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| October 14, 2020

“First Recognition of the American Flag by a Foreign Government” by Edward Moran, 1898.

From the overwhelming outpouring of love we received on yesterday’s Happy Birthday Navy post, here’s a repost from WATM about how y’all hate the Navy, why you really should hate the Navy, why we Sailors hate the Navy, and why you should love the Navy. It’s a bit dated, but mostly still quite true.

The complete hater’s guide to the US Navy

The branches of the U.S. military are like a very large family. They deal with one another because they have to, not because they always get along.

The differences don’t stop at uniforms. Each branch has its own goals, mission, and its own internal culture. At the upper levels of the services, they compete for funds and favor from civilians in DoD. In the lower ranks, they compete for fun and favor from civilians in bars and strip clubs (especially in North Carolina). The branches are like siblings, competing for the intangible title of who’s “the best” from no one in particular.

“The Soviets are our adversary. Our enemy is the Navy.” —Gen. Curtis LeMay, U.S. Air Force

Of course, when it comes to joint operations downrange, a lot of that goes out the window. But when the op-tempo isn’t as hectic and frustration has time to build, the awesome Army platoon who saved your ass last month become a bunch of damn stupid grunts who steal everything you don’t lock down and leave their Gatorade piss bottles everywhere. Parsing out the best and worst of our services isn’t hard if we’re honest with ourselves.

Y’alls jealously is showing. Read the rest here: WATM

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5th/77th FA

Now, Now, Now, let me be the FIRST to say that none of us, ‘specially the (GO) Army Artillery hates on the (BEAT) Navy.

We LOVE the Navy, so much and here are some reasons;

We love the way that the (GO) Army Mule BEATS Navy Goats on or around the 2nd Saturday in December.

We love the way Hollywierd so accurately portrays Naval Aviation in Top Gun rated Motion Pictures.

We love the way the Navy abandons their wimmens for the long deployments.

We really love to comfort such lonely Navy Wives during these deployments.

We love the way Navy brings the dam dam down on the bad guys using a combination of floating Artillery, Aerial Artillery Platforms, and submerged Artillery Rocketry.

These are just some of the ways that we love the Navy. There are many more. Now, get me a cheese burger with fries from the mid-rats galley, draw me a grog ration, get out of my hot bunk, and stay off my grass…and your little dog too.


Having an affair with a another man’s wife while he’s away? That’s real classy. Sarc


I love my Navy…….from a distance.


I joined the Navy because I would get three hot meals per day and a dry place to sleep. If my rack is wet, warm chow is the least of my concerns.


Robert Heinlein said he chose the Navy because, though he might drown, he would sleep between clean sheets and have plenty of hot food until then.

Steve 1371

I was turned down by the Navy recruiter because I had not finished high school. So, I turned to the Marine recruiter and said ,”how about you”? He said you can go this Wednesday, next Wednesday or the following Wednesday. I said “ah, next Wednesday”. I really showed them!

Slow Joe

So, Tailhook scandal eh?

Meanwhile, China has built a fleet.