DC Officer Suspended After Fatal Shooting

| January 8, 2021

Police Officer Responsible For Killing Trump Supporter Suspended Pending Investigation

“Thorough review” of security measures following storming of Capitol building.
Paul Joseph Watson

The police officer who shot Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt dead has been suspended and the incident is currently under investigation.

Babbitt was shot in the neck at almost point blank range during yesterday’s chaos in DC during the storming of the Capitol building.

Footage of the shocking incident clearly shows that non-lethal measures could have been used against Babbitt, who served her country during a 14 year stint in the Air Force.

The officer who shot Babbitt, who was wearing a suit and positioned inside the Senate chamber when he opened fire, has now been suspended pending an investigation.

US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund also said that there would be a “thorough review” of security measures following the incident.

Caution, disturbing video. We weren’t there. Let the investigation run its course and don’t leap to conclusions. Condolences to family and friends of Ms. Babbitt.
Just hearing that a DC police officer has succumbed to injuries he received during the confrontation- sad. There are no winners in any of this.
Start here, and I’ll keep looking for post-worthy updates as they occur: Summit News

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Green Thumb

Very sad.


Also the Sergeant-At-Arms for both the House and Senate… look furhter down on the link.


And a host of others.

The race for the exits at the White House and cabinet is not surprising. And here is where an orderly transition of power, had one been underway, would have been helpful. Now it is just going to be mass chaos.

MI Ranger

So are Cabinet Officials resigning because they don’t know the orderly process (since most of them are not career politicians) or do they really think that resigning with 12 days to go will change something?

Or is this a planned chaos factor that Trump does when one of his companies is bought out? Everyone quits so there is no one to transition with that knows what is going on!


False. this happens EVERY time the transition is between parties.

Or did you forget the mass exodus in Jan 2017, Jan 2009, Jan 1993?

How about destroying computer keyboards so incoming personnel cannot use them?

How about refusing onboarding sessions to incoming personnel in Jan 2017?

As for the “this is Trump’s fault” canard, then Biden is responsible for 4 years of riots, arson, looting, murders, rapes, armed assaults, terror, “resistance”, social destruction.

BTW, none of the leftist violence will end now. They believe that they have won a civil war and will now attempt to outlaw all political and cultural groups not within their approved axis. And I use the word axis purposefully.

While Trump has been a decent but not great President, the only issue of our time that we had to consider was an end to the wars being waged across the planet by our nation. Only Trump was even willing to do so. Certainly Biden will not. China would be unhappy if he did, he cannot have that.

The USA is slowly becoming a vassal state to the middle kingdom.


I’m going to have to disagree. By policy Trump was an awesome president. No matter what direction you look: Taxes, Government Regulation, Economic Policy, Freedom, Foreign Policy, Energy the list goes on and on, he was great.

He just ruined a lot of it by being an asshole. You can be an A-hole in the business world and get away with it. It’s all about the money. In politics people have to actually like you to a degree or they won’t vote for you no matter how good you are.


Yup. People liked Trump’s policies and the job he was doing. They didn’t like Trump (and who does except for Trump himself) as a person. Which is what all of his establishment opponents (from both sides) used against him, and he was apparently unwilling to stop giving to them.


These political appointees come and go with regularity. They are figureheads. The career bureaucrats are the ones who keep the lights on and things running smoothly.


Plenty of blame to go around for this latest sh^t show. The Deep State is indeed deep and crosses all party lines. Staying up way yonder too late and spending way yonder too much time following all of this. Never thought I’d live long enough to watch the destruction of our Republic in real time…by the domestic enemies. Hearing about the incoming missiles or mass die offs from radiation poisoning? Now that was a thought about and planned for disaster.

Lock and load Lads and Lassies, it’s about time for The Breakfast that Hell is coming to. Who didn’t see the infiltration of the Trump Protesters with persons with nefarious plans?


Heard this on the way home this morning and found it on the tube thing:


To be expected, of course. FBI is said to be conducting the investigation. No surprise there either.

So things are progressing as one would think they should. May they also be fair, reasonable, and produce the correct results without interference by members of Congress.

It is being reported that almost immediate demands were made for the resignations of the chief and sergeant-at-arms. Not certain that is unexpected, but it seems reasonable to let an investigation occur first. Is the demand premature? And if so, to protect whom?


Protecting the people that are really in charge in DC. The politicians.

DC is run by Congress. The Sergeant-at-Arms in both houses is a Congressional appointee/employee, as is the Capitol chief of police. They picked these people and then enact asinine rules and policies to hamstring them.

The politicians are doing what they do best. A knee jerk reaction that makes it look like they are doing something but has little real effect on anyone except the sacrificial lamb(s).

To be clear, this was an epic failure on the part of the police. They clearly weren’t prepared. The chief resigning is the right move, he really screwed the pooch here.


It has been widely opined, for decades that I am personally aware, that the Capitol Police are the least competent among all the policing agencies in and around the district. Not necessarily their fault because they are micromanaged by some pretty incompetent people. Apparently they are simply not allowed to be or become competent.

Be that as it may, yes, the pols who created this mess can hardly be expected to claim any responsibility for their part in it.

Meanwhile we can hope that those responsible for the criminal acts Wednesday will be appropriately charged. It is individuals who are responsible for their own bad acts. For them, or others, to blame Trump or anyone other than the individuals themselves is silly.

And another thing: Are the people claiming that Trump incited any of this the same people who claim that inciting bad behavior is not possible when people from their side encourage people to loot, burn, lie, steal, and whatever?


It would appear that the most important duty of the Capitol PD is to appear in photographs/video of Congress critters/Senators when they say something the networks deem important.
Why a chief would send a line of officers outside to bar entry and not have another line of officers inside the Capitol is incomprehensible.


Heard from somebody that works in the District that the Capitol PD has 2,200 officers and an operating budget of $470M!

That’s more staff than cities like Minneapolis, St Louis, Atlanta, and New Orleans.


Pres Trump tweeted he won’t be attending the Inauguration. Not a huge surprise. It would have been awkward for sure. Truman/Ike & Hoover/FDR demeanor at Inauguration day were very chilly. Barely a word uttered.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I see that the georgia republicRat woman who lost in the Senate race refused to go along against the election of biden, and it looks like fox has gone the way of cnn/LSMFT or is that msnbc. I now watch NewsMax which is what fox was when they first started away back when. In a few months when biden is 25 amendified, by his peeps, we now can sing: well bye bye biden, were glad to see you go. Bye Bye Baby by Earle Lewis and the Channels 1957 on fury. I made the same comment 2 days or so ago.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

The young lady who was killed was white so I doubt you will see any peaceful rioting with a little Arson thrown in. Just saying that from track records where their were never any rioting when a white person was killed by the PD.


Congrats morons. You have given the Patriots a martyr to generate hate against the machine.


Sorta like Ruby Ridge?


Capitol PD reports no officer’s died only minor injuries. Another bit of Fake News XiNN picked up and ran with to make “violent, riotous, insurrection (TM)” look worse.


And, ‘more than 50’ USCP and MCP officers injured, ‘several’ seriously, in addition to the loss of Sicknick:



But why the sad? I hear all police are raciss for supporting raciss institutions. No one can argue that the congress isn’t raciss for all the stuff they have done the last 300 years.


Not sure if this was mere sarcasm or directed at me, but if the latter, I certainly have never embraced the notion that cops are racist, and generally roll my eyes at most of the far-left’s shenanigans regarding omnipresent racism.

I do think there are some racist cops, just as there are racists in all walks of life. And given the power police have, it is probably a bit worse to have a racist cop than, say, a racist construction worker. But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t want even a racist cop injured in a riot. Sure, I’d want him fired if he was using his power to do something unjust because of his racism,… but not injured for doing his job. Justice, not sadism.


And John Kerry has three Purple Hearts. I
I wonder how many are back injuries.