Donald Eugene Lee – Phony Vietnam Vet Back on the Radar

| October 14, 2020

A while back, Jonn Lilyea wrote about Donald Eugene Lee, a phony Vietnam veteran.

Lee did serve during the Vietnam War, so can say he was a “Vietnam Times” soldier, but his bling and claims went beyond that.  It’s clear that he promoted himself as being in the Viet of the Nam.  The original case came from Military Phony, so more of the original case files can be found there.

Now, Lee is facing charges of kiddie porn.

Cameron man facing 15 counts of sex charges against minor

A 65-year-old Cameron man is facing 15 charges of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor in Moore County Superior Court on Sept. 10, according to information from the Moore County Detention Center.

The charges stem from Feb. 28, 2020.

Donald Eugene Lee was booked in the detention center on July 31 under a $50,000 secured bond after being arrested by Aberdeen police.

Third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor is when a person knowingly possesses material that contains a visual representation of a minor engaging in sexual activity.

All defendants facing criminal charges are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Written by Sandhills Sentinel Journalism Intern Stephanie M. Sellers.

As the article points out – it is important to remember that he was charged and not convicted.  A court will determine.

It is our solemn hope that The Brotherhood of the NDSM is both strong and numerous – and one more hit to the organization can be absorbed without causing it to implode.


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Fucking tickle monster

Green Thumb


He looks sublime in Orange.


I can see him combing the bald spot pony tail into two pig tails
for his prison photo. Kinda spruce up for the boys in block C.


Better for Bubba, Thor and Tiny to grip. And the beard will provide cushion for the pushin’.


That double pigtail look will be perfect for his glamour shots for an upcoming issue of “Prison Bride.”


The Rancid Cherry Theory proves true once again. Allegedly, of course.


Make this guy a rancid olive.
Has everyone seen the FakeBook photos?
(Good catch on the FakeBook link, Steve B.)

Donald Eugene Lee
still sports an olive drab Vietnam Veteran ball cap,
in the truck,
in the hospital,
and most likely anywhere else he can be a weasel.

BONUS – Comments on the FakeBook photos. Comic gold.


Dead man walking is right.💀😏☠️

Raven Black

I’m curious if you can find out more about the disposition of this case. At first i could see a court date for it, but then it disappeared? I hope he fries bc of all the lies he’s told and people he’s taken advantage of!


This might be the website you are looking for.
Pennsylvania’s version (PA Judicial) is quirky,
but it’s public information, it’s free,
and shows EVERYTHING on past and present criminal records
and case / court updates.
I hope this North Carolina page offers similar.


I use Justia every day..


1) If you want to track this fuk-tard through the courts, use this link:

2) He is set to appear on 19 Nov 2020 for the following:

Offense / Code / Description / Statute

a. 3612 Felony-THIRD DEG SEX EXPLOIT MINOR 14-190.17A (15 counts)
b. 5405 Traffic-DRIVING WHILE IMPAIRED 20-138.1 (1 count)
c. 4725 Traffic-DWLR NOT IMPAIRED REV 20-28(A) (1 count)
d. 4566 Infraction-FAIL MAINTAIN LANE CONTROL 20-146(D)(1) (1 count)

3. He has prior NC Felony conviction in 1998 for SELL SCHEDULE II (PRINCIPAL) but was given probation.


The Stolen Valor, as we have constantly seen, is just the cherry on top of the shit Sunday aka tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Minor correction: that’s RANCID cherry on top of the shit sundae.


Thanks for catching my oversight.


Some stockade time at Fort Bragg, does anybody where that was on base?


Some Al Gore Net research says the old/new stockade on Butner Road was turned into the Delta Force Compound/Post MP Headquarters/Post Engineers Motor Pool.

Not for absolutely certain, never was at Bragg./s

Green Thumb

Surprised the Democratic Party in North Carolina has not put him on the ballot….


His campaign slogan can be “I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or the other guy, then you ain’t a pedo.”


Camp Funston Alumni, Class of 73./s


PTS of the D defense in 3,2,1…


Awards: NDSM and Marksman… oooh, I’m impressed. 😉


Once again, the noble eagle of the NDSM weeps.


That is worth an “LOL”!

The Stranger

We, of that happy Brotherhood, are a resilient bunch. The Brotherhood will survive; this too, shall pass.

A Two-time Recipient of the Always Earned, Never Given, NDSM


Missed it by 14 days in 1974.
Stilk feel like a lesser man.


No Sweat. The 1st SEAC picked up the slack for you in 1975./s


Specifically, 17 Jun 75.


God forgives. The Brotherhood doesn’t.

Green Thumb


I wonder If Donald “Pedo” Lee here will have the NDSM hanging up in his prison cell?


He’ll probably have it in a one million watt motion activated illuminated love me wall picture frame (much like 2/17 Air Cav described back in the day)./s


I miss 2/17 Air Cav! Wish he’d come back home.


2/17’s actual comment was:

“I have my NDSM in a special shadow box that is spotlighted 24/7 in the living room. As one approaches it, a special pressure plate in the floor triggers the Star Spangled Banner to play from six hidden Bose speakers and a specially built case arises and opens (just like the Constitution!) revealing the Cold War Recognition Certificate. I don’t think that’s overdoing it, do you?”

Then Marine__7002 added ” You forgot the 21-Gun Salute ”

I also miss both those Air Cav guys, 2/17 and 3/17.

The Stranger

No doubt. But, life happens and we sometimes take a break from things. Here’s hoping they’re both well and will drop back in sometime.

5th/77th FA

Well, well, well, the turd has showed back up in the punch bowl. Wasn’t enough that the lying, embellishing, NEVER WAS IN THE VIET OF THE NAM, piece of sh^t, scum of the Earth faker Donald Eugene Lee had to be a know thief of Valor, he has also decided that he needs to become an “alleged” kiddie pr0n fan. You know, Bitch, Bubba, Thor, Julio, and Mr. Tiny’s buddies down at the Gray Bar Hotel, GenPop Lounge, think even less of scum like you that we do. I hope you gets yo’self a belly full of man meat sammiches from the deli.

I noticed when I went back thru the linkys and re-read the original links, that there was NOT a deployment of the Hemisphere of Insults. Looking at the time frame for when you FIRST showed up here, I don’t think that Chipster had started the Wall of Insults yet…I may be wrong. That being said, I think that it is most apropos that we make a motion for said deployment of the HoI, and I hereby request a SECOND and an AYE!

Chipster…Stand By!

The Stranger



I vote no HOI®™, no Alphabet Assault, no Staff Summary Sheet of Fame, PV1 Lee had some weak shit back then and still is pretty weak.

My vote is just to say that Hanoi Jane actually has more time in Viet of the Nam than he does and leave it like that./Smile


‘Momma hadta tie a pork chop ‘round his neck to get the dog ta play wit him’-type uglee.


Military fakery, always the tip of the shit iceberg.
I had to google USARB to find out what it was.
Anyone serve in the Army during this period? Did they really run people through basic, then airborne, then send them to a regular Infantry unit for OJT/AIT? I mean, really, who thought that was a good idea?


I was in the Army during this period. PV1 Lee was shitcanned from Jump School his first go-around, so they sent him up to Bragg to wait for another class date. Never went back. PV1 Lee then got his ass in a bind and they sent him to the 8 weeks all expenses paid fun in the sun AIT at the RTB at Camp Funston on Riley, then down to Hood to be a 57A Duty Soldier until (probably) a less than honorable general discharge.


Oh, and from looking at the 2-1, he did 10 days in the Stockade at Bragg and to end it all, he spent 60+ days in the Stockade at Hood.

Certified Salad Tosser./s


Strike the 60+ Stockade days, insert 43 PCF (Personnel Control Facility) days.

Green Thumb

That is why is probably parking cars or taking lot fees at All-Points Logistics.

Low skilled labor.

The Stranger

I wouldn’t trust this clown to park a rusted out 1977 AMC Gremlin with a busted taillight and 2 misfiring cylinders!


77 Gremlin:

18.5-second 1/4 mile ET, 17.5 ET if equipped with Flame Decals./s


Some of them were just a little quicker off the line than others.


Oops, Should have added:

“SUNDAY!!! At Smoking U.S. 30 Dragstrip: Where The Great Ones Run!!!”/s

The Stranger

It should be:
“SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! At Smokin’ US 30 Dragstrip. Where The Great Ones Run!”

Remember, CLAW, I’m from Indiana too.


Yeah, I couldn’t figure out how to get the echo effect on SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY so I just let it go. Also could be “Wailing” US30 Dragstrip.

Brings back memories of Larry Lujack on WLS, AM890 on your dial, a million watts to reach all the farmers’ tractor radios down in West Hog Flats./s


thanks, I was only able to read part of the story from the assignment and the summery sheet. I kinda guessed the shit tier discharge based on the E1 in two years thing.


And looking at the 2-1 a little closer, it looks like PV1 Lee went AWOL/Deserted from Fort Hood and ended up back at the PCF in Bragg to finish out his “career” in the Army.

My bad for not getting it all straight the first time.


So, this douche canoe bolo’d jump school, the easiest military school I ever attended. Then he went AWOL, went to shitbag school for dummies, then ended up back in the stockade after being busted to E-1, and left the Army after an impressive 1 year, 10 months, never leaving CONUS. But he wants people to believe he is a decorated RVN veteran. Ha! May he be a veteran of the loose anuse syndrome soon.

Combat Historian

“Proud” alumnus of the Retraining Brigade, and obviously a total shitbird who could not be cured of his shitbirdery after 8 weeks of retraining camp fun; and a posering phony shitbird as well…

Green Thumb

A 20 year old shitbird is 50 year old shitbird is a 80 year old shitbird.

Combat Historian

Oh, and I forgot to mention, a potential deviant tickle monster…


I believe the term the V.A. uses is “Viet Nam Era”, I went in June 1973, anything discussing Viet Nam I make it real clear I’m Viet Nam Era, not a Viet Nam veteran. Looks like I missed him by a few months at Fort Bragg. I was in the same company, B Company, 1/325th Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division, but I got there mid-December 1973.


Another motherfucker taking his fuckery to the grave with him.

Hymn, hymn, fuck him….


Is there a process to revoke awards after AD?
They upgrade dead people so there must be a way to revoke
that NDSM before further damage is done to the brotherhood.
He can have his lousy shot rifle bar but the NDSM is just too much.


A disgrace to the brotherhood. Shunning is in order.

The Stranger

No, he deserves to be canonized! As in loaded into a cannon and fired out of it. Where’s the Bunny of the Gun when you need him?

5th/77th FA

Ahem! I say thar Boys, did I heah somebody call for a Fire Mission? Can we FIRST shove a rammer up his azz and use that scraggly beard as a bore brush?

In this POSes case the NDSM stands for Nasty Di@k Su@king Mofo.


No, he deserves to be canonized! As in loaded into a cannon and fired out of it.

I believe the correct term is being “blown from a gun”.


Quaker Puffed rice was shot from guns:

The Stranger

I’m thinking more along the lines of Homer Simpson’s definition!

The Stranger
Daisy Cutter

I think it is part of the speech when they give it to you…

“Some of you are going to Vietnam. Some of you won’t come back. Some of you won’t go at all. But remember, no matter what happens to you they can never take this National Defense Service Medal from you. It is yours forever. If your sorry ass loses it, the PX has a big bin of replacements for 89 cents. Now get your ass out there and try not to be an a$$hole.”

A Proud Infidel®™️

He was thrown out back in the days when one had to be a 24K Shitbird to do so!

1. Rope.
2. Tree or Gallows.
3. Pedophile.
Some assembly required.


Epstein skipped the tree part.


Or did Epstein skip the whole process? The world wonders.


Word ^^^^



1. Cape Fear river.
2. Cinder blocks.
3. Don.

No mask required.


Same technique, different body of water. After all, my Callinectes sapidus have to eat, too.


We getting some of TWBGCC? Cool!


I like that…


Well, DONALD EUGENE LEE… I wounder how he would like it being passed around Cell Block “C” like a used Kleenex? If he’s convicted, he’s got that to worry about.

Fucking cocksucker..

A Proud Infidel®™️

He’ll have to worry about some lifer administering prison justice to him as well!


Oprah (fried okra) Winfrey says he just didn’t stroke it right so that the victim wouldn’t even knew what happened.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

C’mon guys, take it easy. I have an NDSM on my white jumper in the walk in closet plus the AFEM (Op Power Pack)

Wilted Willy

Please leave us not forget my pos brother and all the Viet of the Nam fakery bullshit he has rocked for the last 30 years! And let us not forget the $750K he has fucked us and the VA out of for the last 30 years! I keep praying somebody will pick up his story and run with it so we can finally get this bastard put back in prison where he belongs!! Please somebody help me put him AWAY!!!