed to admit that Swalwell was tagging his GF.


Obviously not a very strong concentration of gas. Just enough to panic the easily panicable.

Haywire Angel

I have no words to express the disgust and sadness over the state of this country. The double speak of “duly elected leaders” is disgusting and looks to be on the way down the toilet.


When does the shooting start
It looks like four years of hell is in store…
Was hopeful that bite-me would try to govern
From the center


POOF! And just like that the Dems forgot about COVID.
Change my mind.


A number of the mostly peaceful protestors were armed with canisters of bear spray. This likely contributed to several of them exiting this plane of existence the other day due to “medical emergencies”. If you are over 50 and not in great health spraying around beae spray is not a great idea.

Many of our congree people have that physical profile.


Pro tip: Bear spray is for bears, not humans. It is -much- weaker than OC meant for humans, because bears are pain-wussies for pepper. Also, it is meant to annoy bears into leaving, not outright blind/incapacitate/choke them. (Bears almost always attack when hit that hard. It’s a bear thing.)

Seriously. Check the concentrations for “bear” versus “riot”.

Don’t waste your money on “bear spray” unless it is all you can get.

Green Thumb

Shit still sucks.


If fraud and crimes are ok if you are a democrat, let everyone identify as democrats and see how that works out…

Do they really want spicy times?


Talk about stolen valor. Folk who did nothing running their mouths.


“Democracy dies in darkness”…. and the Washington ComPost has been doing everything in their power to ensure it happens for the past several years.


The ComPost is just another Progda medium. It has been giving its readers the mushroom treatment like the days of Duranty at the NY Slimes.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Looks like the VP pencster bailed out on Trump and would most likely attend Bye Bye biden’s inaug. Would look good for his run in 2014 for the potus by the demoRats if they like him.


“The biggest takeaway for me is that Congressmen have gas masks stowed under their seats”

I am surprised they don’t get more use, especially the Senate, known far and wide as being “The world’s greatest flatulative body”. There is a reason the Capitol is surrounded by greenspace.

I must share this—

“Who called the U.S. Senate “the world’s greatest deliberative body”?

Richard Cownie
, interested in military history
Answered 2 years ago · Author has 1.9K answers and 3.8M answer views

Every US Senator ever. Repeatedly.”



I prefer the label “parliament of whores”, as bestowed by PJ O’roark in his book of that title.

Perfect fit.


“Police barricaded doors and pointed pistols at infiltrators”

What’s that?! Coping with trespassers without gunfire?! Obviously they didn’t get the word that the Capitol was a free-fire zone.


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