Eat Your Heart Out

| November 18, 2020

This should make all of you just a little bit happy. I know you want one for Christmas, but you might not be quite old enough for it, so – well, you can at least look at it.

Okay, yeah, I sort of know that isn’t the gun in the video, but it’s a gun, isn’t it?

The history of the 1921 Thompson submachine gun, from The Chicago Typewriter:


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5th/77th FA

Covet, Covet, Covet! And, yes, as a matter of fact I DO want one…of each…for Christmas. The Bi-Pod Model pictured above…AND…the one depicted in the video. And don’t worry about the bait and switch pics…we think that both models are as lovely as the day is long. Kinda like showing a picture of Elizabeth Hurley in the headline and the linky opens to a picture of Elizabeth Taylor, or Elizabeth Montgomery…or a young Queen Elizabeth,…or… Read more »


Just had to throw this one in the mix.


Gotta love a guy that just upends the table.


To really appreciate it turn on the close captioning


Today I learned what a Blishlock is.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

When I started working for US Trucking on 66 Murray Street which was in the process of merging with Brink’s back in 1970, there were picture’s of US Trucking Armoured truck guys holding Thompson subs. At the time they wore Sam Brown belts and leather puttees with the trousers ballooned out above the puttees and crushed NYCPD type Motorcycle hats. They all looked like WW1 vets. Before I started there, A number of Thompsons were… Read more »


Can buy semi-auto repros of both 1921 and 1928 Thompsons today for relatively reasonable prices, less than $2k each. They look and feel very much like the originals.