Another West Coast liberal caught being a hypocrite

| October 1, 2020

ninja came across a segment on Tucker Carlson in which Tucker has come into possession of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) walking through Washington Dulles Airport without a mask. Indoors. Within six feet of other people. She clearly wants to execute people with this horrendous coronavirus that shouldn’t be associated with China.

This comes shortly after Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was caught indoors in San Francisco without a mask while she received an illegal haircut.

Both politicians have endlessly lectured on the need for mask mandates. This is particularly hypocritical because in June Feinstein wrote to the FAA encouraging them to “issue clear, nationwide, mandatory mask requirements for all aviation employees and travelers”.

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No surprise here first Chinese spy’s then
(She’s bought and paid for too)
Then this. How many laws can one break
Before they are held accountable???
The most recent being insider trading
Billions made off of closed military bases
In California and Hawaii and other locations
Talk about the luckiest people alive


DiFi a hypocrite?

No, really??

/sarc (yeah, really)


I wish they would just admit what’s going on:

Press: Senator DiFi, why where you not wearing a mask when it is mandated by the same rules you were in so much favor for? Weren’t you lambasting Trump for not wearing a mask?

DiFi: Yes, but I’m a liberal. . .

Press: [Pregnant pause]

Press: There you have it folks, Trump is a racist.


Crap! Another Where/were typo! I should really read over these things BEFORE I hit Post.

Daisy Cutter

I don’t know if I understand the question – but the answer is Trump is a racist.

5th/77th FA

“Do as I say do, Citizen, not as I do!” “My former driver insured that I had the vaccine injected before the Chinesecommunist Originated Virus Infecting Disease of 2019 was released. I cannot catch this disease. I have also had my Murder Hornets Benadryl Shot.”

Another power hungry, self serving, bought and paid for bitch that is a poster child for the need for term limits.



Combat Historian

I’m sure that Feinswine, being the hypocrite gunbanning demonrat that she is, probably has an unregistered chicom Norinco full-auto AKM under her bed, a gift from her chicom driver/handler…

Hack Stone

No, she got her weapon of choice from State Senator Leland Lee.

Combat Historian

To set the record straight, Leland Yee gave an RPG-7 to Fineswine, not the Norinco AKM…


Good God woman, do something with that hair.

Daisy Cutter

It’s grandmother hair.

A Proud Infidel®™

She’s ugly as sin in more ways than one.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Is she allowed to transit the airport with her concealed .38 wheelgun, because it would be hard to conceal her ****chicom Norinco full-auto AKM on her person unless it was carried in a golf bag.

****Credit for the AKM goes to C H.
Thanks C H.

The Other Whitey

I remember that photo, with her appalling lack of muzzle- and trigger-D.


How about that photo where she is trying to insert an upside down magazine into an AK, but can’t figure out why it won’t go in.


Wait! What? Is that pilot walking in front of her carrying Gropey Joe?

I see the leash in her hand./s


I hate this corrupt scumbag.

She should have been run out of office decades ago.


Wow, who are you, and what have you done with our Commissar? Next you may be bashing San Fran NaN.


I do. Constantly. And I have here as well.


At first, when I read the title, I thought the post was going to be about you Commissar.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

How about someone coming up with that pic of the Dewalt AR-15 nailgun and maybe add on the chainsaw bayonet.


Hopefully we won’t have to put up with this evil bitch much longer (she is 87). She can go to hell and keep RBG company.

Also, there is this, which should not be a shock to anyone:


Well sheet, Pres Trump & first lady have covid-19.