Oldest living US Marine celebrates 107th birthday in North Carolina

| September 24, 2020

Sgt. Dot Cole joined the Marines in 1943. (Courtesy: City of Kannapolis)

The KoB sends us word on the 107th birthday of this Marine.

The oldest living U.S. Marine celebrated her 107th birthday in Kannapolis, N.C., over the weekend, with a happy birthday greeting from the Marine Corps.

Sgt. Dot Cole joined the Marines in 1943, trained at Camp Lejeune, then went to Quantico for an administrative role, the city of Kannapolis posted on Twitter.

Dorothy Schmidt Cole was born Sept. 19, 1913 in Warren, Penn., and currently lives in Kannapolis.

She enlisted following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and was assigned to what had been a male-dominated field – freeing up personnel to fight the war in the Pacific, according to the Marines.

“Everyone was out doing something,” she explained in a video posted to the Marine Corps’ official Facebook account. “The women helping the Red Cross – or even in churches, they were knitting things. So I decided that I wanted to do something, and I would go into the Marine Corps.”

Happy birthday, Marine! Semper Fi!

What an incredible life. When she was born there was still an Austro-Hungarian Empire, Arizona had only been a state for a year and a half, and she would have been old enough to have personal memories of WWI, the Spanish Flu, the Roarin’ 20’s, the Great Depression, and everything that came after it. In 1913, $525 would buy you one of them new Ford Model T Runabouts (they’d only been in production for five years at that point). The height of advanced technology was the Avro 504 and the Marconi Wireless. AM Radio probably wasn’t a “thing” for her until her teens (or later).

Source; Fox News

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  1. FuzeVT says:

    Pretty incredible. And I think I’m special because I remember the IBM XT our family had!

    Happy Birthday, ma’am! Semper Fi!

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    Happy Birthday Marine SGT Dot Cole! May you have as many more as you want. Semper Fi! Bet she could give old Saggy Maggie a run for her money in the pushup department. And Dot served her Country. Saggy Maggie lied to her Country.

    Yes just imagine all the changes she has seen. A lot of what she saw, many of us just read about in a history book. Imagine too, someone born in 2013 that lives that long into the future. Their story could be amazing too. “The A’stan war started 12 years before I was born. My Mom and Dad both served 3 tours. He was Force Recon and she was the Corpsman that patched him up. I was conceived when they both had liberty between their 2nd and 3rd deployment. I served 7 deployments to A’stan between 2033 and 2049 when the ChiComs pushed us out coming in on their new Silk Road. My Gunny was the last to fall defending the kids at the rare earth minerals mine. Bill Gates’ grandson plucked what was left of my team out in his Elon Musk designed Tesla Helicopter. This was back when the USA was still a separate, free Country. Hunter Biden was Secretary of War and Nancy Pelosi was still Speaker of the House. Amazing that his son, as Province Governor of the PDRofAmerika, still has a desire to take his clothes off and dance around a pole. They said it was something he picked up from his Mother’s side of the family. He spends most of his at the family cocoa plantation in what used to be Columbia, South America. Under the New World Order, it is known as Junior’s Farm. I’m so glad I talked the kids into taking the Mars Shuttle back in 2053. The air may be thinner there but at least it is free.” “My greatest accomplishment? I lived long enough and was low enough below the radar that I became too tough to be sent to the Soylent Factory.”

  3. 26Limabeans says:

    There is a WW2 Liberator pilot in Indiana that turns 100 in December.
    Not trying to play match maker here but if Dot likes younger men….

  4. ninja says:

    She has GREAT Genes!

    You Go Girl!!

    Dot’s Mom lived to be 102 years old.

    Her Dad almost made it to his 90th Birthday.

    Her BABY Brother passed away at the age of 93. Am sure he served as well during WW2 as a US Army Soldier.

    Both of her Parents were born in Germany.

    Her 1932 Senior Yearbook described her as being Petite and liking Gingersnaps.

    Dot was on the High School Basketball Team and Track Team.

    Her nickname was “Smitty”. “Dort”.

    What a wonderful achievement for this young lady.

    And fake Viet of the Nam Maggie?

    Well, Ole Maggie was born in 1938.

    Dot could have been a MOTHER to Ole Maggie.

    Now tell me who looks better…Dot or Ole Fake Margaret DeSanti..


    Thank You, KoB and Mason for sharing a wonderful story.

  5. Sparks says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Lady.

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    We should all live so long and do as well as she did!

    Happy Birthday, SGT Cole! And many more to come!

  7. Berliner says:

    In her honor I am going to Costco to get a cheesecake and light a candle. Happy 107th!