A Scumbag Gets Whacked

| November 16, 2020

Simply put,  a scumbag gets his punishment for ripping off vets’ benefits. Stolen valor? How about just plain theft, plus crapweasel shitbaggery.

Two purple hearts? Only space aliens actually have those, one on each side.


From the article:  Stiles received VA emergency care for a life-threatening grand mal seizure, according to documents. While the VA has a humanitarian policy in place to care for non-veterans who require hospitalization ? billed at a rate higher than for veterans ? Stiles misrepresented himself as a veteran.

Styles’ attorney, Charles Farris, filed an objection to the sentencing memorandum, stating that while his client admits guilt, desperately sought to receive treatment for his legitimate ailments.

“Mr. Stiles acknowledges that this care that he received was an intended benefit for members of the armed forces, and as such, he committed fraud and ‘stole,’ so to speak, this care from others that needed it,” Farris wrote. “Mr. Stiles asks the Court to consider that he was desperate to begin fighting his mental health and substance abuse issues that have caused him problems his entire life.”

Attempts to defraud the government occur fairly regularly. – article

No… really?  Now this will cost him some jail time as well as cash money to the tune of $164,000++.

Finally, someone gets hit really hard for this kind of crap. Read the article. It will make you feel considerably better.


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An Old Arty Sgt

Seems they don’t go after the ones stealing VA benefits down in Texas. Submitted evidence of someone stealing VA benefits a year ago and have heard nothing about it.. The person is now 90 % SC for PTSD and was put out of the Army for “a pattern of misconduct” as an E4 with a General Discharge and never saw combat. The VA IG doesn’t care, they told me that it wasn’t their case. Nor does the US Attorney in Texas. A sad state of affairs.


Not “sexy” enough, and they actually have to put in work to secure a conviction.


So, they are knowingly facilitating a crime? Isn’t that also a crime?


“A California man who falsely claimed to be a combat-injured Marine with two Purple Hearts so he could receive medical and housing benefits was sentenced federal prison on Thursday.”

He’s getting another year plus of housing benefits plus food and medical care

Green Thumb

Yet another graduate of the All-Points Logistics Executive School of Business Leadership.


Tick Mark on the FY21 Valor Vultures Tote Board?

Yea or Nay?

5th/77th FA

I vote yea on entering this lying, thieving POS into the records on the Marine Tally side. Be nice to run an FOIA, but unneeded right now. He admitted to being a lying, Valor Thieving POS. We’ll never see any real payback on him. They need to go after the people that rubber stamped him into 692 visits too. Phuque Heem.

Buried in this article was the follow up to the dirtbag we discussed awhile back that scammed over a million on his fake truck driving school. He got 4 years to serve. Anybody think we gonna see any of that money again? Nah I didn’t think so.


Hack Stone

“Mr. Stiles acknowledges that this care that he received was an intended benefit for members of the armed forces, and as such, he committed fraud and ‘stole,’ so to speak, this care from others that needed it,” Farris wrote.

What’s this “so to speak” bullshit? The guy took something that he did not pay for, did not earn, nor was entitled to. That is the definition of stealing. It’s mouthpieces like this that tarnish the stellar reputation of hardworking honest attorneys like the late Daniel Bernath.

Green Thumb

As Lori Benton looks on…


If he was so damn desperate why did he go to a VA hospital? I have NEVER seen an area where VA was the sole medical facility.


Could this lead to a push to make VA facilities treat all comers? Some folks seem to think that vets shouldn’t get any different priority than non-vets. Hell, I’m old enough to remember a C-i-C who wanted disabled vets to buy insurance for treatment of service-connected conditions.