San Francisco moves to ban smoking tobacco in your own home, but exempts marijuana

| December 3, 2020

The state that has repeatedly ignored the Constitution continues to show contempt for citizens’ personal liberty.

San Francisco residents who live in apartment buildings with three or more units will no longer be allowed to smoke tobacco inside their homes — but they can still smoke cannabis, under a new ordinance the Board of Supervisors passed on Tuesday.

The board voted 10-1, with Supervisor Dean Preston dissenting. San Francisco is now the largest city in the country to ban tobacco smoking in apartment buildings.

“One should not have to live in a single-family home to be able to breathe clean air,” said outgoing President Norman Yee, who wrote the ordinance. “That right should exist for every single person and family, regardless of where they live or what their income is.”

The ordinance — which also bars e-cigarettes — is intended to protect residents from secondhand smoke. The original proposal sought to ban residents from smoking cannabis in their apartments, but supervisors voted 8-3 — with Yee, Gordon Mar and Ahsha Safaí opposed — to exclude cannabis from the ordinance.

The attempt to ban indoor cannabis smoking infuriated cannabis activists who said the law would take away their only legal place to smoke. It’s illegal under state law to smoke cannabis in public places.

“Unlike tobacco smokers who could still leave their apartments to step out to the curb or smoke in other permitted outdoor smoking areas, cannabis users would have no such legal alternatives,” said Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, who wrote the amendment to exempt cannabis.

The ordinance must pass a second vote of the board next week, but that is mostly a formality. Then, the mayor must sign it, and the new law would go into effect 30 days later.

The penalty is up to a $1000 a day fine for violations, but the violators cannot be evicted. If it’s such a critical issue, isn’t letting these scofflaws continue to puff away (even with a fine) tantamount to allowing murder of the innocent non-smoking residents nearby?

All of this is, of course, in the name of “safety”. Meanwhile their governor enacts some of the most restrictive COVID guidelines and then immediately violates them himself. Which shouldn’t surprise. He learned a lot from his aunt (by marriage) Nancy Pelosi, who also likes to call for strict limits to your liberty and then immediately doesn’t follow the same edicts.

Thanks to KoB for sending this one in.

Source; SF Chronicle

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The Other Whitey

This is the hypocrisy that has always bothered me about weed advocates. Most of the ones I’ve encountered are hardline anti-tobacco. Seems to me that if you want cannabis legalized, you have zero grounds to oppose the free use of tobacco. Logically, if an honest individual wants cigarettes banned, they must also support weed prohibition. Both are toxic. Both produce smoke that smells horrible. Both are potentially addictive. Both can have negative effects on others via secondhand smoke. Both have been linked to cancer. Weed just give a more potent high than tobacco, and as a result presents more immediate safety hazards when used while operating equipment.

I don’t use either (I also don’t drink), so I have no particular personal interest in the outcome. I’m just calling it like I objectively see it.



No, not really but this should explain things. W WHOLE bunch of individuals been secretly smokin’ weed for a LONG time and it SHOWS!!!

Oh and Chris Rock got it right long ago…..
(Check at the 3:05 mark)


Try again…different url (jesus you boob)


Calling Jesus a boob is not going to get you into heaven. 😜

5th/77th FA

“If we keep the sheeple stoned, they will not realize that we are steadily stripping their liberties away.”

Keep voting for and electing the installers of your chains, dumbasses. May the chains of slavery rest lightly. My sympathies to the freedom loving persons of Commiefornia who are stuck there, for whatever reason. Can’t smoke cigs in the privacy of your apartment, but you can do your private toilet business in a public place? Y’all may recall, I have a niece and nephew in San Fran, or I as call it, Sodom by the Bay, Gomorrahfornia, with their 3 children. Not that they smoke, but maybe this one more chipping away of freedoms will help push them back home.

Life imitates art.


The Diceman called it in 1989

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

So………..who is going to come up with the first weed flavored tobacco, and make their fortune?

(there is ALWAYS a way around everything of man)


“I wasn’t smoking your Honor. I was burning incense based on tobacco.”



“No, your honor – It was pot, I swear!!”

I really didn’t see this one coming. Guess I shoulda, but I didn’t.


Parody is dead because places like California took what used to parody and implemented it as law. The Babylon Bee is now just a news source (and a really accurate one, too).

So this is where people start showing that they are smarter than politicians. Soon you will have 99% tobacco blend joints. FU, San Fran.

So what if you’re alone? Are you still subject to the NKVD? I guess you’d have to get into a corner of your house where the Telescreen can’t see.


Shithole failure of a state run by complete morons.


And the Democrats’ blueprint for America, run by the same morons…


That’s exactly what scares me. They drive that place into the goddamn ground, we see what a horrible failed experiment it is and they still want to spread that horrible dread on the rest of the country.

Such a shame what happened to that place.


This in the same state that legalized wittingly passing HIV?
The same state that legalized same sex pedophilia?
This in the same state that puts non citizens on a free ride while robbing citizens of Happiness via usury-level taxes and the Right to Self-defense?
Yeah, tooootally shocked! /fckinghuge s

Time to hang out the French Laundry set and/or nuke the site from orbit…


Also, let us not forget SF’s DA is the product of two of The Weather Underground murderers.


Seems to me I recall hearing that by puff, smoking pot does more damage to your lungs than tobacco since you hold the inhaled smoke in longer. (Too, most people don’t chain smoke several joints an hour, so there is that difference.) Either ban none or ban both- in public places. Private spaces? Should be up to the owner.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

WHAT?! That makes too much common sense. How dare you! Thirty lashes with a wet noodle! (/s)


Next they will be telling people how much water they can flush turds with
and what temperature the shower must be.


You mean like those low-flow toilets the enviro idiots promote to save water?

That require multiple flushes to achieve what standard toilets accomplish with one…


Yeah, like the one I installed two years ago and had to deal with
a major “log jam” shortly thereafter.
I now flush until I hear the all clear siren.


They can’t flush turds in San Fran – they shit on the sidewalks.


“old stogies I have found,
short but not big around”

Roger Miller..”King of the Road”

The Stranger

Man of means by no means…
King of the Road!


What Democrats want:

A Proud Infidel®™️

Now you can’t smoke tobacco in your home there, vape or possess plastic straws, but it’s okay to defecate on the sidewalk or shoot up there and throw your used syringes anyplace you please . I’m so thankful that I’m not cursed with having to live someplace like that!

Hack Stone

As long as Hack Stone can drop a hot steaming pile of Phil Monkress on the streets of San Francisco without repercussion (except on the sidewalk in front of Navy Pelosi’s house), it’s all cool.

Not all heroes wear capes.

The Stranger

My man!

Hack Stone

Literally this guy’s shit is in the street. Can’t see why he was arrested when the new District Attorney said that he would not prosecute cases for public defecation/urination.

Green Thumb

I read the article.

That is a shit metric ton of Phil Monkress to clean up off the side walk.

Green Thumb

Is it legal to still smoke poles on the sidewalk?

Phildosical minds want to know…?


And this is how Soma came about for the Brave New World.


Funny, I thought the landlord had the right as the building owner to say what goes or doesn’t.

14 years, never regret once having left that hole.

The Stranger

Visited there 20+ years ago for work. Had a good time checking out the place. Stayed in Pacifica, a little ways down the PCH and had pitchers of Bud with my breakfast at Spanky’s in that little town.


San Francisco is not the first city to try rob do this. Just the largest.

They are considering banning smoking in multi unit housing.

Marijuana is being exempted because it is illegal to smoke marijuana in public… while it is not illegal to smoke cigarettes in public…

The whole nonsensical mess is driven by the intransigent stupidity of criminalizing marijuana.

People should be able to smoke either in their homes or public. It would be best if children and at risk adults were not in the room, or within 10 feet if outdoors. An ordnance making that illegal seems reasonable.

Green Thumb


Only Army Mom

I realized the no smoking stuff was about controlling other people’s behavior back when rules were put in place about smoking on city streets or even having a “smoking section” at sidewalk tables situated a foot or two from the curb. So, the cigarette smoke from a person walking down the street or sitting next to bumper to bumper idling cars is interfering with someone’s ability to enjoy the exhaust fumes from those vehicles?

Next, some companies told employees they cannot smoke in their own cars on company property. IIRC, one local company got sued – and lost. Something about attempting to control what happened on an employee’s time and “within” their own property.

At the time I worked in probably the last office highrise in which the only places smoking was banned was in the elevators. The nonsmoking (by personal choice) offices and areas never smelled like smoke, something I have a very keen nose for from growing up with parents who smoked, because the building had a superior air handling system.

Commifornia is the canary in the coal mine. It is only a matter of time until this overreach, for the public good!, spreads.


There is nothing communist about California.

It is the most neoliberal state in the country. By far. It is not even close.



Thanks Lars, I haven’t laughed like that in a long time.

And you accuse me of “rounding errors….”

MSG Eric

Just use tobacco products in a politician’s house, like Pelosi’s. I hear there are no laws or viruses in them!