Hunting Season Approaches

| September 24, 2020

You got an apple?

This video should entertain you nicely. If you ever find yourself in a primitive landscape (meaning outside a city) and think you’ll have to forage for food, you may want to take using an assist in spear-throwing to take down prey, as shown in this video.

These guys are having far too much fun.

It’s your first lesson in hunting cave man style with the atl-atl (spearchukker), which was used in Ice Age hunting to bring down big game like the Irish deer and the mammoth.  Try not to hurt yourself when you practice.


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I’m just gonna leave this here…

5th/77th FA

Tell you what, between this thing and that Red Ryder Daisy BB Gun, somebody gonna get an eye put out. 😀

The Atlatl does work, I’ve used one a time or two, just for demo purposes. I would not want to depend on it or a thrown spear for food or defense.


Primitive weapons season for deers, turkey was good and long down there in Georgia.
When I hunted on Benning the most primitive thing I’d dare hunt with was a recurve bow and a back up of a 6” Gerber hunting knife just in case one them hogs decided to charge.
Never had to use the knife for protection, got close a time or 5, but she carved much game in Paradise on Earth.

5th/77th FA

If anything the population of God’s Wild, Delicious Critters is higher now than it ever has been. And yep, primitive weapon season is upon us as we speak.

Wonder if I can get the quicksand mud out of that .58 Enfield, .54 Sharps, the .44 Colts, and that .36 Lancaster PA?

You need to come on back home and get daHell out of the PDRofCT.


Don’t we know it…
Thank goodness there ain’t a bag on hogs.
If you find a Henry in .45LC with a threaded muzzle in that quickest of sands, you throw up the red flag, I’ll be by with silver and Yueglings for barter.
Aim true, Reb.




Don’t know that the old shoulder would let me run an atlatl nowadays.

Bow season starts soon for deer, a couple of days after squirrel season (firearm).

Went on a Land Nav exercise this afternoon, trying to find where they say a phone tower is in the woods nearby – got within 200′ but the creek was up and night was falling. Will try a different approach angle next.

Regardless, smelled a lot of hogs while I was in the creek bottom with palmetto as high as my head. Found a couple of little meadows where I suspect some deer may come through as well.

Squirrels are shaking the oaks like Elvis’ pelvis. If it stays cool in the AO I may get some squirrel next week…


I have some nice venison munching on my apple trees at night. look good in my freezer.
just sayen.


And, in the opposite direction… huntin’ squirrel with tracer rounds.