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| September 19, 2020

Protester climbs on top of CHP car, is thrown from vehicle

In Sacramento, a mostly peaceful protester decided to climb onto the hood of a California Highway Patrol cruiser trying to leave a traffic detail for the president’s visit to the state.

“Two CHP officers were conducting traffic control near the intersection of northbound Watt Ave and Airbase Drive and attempted to leave the area,” CHP said in the statement. “As the lead vehicle began to pull away, one of the protestors climbed up the hood of the patrol vehicle. Fearing for his safety, the officer began to accelerate away and the protestor fell off the vehicle.”

If this sounds familiar, it happened in LA a few months back.

When a CHP patrol car arrived, demonstrators surrounded it. The cruiser attempted to move through the crowd, and as it did, protesters hopped on the hood. The car’s back window was smashed by a skateboard, and the officer behind the wheel accelerate while demonstrators clung to the hood.

A second CHP car arrived, and one demonstrator hurled what appeared to be a board at the window.

These people are slow learners. Most adults are happy to observe and learn from other people’s mistakes.

Georgia woman admitted to dumping dad’s body at Boy Scout camp, cops say, then cashed his Social Security checks for months

The KoB sent this one in.

A Newton County woman has been arrested and charged with concealing a death after the sheriff’s office identified human remains found at a Boy Scout camp as her father.

Tamela Renee Carter, 48, of Covington, is facing several charges related to concealing the death of 72-year-old Perry Davis for four months while continuing to access his Social Security funds. Carter was booked into the Newton County Jail on Monday and faces one felony count of concealing the death of another, four felony counts of forgery and misdemeanor obstruction of justice. She remains in jail without bond, online jail records show.
She seems like a real charmer. Source; Atlanta Journal Constitution

Georgia soldier charged with possession of stolen explosives, drugs

Another one from the King of Battle.

A U.S. Army sergeant is facing multiple charges in Dawson County after an anonymous tip led sheriff’s deputies to discover stolen military explosives and drugs at his home and in his car last week, investigators said.

Sgt. Jesse Gray Phillips, 23, of Dawsonville, was arrested Sept. 3 during a traffic stop and charged with possessing explosives and multiple counts related to prescription drugs, the Dawson County News first reported. After finding military-issue smoke grenades in Phillips’ car, investigators searched his house and discovered the additional explosives and drugs, officials said.

According to warrants obtained by, Phillips was in possession of 15 “simulator projectile ground burst M115” destructive explosive devices, as well as four igniter time blasting fuses and three military-issue smoke grenades. He was also charged with possession of pills believed to be Hydrocodone, a schedule II controlled substance, and packages of Clomiphene and Tamoxifen, both considered dangerous drugs.

The 15 explosive devices found at Phillips’ home were stolen from the Camp Merrill U.S. Army Training Facility in Lumpkin County and are used to mimic battle noises in training simulations, Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson said in a statement.

Rite Aid fires manager who pulled knife on violent, maskless customer

Elena Santiago says she was fired from her job at a Rite Aid in York, Pennsylvania, after she defended herself from a customer who reacted violently when she asked him to leave the store for refusing to wear a face mask.

Rite Aid has said that she lost her job because she possessed and displayed a knife during the episode — not because she defended herself and others in the store.

It began when a young man carrying a skateboard walked into the store at about 12:28 p.m. Sept. 3, not wearing a face mask.

So she asked him to wear one, offered to give him one, and he became belligerent. Once it was obvious he wasn’t going to leave willingly, she had an employee call 911. The man responded by shoving Santiago into a magazine rack, injuring her, and then trashed the store. She pulled out her knife, which scared the man away. He was gone by the time police arrived 30 minutes later.

Rite Aid defends firing her from the $11-an-hour job. I’m sure there are many places willing to pay a woman with such grit a bit more for her services and loyalty.

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Stolen Army Boom-BooMs sounds like good weekend BBQ collection.
Good times

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Your right Sapper, that stuff is great at BBQ’s where everyone would get a bang out of it. The last day or two before we left our two week Nat. Guard stay you should see what the guys were trying to take home. One of the M-60 gunners had a suitcase filled with belts of M-60 ammo and some of the Officers were taking home pop flares. The suitcase never left after inspection. Different with Officers though.


Explosives and drugs. Not a good combination.

Rite Aid is stupid. The employees were supposed to just stand around cheering the guy trashing the store?

5th/77th FA

Where is Detective Tibbs and “Bubba” Skinner when they’re needed. Tho “In The Heat of the Night” TV Show was supposedly set in the fictional town of Sparta MS, it was actually filmed in and around Covington GA. That Boy Scout Camp area was used on many occasions for background or scene sets. “No evidence points to homicide.” That just means that can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she killed her Daddy, just to get to his SSA $. A real winner here. We would hope for her to rot in jail til she goes to Hell and pays back the $ stolen from the taxpayers. Who here thinks that will happen? Yeah, me neither. Lawer showing up to screech Daddy abused her in…

When Motrin, M-80s, and bottle rockets just won’t do. Sarge had him a nice assortment of either personal use items or highly marketable ones. Way to phuques ups your life…Dumbass!

Placating thugs never works. One reason we have so many thugs now is they are allowed to get away with their thuggery. Ms Manager will get another, better job, but it won’t be with Big Corporate. They all have the same 0 resistance policy, and they share info. The price you pay for merchandize and insurance is built into the losses they expect from non paying customers. “…gone by the time police arrived 30 minutes later.”


There’s been a change in the thug’s behavior.
Our esteemed AG Bill Barr is behind the push to charge these moron asswipes at the federal level.
Amazing how that works…


Agreed with culture corporate charge of no resistance. Simple enough to follow, but if you are a female and some azzwipe is shoving you into a magazine rack and injuring you (no matter how little), Mrs. J. would have been part of the Bad Bad Leroy Brown story.


Was a time in the National Guard when pyrotechnics and blank ammunition not consumed during field drills or annual training were carried home for use in the next field exercise. Ammunition supply points have a rule of not taking back any items from an opened case. You can’t turn in cans of blank ammunition, whether rifle or machine gun. Didn’t use all the smoke grenades, artillery simulators or hand flares? Take the stuff home for the next field drill. At one time a sergeant friend had a thousand or so rounds of 7.62mm linked and smoke grenades of several colors. It all got used in training.

Steve 1371

I had a cousin that was stationed at Gitmo many years ago before 911. When he was discharged from there he brought home with him a sachell full
of those 1/4 lb TNT blocks and several electric caps. He also brought along several full auto selector trigger assemblies for M16s. He is gone now and I don’t have any idea what happened to all of his souvenirs.


What self respecting NCO hasn’t taken a few sims off the range? I’m glad i’m retired, I can’t take too much of this anymore.