Fredo praises Gunga-Dan for his integrity

| November 21, 2020

Dan Rather. Not a Marine.

Dan Rather; the phony Marine has been praised for his integrity by none other than Fredo Cuomo, CNN anchor, moron, and brother of Dictator of the State of New York. Not only did Rather lie about his service as a Marine (he never completed boot camp) but he was also canned from CBS News for presenting as fact forged documents about George W Bush’s Air National Guard service. He did this just before the 2004 presidential election.

With that in mind, it’s especially funny that an anchor from the network that repeatedly and unapologetically lies to its viewers had this to say;

[My] generation didn’t have to look for role models, “I got to watch people like you, specifically you. You had the respect of my father. Because of how you did the job, and you showed me that an anchor can bring integrity to any kind of coverage, whether it’s weather, whether it’s law, whether it’s famine, everything can be done with integrity, and I learned that from you.”

I suppose if you’re a liar, then you admire other liars.

Source; Breitbart

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Lest We Forget, the Gunga Dan Line is 111 days./s


I thought the Gunga Dan Line was 110 days. Oh well, I guess my comments on TAH to that effect are not “fake” but just slightly (by one day) in-“accurate.”

As for Fredo, he is a bigger lying SOS propagandist than Gunga-never-a-Marine Blather. “Courage,” TAHers.


Chris Cuomo, at it again…


That clip was just before Michael took him out in the row boat for a little fishing. How “smart” was that? Personally, one would think the smart Fredo would know better than getting in a boat (or even a car) with the gangster suspecting him of betrayal.

Too bad there is no one to take the current Fredo and his big brother out for a little fishing.

Green Thumb

Fredo would have exposed himself, faked a “Homecoming”, threatened some old people, vented with Micheal Cohen and done some more Steroids.


You can’t make this shit up.


When you lie to your adoring viewers they will defend your lies.
Rather’s Marine Corps experience seems quite similar to that of
Howie Hawkins, green party candidate. I’ll bet they know each other
quite well if you know what I mean.

Green Thumb

What a fucking tool.


it’s a lot like being taught high school physics by a man who did not know how AC electricity works and shocked himself so badly he had to miss two years of work….

Or…having your political analysis admired by a certain effeminate dummissar…

5th/77th FA

Phuque Heem!!! And the rest of Theem!

Remember when reporters were just that? They just reported the FACTs of the news. Pepperidge Farms remembers.




“You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means”.

Inigo Montoya


There once was a reporter named Dan
Who thought he was an important man
He lied about Bush
He took it in the tush
Now Fredo is an adoring fan

The Stranger

What is it with guys named Dan, anyway?🤣


Oh, like a certain ex-aviator currently at flight level -6 feet? 🙂


I still don’t know how that photo even exists, considering he never earned the right to be called Marine.

The Other Whitey

The costume department hooked him up.


I’m not sure how the Marines do or did it, but when I went to Basic in 92 we took our photos while we were still in reception station.

Hack Stone

Way back in the day (1981), the photos were not taken until the end of 3rd Phase, if Hack’s memory is still functioning correctly.

Hack has been cleaning out the Fortress Of Solitude, and found his bot camp graduation photo. It came back into Hack’s possession when Momma Stone passed and joined Papa Stone in eternal rest. Hack recalls the different packages you could order of the photo. They had a small version on a pendant, Hack purchased two, one for Momma Stone and Grandma Slate. Hack’s brother shipped a year later, and he purchased the same. Pretty sure that Grandma slate wore those pendants until the day she died. Out of 20 some grandchildren, we were the only two to serve in the military. Someone had to pick up the slack.


Yep, 3rd phase. 1984.


So almost a Marine?


He coulda graduated…

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Rather than not knowing the reason why Rather didn’t make the Corps and Rather to look it up, I found out that Rather had a medical issue so Rather than keeping him in, Rather was medically let go from the Corps, and Rather than lie about his service, Rather should have Rather given everyone the straight skinny. I would Rather say so Rather than not.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

(Said in a low slow Oxford accent)


Is this a variation of the Over and Under Dunne sequence from Airplane? 🙂


Probably kicked out for excessive meat gazing in the head. Dan Rather was only a maggot, not a Marine


Ole Dan does have that whole meat gazing persona going for him, doesn’t he?

Ex Coelis

Once a Marine, always a Marine and while many thousands have done so, Dan Rather will always WISH he’d been a Marine *shrug* and I guess now that I think about it – that’s probably where Wish Mountain actually came from. Entirely telling that dear ‘ol Blathering-Rather won’t ‘fess up to his ‘mistake’ and to this day – continues to maintain this outright LIE about it. A full-on and complete CUNT by anyone’s measure…


Anyone have a link to Dan Rather’s lie about his service?

I know he volunteered to go to Vietnam. And I know he lied to be able to serve…

But I have seen where he lied about his service. The only thing I ever read was that he knew his service was one of the shortest and least distinguished periods of service in Marine history. He lied to serve. They found out. And he was kicked out.


The lie is via implication by using a misleading photo in his autobiography.

In his autobiography, Rather used a photo of himself wearing the USMC “saucer cap” with EGA. I’m pretty sure that even back in 1954, Marines weren’t allowed to wear the EGA until after they’d completed USMC Boot Camp. Rather didn’t; he was medically discharged when they found out he omitted mention of his childhood rheumatic fever during enlistment processing.

Jonn covered that here:

Minor, but arguably a lie about his military service. YMMV.

His other whoppers (the lies he promulgated in interviews for “The Wall Within” and the whole 2004 Bush ANG documents fiasco) dwarf that one. But it does bring up the following question: since he’s been proved willing to lie about his own past to do something he wants (join the USMC) – and has been caught in major falsehoods twice professionally (the other two items I mentioned above) – just how many more “whoppers” haven’t been noticed over the years?


I once overheard a conversation long ago at one of those ‘loophole’ places. It was between two Vietnam vets. At least that is what they inferred. They were the right age.

They talked about Rather’s time over there as a journalist. The guy telling the story was doing so as if it was firsthand witnessed.

The gist was that he(Rather) strutted around in his multi-pocketed journalist vest in which he had stuffed a .38 special snub. Colt/S&W unknown.

Supposedly, every time anyone so much as swatted a mosquito that thing came out to the chagrin of everyone near.

Disclaimer: I don’t know if it’s true. I used to consider going to those things wearing muck boots. Maybe someone else here heard something like that?


Here’s a way you can determine validity. Is the desired end state of the statement an attempt to create a perception the individual making claims earned an accolade they don’t deserve? If the answer is yes then they should go fusk their own face. Just like you, the embellishing, lying POS you are. And please, for the love of God engage me on this topic. I would love nothing more than verbally eviscerating your pathetic ass. Oh wait, you won’t. You’re an intellectual coward who attempted to portray your whole year of claimed LEO experience into something of substance. Oh, you went to the civil affairs officers course and throw out the JFKSC acronym as a way to gain validity. Why don’t you actually earn some real respect instead of trying to trade on the honor better men than you (in this case SF) have earned. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being who clings to the “accomplishment” of achieving one whole undergrad degree at a “prestigious” college (whatever the fusk that is) and having no life experience beyond the government tit. Once you get out in the real world, if you manage to get a job, your moronic beliefs aren’t going to do you any favors. Here a thought for you, pea brained morons like you are, at best, cogs guys like me use to achieve actual results. That assumes a self absorbed idiot like you would ever make it through anything resembling an honest screening when… Read more »

Hack Stone

Do you suppose his photo was taken while in Basic Training? Looking at my photo taken at PISC, no smile on Hack’s mug, otherwise Sgt Jones would be thrashing Hack because, well, Hack doesn’t even recall if Sgt Jones needed a reason to thrash us. Perhaps Dan “Fake But Accurate” Rather went down to the local Sears photo studio and had his picture taken there.