Seattle politician who defunded the police called 911 to protect her from a crime she wants to legalize

| December 17, 2020

Councilwoman Lisa Herbold, Seattle (this smug smile is her official photo from

We all know that these far-left politicians are hypocrites. Today’s case is no different. Seattle Councilwoman Lisa Herbold (pictured), who has voted to defund the Seattle PD and wants to make it an affirmative defense to most misdemeanor crimes that you either are poor, mentally ill, or addicted to drugs, called the cops because someone tossed a rock through her window.

My favorite part isn’t the insane levels of irony at play here, it’s the description given by the neighbor who witnessed it. Herbold must really be liked by her neighbors too, because the neighbor refused the cop’s business card to call in if he see the suspect (who they would recognize) again.

A Seattle City Councilwoman called the police to her home Friday to report a crime she is effectively trying to legalize, according to media reports.

Lisa Herbold phoned authorities on Friday after a man reportedly threw a rock through her living room window, My Northwest reported. The councilwoman said “she was on the west side of the living room near the kitchen when she heard a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot and dove into the kitchen for cover,” according to a redacted police report obtained by the publication.

A neighbor told police that a person who is “unathletic and a bad runner” was seen leaving the area.

The witness told officers that he would recognize the suspect if he saw him again, but declined an officer’s business card to contact him for follow up.

The irony is that under a proposal introduced by Herbold, the suspect could avoid criminal charges if caught. Under the legislation, charges against most misdemeanor suspects could be dismissed if they can show symptoms of mental illness or addiction or if they can prove the crime provided for a need to survive, a so-called “poverty defense,” the paper reported.

Herbold said she would like a jury to hear a defendant’s reason for committing the crime.

“It’s giving people an opportunity to tell their stories and giving judges and juries the opportunity to hear those stories and make a decision based on the values of our city,” Herbold told the City Council’s Public Safety Committee Committee on Tuesday.

In a statement to Fox News, Herbold said local news reports of her trying to legalize crimes are incorrect.

“There are no crimes that I am ‘effectively pushing to make legal,'” she said.

The proposal has its supporters.

“In a situation where you took that sandwich because you were hungry and you were trying to meet your basic need of satisfying your hunger; we as the community will know that we should not punish that. That conduct is excused,’ Khandelwal said, according to KOMO-TV.

Detractors say it will only embolden criminals.

“It’s a green light for crime,” said Scott Lindsay, a former mayoral Public Safety Advisor, the news station reported. “If you are engaged in 100 different misdemeanors that are in our criminal justice system code, you are not going to be held liable. You are not going to be held accountable.”

Crime in Seattle has steadily increased since this summer’s Capitol Hill Occupied Zone protests, which saw a 525% spike, according to Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan.

The spike comes as the Seattle Police Department is seeing an exodus of officers and a shortage of funding.

Herbold should have called a social worker.

Source; Fox News

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Dad? What’s “irony”?

MI Ranger

(noun) a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.
– see “defund the police”, circa 2020


Irony is the wolf convincing the sheep that the sheepdog is dangerous.

Sincerity is understanding when someone is lying for personal gain and putting you and yours in a jeopardy that they have no intention of sharing with you. And then you throw a rock through their window.


Now to find a way for Seattle taxpayers to foot the bill to replace the window.


Budget line item: security detail recommended improvements

Tempered glass, with security film.


Crime in Seattle has steadily increased since this summer’s Capitol Hill Occupied Zone protests, which saw a 525% spike, according to Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan.

The spike comes as the Seattle Police Department is seeing an exodus of officers and a shortage of funding. – article

That city has to be occupied by the dumbest bunch of dumbasses that have ever walked the planet.

They are reaping what they sowed. I hope they enjoy it. It’s in the path of Mt. Rainier’s discharges, and that mountain keeps quivering. In fact, per this advice from, Rainier would not only bury Seattle, but would also take Tacoma with it: Due to the large amount of water stored in Ranier’s glaciers and snow, volcanic activity on the mountain could trigger lahars that reach all the way to the Puget Sound, wrecking suburbs of Seattle and Tacoma along the way. –


And yet these idiots still vote for these
Douche Bags !!!!!!


Because if they just give the Left -more- power, with the -correct- people giving the diktats, they will finally make the insanity work!


Minneapolis is right behind them.

Several of the city council members who voted and rallied to defend the police are now claiming they did no such thing.

However, the AlGoreNet knows all, sees all, and never forgets.


Defund. Autocorrect.


Dude ‘declined’ an officer’s card for a follow up. That is hilarious.


I love it. I so fucking love it.

You get what you vote for, my delusional west coast brethren, enjoy it! Until you toss these shitbags in the dumpster and get with reality, I’ll have no sympathy for any of them.

If only the rock thrown had a note attached saying “suck on this,” that’d have been the icing on the cake.


” a person who is “unathletic and a bad runner” was seen…”

This made me laugh, too. Obviously it would be “ableist” to prosecute this individual just because he was unable to run as well as the rest of us.


Seattle never defunded the police you propagandist.

They vote was for a budget cut that amounted to about 18% of their budget while reducing their role in handling non violent mental health and drug offenses and homelessness.

A perfectly reasonable thing to do because police are poorly trained and have a poor record in handling these kinds of calls.

Reducing the budget and the scope of their role partially balanced out. And most cities are making cuts right now because municipal revenue plummeted.


“Lisa Herbold (pictured), who has *voted to defund* the Seattle PD.”

Right from the fucking post, you twat… but reading are hard, amirite UCB boy?


You just defined “defunding”, as in “to remove funds”. You’re a fraud and the true propagandist here. You and your antifa buddies can go wallow in your defunded utopia all you want, they’ll keep you supplied with kool-ade. The rest of us want no part of the shithole you advocate. Oh, and Merry Christmas.


spapos shows up…

Personal attacks…CHECK!

Negative waves…..CHECK!

ORANGE MAN BAD!….Wait for it, it’s coming!

Only difference in this post and any other one your spaposed self normally posts is this one is on a Thursday, just before the Thursdays are for cooking post. You usually don’t read those because your normal, favorite meal is the Cream Pie that Mommy has prepared for you. Oh…and the whole Chinese Communists aren’t Communists thing.

We say again, dippy, (little letters used because you are such a pathetic little man) here’s a novel idea for you; You hate us and this site so bad, and by now you should realize the disgust and loathing that we have for you AND that you will NEVER convince any of us to come over to your side I forthwith proclaim:

Why don’t you just go PHUQUE OFF starting now…and continue to phuque off until you can’t phuque off any further. You add absolutely NOTHING to this site, except the comment count, which is nothing but a waste of good bandwidth that could be used for intelligent conversation…Or good natured banter. It is kinda sad that you are such a pathetic little peter puller that is filled with such hatred.




His comment is just one more proggy example of “when I say a word….”


Actually, they did. Back in September, the Seattle city council overrode the veto by Seattle’s mayor of a city ordinance to partially defund the Seattle PD and divert at least some of the funding removed from the PD’s budget to “community programs”.

The vote was 7-2 to override the veto. This individual was one of the 7 who voted to override – so yes, she indeed did vote to defund the Seattle PD, at least in part.

First entry on a Google search that took me all of 30 seconds.

Now: tell me again who’s being the propagandist here, “Commissar Pravdanik”?


Dispatcher “whats your emergency ?”
Caller “someone threw a rock at my window”
Dispatcher “do you have home owners insurance ?”
Caller “yes”
Dispatcher ” Then call them”

That is how this should have went.

Forest Bondurant


Once she settles that claim, she needs to move to a gated community.

When she’s done with that, she can start a program for people who aren’t very athletic or can’t run good. She can call it “The Herbold Resolution for People Who Aren’t Very Athletic and Can’t Run Good, and Want to Do Other Things Good Too” initiative.

Then she can go fuck herself.


Yet another example why your credibility is zero.


defund [dee-fuhnd] verb (used with object)
1. to withdraw financial support from, especially as an instrument of legislative control: Many university programs were defunded by the recent government cutbacks.

2. to deplete the financial resources of: The cost of the lawsuit defunded the company’s operating budget.

Defund (verb) the Police (noun).

You and the rest of the morons on the extreme left can keep playing your fiddles while cities burn. Meanwhile at risk populations (women, children, and minorities of all stripes), the groups you claim to care about, will suffer the pain of your failed, short sighted and childish policies. But that’s okay, they are martyrs for your cause, so their suffering is noble.

Hypocrisy in all its glory.

It’s almost as if those of you on the extreme left have the reasoning ability of a narcissistic teen.

Stop police from responding to mental health calls with no actual replacement plan in place. That’s working out well.



Apparently, social workers and mental health care workers aren’t much better at handling mentally ill people. You may remember this out of Seattle:

SEATTLE — A man accused of stabbing a woman to death Monday morning at an apartment building in Seattle’s Belltown area waived his right Tuesday to appear in court as prosecutors laid out some details of what happened during the violent attack.

Hans Dewey Van-Belkum, 58, remained at the King County Jail without bond on Tuesday in connection with the slaying of Kristin Benson, who worked as a housing case manager for the company that managed the building. The suspect is expected to return Wednesday to court, where he could be formally arraigned.

Then there is this in my back yard:

A 29-year-old homeless man who fatally shot a social worker in the parking lot of a Circles of Care site in Melbourne Wednesday afternoon told detectives he hatched a plan to carry out the execution-style slaying after a previous stay at the mental health treatment facility.

Robert Quackenbush told detectives he was a former patient at the facility and was counseled by 32-year-old Travis Knight before developing ‘disturbing thoughts’ to kill the employee in an ambush, an arrest affidavit shows.

Police charged Quackenbush with first-degree premeditated murder in the unprovoked shooting of Knight. He remains held without bond at the Brevard County Jail Complex in Sharpes.

Hack Stone

So why didn’t she call a Social Worker to handle this issue that the police are ill prepared to handle? Obviously the individual must have mental issues elevated by his inability to get a sandwich, because all crime is rooted in someone’s lack of a square meal. Maybe he wanted her to make him a samwich.


She prolly don’t know how to make a decent sammich Hack Stone. Bet she could serve up a fish taco tho. The sauce may be a bit tart.


6 December 2020:
Seattle’s decision to defund law enforcement has created more problems than it has solved them. This past week a social worker was stabbed and killed.

Kristin Benson, a full-time housing case manager in Seattle, was attacked and stabbed by Hans Dewey Van-Belkum in her office. She was declared dead at the scene and Van-Belkum is now facing first degree murder charges.

“Investigators say the 58 year old , formerly homeless suspect, suffered from schizophrenia and he may have been upset because he believed that his Social Security benefits were going to be taken away from him.” Law enforcement also said that he suffered from mental health problems.

This could have been avoided. In almost all of these instances, prior intervention from law enforcement could have saved a life like Kristin’s.

Since the end of September, nearly 120 officers have left the Seattle police department by either retiring or transferring to another department. This leaves the department with only 1200 officers deployable for contingencies – the lowest deployable level since 1990 according to Law Enforcement Today.


Remove or punitive lowering of budget means exactly that, dipshit.


You give the other Marx brothers a bad name, Chumpo.


Mason, he’s been so full of crap for so long the whites of his eyes turned brown years ago.


what makes you think Dummissar has a job?


In Lars-speak it’s “redistribution of finances”…


Not sure how cutting 18% of budget is not defunding. Must a Biden quote.

Interested in seeing the evidence based poor record of the police dealing with non-violent mental health calls compared to any other agency with well defined metrics.

Curious about these non-violent drug calls as well. Never heard of a violent person in the US not on drugs. Maybe like unicorns they are real?


That city is falling apart, dragging good people with it and you want to play THIS FUCKING GAME!

You’re an ASSHOLE and a giant PIECE OF SHIT!

I hope you get stuck in one of these utopian shitholes and suffer the consequences of mismanagement you support, FUCKING CLOWN.

(breaking my non swearing rule felt good, and was justified, if i do say so myself)


He lives in Oakland… a ‘progressive” city…


Oh, I know. Also another reason to doubt his sanity or decision-making prowess.

I really don’t wish the idiot harm, but assuming he lives without too bad of a scar, I join the chorus here to say those magical words; we told you so.


Fuck you leftie whore!


“Your honor, I threw the rock through the window because she’s a stupid bitch.”

Case dismissed.

That’s what she wanted, right? Oh, my mistake. Her wish is for that standard to apply to other people. Got it.


Just also remember to say the magic words, courtesy of Flip Wilson and/or his “Geraldine Jones” persona:

“The devil made me do it!”



That defense could not be used by an atheist or agnostic.


Sure it could. They’d just have to creatively redefine the word “devil” – like Bill “Cigarman” Clintoon did with the words “sex” and “is”.


Maybe. Thing is, Bill could look you in the eye, tell you a lie that you knew was a lie, and you wanted to believe him. No politician ever did it better.


Dunno about that. JFK was good at, um, “creative truth” when it came to early US involvement in the Vietnam War – creative, as in flatly denying US troops were engaged in combat at a time when in fact we were. Ditto FDR with his administration’s “3% is the most you’ll ever contribute for Social Security” claims.


It’s ok to take a sandwich because you are hungry??
1. Don’t tell me there is no soup kitchen in that area.
2. How much did this individual spend on drugs/alcohol instead of buying that sandwich? When you take a sandwich, someone has to pay for it. Whatever happened to asking first?


Who is going to reimburse the victims for their loss? The city?? Certainly not the thief if the courts justify their theft. What a mess.


By that rationale it’s OK to loot a liquor store if you’re sober.


Or rob a bank (or mug someone and steal their wallet) when you’re broke.


“It’s ok to take a sandwich because you are hungry?”

Consider that by this inane rationale, individuals so inclined need never pay for food again. When they become hungry, they are justified in taking from someone else whatever is required to satisfy their hunger.

This is giving carte blanche to Seattle’s significant homeless population to openly prey on both individuals and businesses, another senseless, liberal, feelgood experiment that will fail miserably, but only after causing much harm.


Downtown Seattle is projected to have a net loss of 20,000 jobs by the end of the year.

Yep, things are going swimmingly there.


We were assured by a fool that -better- people and -better- jobs will fill in the gaps left by the folks leaving.


“Aye, laddie – that we were. But aren’t ye a wee bit auld these days to be a’believin’ in Leprechauns?”



I would believe leprechauns before I believed a Marxist.


Until they realize the cost of insurance premiums has priced them out of business.


Just wonder if it was Ernest T. Bass???

RGR 4-78

It’s me, it’s me, it’s Ernest T.

She should have called Sheriff Taylor.


Seattle has become a dumpster fire by the dumpster fire city council. It is not the first time Herbold contacted the police. This past February after the council refused to do anything about homeless living in derelict recreational vehicles on city streets for weeks on end when anybody else would be ticketed and towed, a recreational vehicle was parked in front of HER!!! home. She texted the police chief multiple times and included a photo of a U-Haul towing the RV in front of her house: “If someone has reported a trailer stolen, one has been delivered to the street in front of my house,” the text to Best said. “I’m not complaining, I only want to ensure the property is returned to its owner. Thank you.” “Who is this?” Chief Best replied. “Lisa Herbold,” the councilmember answered. “This is Chief Best I hope.” Later she texted, “I’m not asking you to move it. Ari (Hoffman) will twist that as special SPD response for a Councilmember. I want to find out if 1. anyone has reported it stolen, 2. Give you the license plate number of the uhaul so you can confirm from Uhaul that Ari rented the uhaul & towed it there and you can consider whether it’s appropriate to charge him with theft.” Best replied, “I understand your concern, but I don’t want you to be in an awkward position,” and told Herbold to call the police non-emergency number. (Herbold assumed it was a stunt because frequent council… Read more »


The nose ring /tow clevis tells me she wont listen to facts or reason.

Green Thumb

I knew I had seen here somewhere before…

MIKE Gunns

Councilperson Lisa Herbould…That’s a Man, baby!

Well, to my eyes, she/it looks more like a man than the spapos commisar probably does.


If we don’t have the Right to be secure in our property we no longer have a society.
These morons don’t want anarchy, the want the State to distribute money (read: power), and if they truly do want ‘anarchy’, I say we give it to ’em. Swiftly.
They’ll go back to their Starbucks job, post haste.

But to the good Councilwoman’s theory on redistributive-conditional justice, you get more of what you subsidize via inaction.
There’s your warning.


“If you listen to fools, the mob rules!”


If you want to witness what abomination that once great city has turned into,

Viewership is not recommended for anyone with; anger issues, heart conditions, access to ICBMs, Sith Lords, pilgrims, Jihadis, members of garden clubs, etc.

The Stranger

What about bleary-eyed surveyors and drunken Engineers?


Aye, that goes without saying. Isn’t ‘drunken Engineers’ redundant?

Is that a common idiom or do we just travel in the same circles?

The Stranger

Yeah, I’d say drunken Engineer is probably redundant. The line is from “The Combat Engineer Song”, the lyrics for which I posted a couple of years back to torment the Bunny of the Gun.


Broken windows Theory:

Bet she never heard of it. Even though it’s her window. Fitting.


Broken windows policing sounded great on paper. But it ended up with otherwise law abiding citizens getting cited for things like riding a bicycle at night (true story).

Then the guy can’t pay the fine because he’s barely eking by. Judge doesn’t give him a break. Then it becomes a criminal charge.

In this particular instance he was riding the bicycle back and forth from work (in this case at night after spending all day painting houses).

Granted this is an anecdotal experience limited to a population size of exactly 3 (me, my FTO and the citizen). But it’s a great example of the unintended consequences for this policy when applied blindly and without thought/compassion.

Not that I expect any of the elected leaders in Seattle to have a shred of ability to think. Much less distinguish compassion from enabling.


Correction, riding a bicycle at night without a headlight.


Beans, go watch that video Roh-Dog posted above and see just how totally inadequate the Broken Windows Theory is nowadays to address what the Democrats have done to Seattle and other urban areas under their mismanagement.

It makes it sound like something charmingly archaic…


Yes, Seattle is beyond that theory. You cannot reason with anarchy.
Rope it off and leave them to their demise.