Another Fraudster Targeting Vets

| October 11, 2020


Via the VA. Along with Stolen Valor violators, there’s a special place for those who defraud the elderly and infirm. Gun Bunny sends.

DOJ: Portsmouth woman charged with fraud scheme targeting veterans

by: Kaylynn Stephens

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – On Friday, the Department of Justice said a federal grand jury returned an indictment charging a Portsmouth woman with wire fraud and aggravated identity theft in connection with a scheme to defraud veterans.

59-year-old Rita Copeland allegedly operated an organization known as, “Veteran Services of the Commonwealth,” the Department of Justice said.

According to the indictment, Copeland purported to provide caregiving, contracting, and rental assistance services to various veterans from 2016 through 2019.

Documents said Copeland allegedly caused a number of victims to apply for Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA) grants through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Copeland is charged with eight counts of wire fraud and one count of aggravated identity theft.

The grant payments are to be used for certain designated improvements to the residences of veterans.

Copeland allegedly failed to perform all of the promised work and used a portion of these payments to her own benefit, contrary to the designated purposes of the funds.

In addition, the DOJ said Copeland also allegedly diverted the income and retirement fund payments of another veteran to a bank account that she had opened.

Copeland allegedly fraudulently obtained and diverted loan funds and used the credit and debit cards of this elderly victim.

Finally, Copeland also allegedly engaged in a rental fraud scheme, purporting to link veterans with landlords, but then diverting rental and security deposit payments to her own benefit, the DOJ said in a press release.

Read the rest here:
Both Mrs.AW1 and I have recently received the “Pay a fine or go to jail” robo-calls. They’re out there, and they never stop trying. Thanks, Gun Bunny.

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5th/77th FA

Man this kinda sh^t just pisses me off to no end. We’ll work on making the thief Rita M. Copeland of Newport News/Portland Virginia really Google Famous. This link with her name and the TAH Article is already on the inherwebz. You know we could afford to pay an assload of investigators just from the savings that these parasites steal. And for the fines and restitution they are forced to pay. Does NOBODY verify ANYTHING anymore?

Rita M. Copeland, I really hope that this indictment leads to the full 20 years imprisonment for the fraud, plus the consecutive imprisonment for the identity theft, plus FULL restitution. Furthermore Rita M. Copeland, I do hope your imprisonment is as stressful and painful to you as the suffering you caused your victims…AND the taxpayer.

I really believe that the reason we have so much of this sh^tbaggery is there is not real, published, severe punishment. When a perp is caught, there is a blurb in the news, a slap on the wrist, a little jail time or probation, and even if restitution is ordered it is never paid.

You break the law, that’s on you. Put the mug shot in all of the media. Confiscate all of your ill gotten goods AND any other assets you have. While you are serving the MAXIMUM prison term, you work in the prison shop and anything you earn there is applied to the victim or as repayment. Cruel and unusual punishment you say? Well how cruel is it to abuse elders, in particular a Veteran that signed a blank check, payable with up to and including their life to insure you had the freedom to do your nefarious crap? I have zero phuques to give for you.

The more we let people get away with it, the more they will try to get away with. Fed up yet?


There IS a difference between “cruel and unusual” and “well-deserved”, y’know.


I’ll be surprised if she gets four years like that last fraudster.


With me it’s the “please buy these specific

gift cards, for which I will gladly repay you

on Tuesday.” Emails all, I don’t talk on the

telephone. One came last week as though it was

from my pastor. I always wonder if these people

somehow rationalize this shit in their heads?

I grew up in a time when egg farmers would sell

cracked eggs out of a garage for a pittance on

The Honor System. There was never anyone there,

you paid and made your own change. They were

perfectly good eggs for 3 weeks in a fridge.

One still did it into the 1990’s. Sometimes I

wonder if that was just something I’d dreamed?

Wilted Willy

Oh how I wish they would put my pos brother in prison before I die! What in the hell does it take to arrest this fucker and put him in prison???
Can anyone figure out a way to get this bastard???


Saying a prayer for Willy’s brother….that he may be justifiably handcuffed, hogtied and then perp walked for all the glory he so richly deserves!!!
From this blog and our keyboards to God’s ears.