Tesla Ticketed

| September 24, 2020


Priceless: Tesla speeds on down the road while the driver and passenger take a nap.


It happened in the province of Alberta, CA, and the Tesla was moving at 150 KPH – really quite fast, since 100KPH is 62 MPH down here, and 150 KPH comes to just under 95 MPH.

Yes, the car did get ticketed by the RCMP Mountie and his faithful car Rex, and his barky dog Dweebo.

Wait – it wasn’t Dweebo. It was King. “On, Dweebo, on you huskies!” doesn’t sound quite as exciting as “On, King, on you huskies!”


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This reminds me of an episode I saw back in the 80s:


A commercial advertising for Budget:

5th/77th FA

Not sure if the car or the driver should get the speeding ticket. The article did say the car accelerated while the Mountie was in high speed pursuit, so there is that. If the car is driving itself, is the driver still responsible for the car’s actions?/s/

Not sure about up there in the frozen wastelands (and no, I’m not talking about an ex’s nether regions), but down here anything 15mph over the posted speed limit is what they call a Super Speeder. It can also be classified as Felony Speeding. That can be as much as $1K+ fine, 3-5 points, suspension of license, and/or up to 12 months in the Gray Bar Hotel.

My local Sheriff’s Department does a pretty good job wearing their asses out on the Big Road. Come thru T______ on vacation, come back to T______ on probation.


In Texas it’s something like 20mph over earning you a mandatory arrest and a ride to the local lockup according to the DPS cop who gave me a ticket (only the second in my life – with how I drove when I was younger, that is a major accomplishment.) He was nice enough to write me at 17 over, instead of the legit 25 over I deserved. I often wondered whether he was just smart enough to know that nobody would argue a ticket in that situation?


I do believe the law in most places is that the driver/owner is responsible for the vehicle. I doubt anyone has caught up with the concept of auto/-driving vehicles, yet.


Summon feature came out September 2019:


That’s the difference between a car and a gun – they aren’t suing Tesla. Yet.


Everyone check your “weird year Bingo” cards.

Self-driving car traffic tickets

North Korea apologizing to South Korea for an incident



Not the first time a Tesla driver has gotten in legal trouble driving on “autopilot” while watching a movie. Something along those lines happened about a month ago in North Carolina – and damn near killed two cops.


Must be those cobalt/lithium fumes from the battery pack. (smile)

Or maybe a large fraction of Tesla drivers just tend to be smug, self-centered a-holes who feel that “rules are for thee, but not for me.”

Slow Joe

If a self driving car speeds up it is the company’s responsibility, as the driver does not control the car.

However, as far as I know Teslas are not yet level 5 self driving cars, therefore the driver is still in control, expected to keep eyes on the road, and intervene if the level 4 does something stupid.