“The Saint Makers”, a new book about the life, sacrifice, and canonization process for Chaplain (Captain) Emil Kapaun

| December 2, 2020

I talked about Father Kapaun recently in a Valor Friday piece. The heroic life of service of the Roman Catholic priest who died in a Communist prisoner of war camp during the Korean War is truly an inspiration.

KoB came across a podcast interview with the author of The Saint Makers Joe Drape. The source link below has an excerpt from the book. It looks like a great read. It sounds like the book goes into detail on the somewhat murky canonization process of the Catholic Church.

Source; WBUR

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  1. KoB says:

    This one caught my eye because of the Valor Friday Article that Mason had run, keyed the memory. The Padre we had a Camp Pieri in the FRG had known and served with Chaplain Kapaun and had spoken of him on several occasions. And, yes, being raised as a Southern Baptist, the whole Sainthood process is very murky to us. Some seem to think in order to become a Saint, you had to be burned at the stake…or one hell of a weapons designer.

    Imma gonna find me a copy of this book since I have NO desire to become BBQed and I can only fire weapons not design them.

  2. David says:

    The process for becoming a saint is not that difficult. It’s that whole performing miracles thing that stumps most of us.