Cop dies after being attacked by rooster while breaking up cockfight

| October 29, 2020

This is some serious news of the weird stuff. Horrible way to go.

Lieutenant Christian Bolok

A police officer has been killed by a rooster while attempting to break up an illegal cockfight in the Philippines, authorities have said.

Police in the Northern Samar province said Lieutenant Christian Bolok was struck by the rooster’s gaff — a metal blade attached to the bird for a fight.

The gaff hit Bolok’s femoral artery as he was confiscating the bird, police said, adding: “He was rushed to the provincial hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival due to heavy blood loss.”

There is a long history of both legal and illegal cockfighting in the Philippines, but the sport was banned in the region in August after it was found to have been a source of Covid-19 infections.

Illegal cockfights in the country are known as “tupada” and often operate in underground locations to avoid detection by authorities.

“I have a heavy heart as we have lost a brother who sacrificed his own life in the name of service,” Northern Samar police provincial director Arnel Apud said in a statement sent to the government-run Philippines News Agency. “The (Philippine National Police) grieves the untimely death of Lt. Bolok and extends its deepest sympathy to his family and relatives.”

Three people were arrested at the event and three more suspects were identified but remain at large after escaping the raid, the Philippines News Agency reported.

Officers confiscated seven fighting cocks and recovered 550 pesos ($11).

Bolok’s police force posted images from a memorial service held for the officer on Wednesday.

Thanks to Jeff LPH 3 for sharing this sad news. Rest easy Lieutenant Bolok. Source; CNN

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I think I remember Bernasty talking about encountering a giant red cock in Subic Bay.


….. while he was eating from a can of
Heinz brand Spotted Dick.

Keepin' It Real

Never bring a gun to a cockfight.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Never bring a cock to a gunfight.

Daisy Cutter

In New Orleans, they have the “Chicken Drop Bar” where the chicken runs around on a tiled table and people bet on a square that the chicken will do its business on.


That was standard entertainment at the annual Ducks Unlimited banquet in my hometown. Except, in keeping with the intent of the banquet, a duck was used.


Daisy Cutter,
On a much larger scale,
Pennsylvania Farm Festival fun….
Cow Chip Bingo.


DAMN !!!!!!


“Chicken crosses road, kills cop. Long standing question finally answered”.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

So many jokes could be made here: cocks, cockfighting, guns, gunfight. Y’all get the picture.
Somehow I don’t think Officer Bolok or his family would find them amusing.
The chicken needs to be enjoyed for Sunday dinner with dumplings.
And the owner needs to stand trial for murder.

5th/77th FA

Imma wid you Tox…all the way. Dumplin’ pot for sure, old bird like that needs stewing, too tough to fry up or bake. And yeah, throw the people running the cockfight in a place where they can stew for awhile. “High stakes, $11.00 pot.”

You may recall that back yonder, cockfighting was a big deal down here and the losing bird DID make it to the stew pot. A certain college even uses that as their Mascot, which they are under attack from on a daily basis. You’d almost think that there was a monument to a Confederate Soldier on the grounds somewhere…Oh…wait.

Hack Stone


Subic is on Luzon and Samar is in the central Philippines (Visayas region) Cock fighting and gambling on such is legal in the Philippines. This was an illegal cockfight as a result of a shutdown for COVID-19. Fighting cocks make miserable eating, too tough and stringy. Even a crockpot can’t make it edible.

A loser if he has a history of previous wins, if nursed back to health will probably be put out to stud. And the resulting eggs sold at a premium. Other wise typically, they become dog/cat food.


That’s really kind of creepy. Chickens are birds, and birds are descended from theropods (which includes T. Rex and velociraptors) and chickens will literally eat anything. It may be safe to assume that the officer did not put a hood on the bird, which could have saved him.

Rest in Peace, Officer Botok.

Haywire Angel

Chickens are definitely cannibals! My DH had to put one of our hens down because the other two had attacked her and injured her skull enough to where you could see her brain. YIKES!!!


“Chickens are definitely cannibals!”

Yep. Once had a fox(?) get into our chicken coop. The surviving chickens were dining when we got there the next morning. Filthy beasts.