Uniformed soldier accosted by mentally deranged man, subdues him, and his hailed as the villian

| September 5, 2020

SSG (then-SGT) Richard Hy, USAR

Many will recognize Staff Sergeant Hy of the Army Reserve here for his social media videos under the handle Angry Cops. Initially his videos dealt a lot with “humanizing the badge” as is the lingo in the field. Humorous videos about cop life.

In 2016 he apparently ran afoul of civilian employer the Buffalo Police Department’s social media policy for the videos, costing him a lengthy suspension. Since then his videos have mostly dealt with military topics.

This and another suspension now are immediately used by the media to cast doubt on him. As seen in the very first sentence after the byline in this Investigative Post article;

A twice-suspended Buffalo police officer is under investigation by Internal Affairs after he was caught on camera Thursday afternoon punching a man on Elmwood Avenue.

The image conjured by this writer is one of a rogue cop, playing by his own rules, as if he were living in a 1980’s buddy cop flick.

The “reporter’s” second paragraph is even more accusatory and biased;

The officer, Richard Hy, was off-duty at the time and dressed in camouflage. He’s white, the man he punched was black, someone described by police and witnesses as displaying mental distress and violent behavior.

There’s video of the final moments of the incident. The Daily Mail has mirrored the video in their article here, and American Grit has an article exploring it. The Daily Mail’s headline is fabulously accusatory as well. “US soldier punches a black man to the ground and sits on his chest until police arrive after he lunged at him, ‘spat on his car and made disparaging remarks about the military.” Now let’s look into this a tad bit more.

It turns out Hy was in his Army uniform, presumably on his way home from some Reserve duty, when he’d stopped where this mentally deranged individual (who apparently was black we know thanks to the spectacularly unbiased reporting of the Investigative Post) was causing a disturbance. He’d been causing a disturbance for some time, which had resulted in multiple calls to Buffalo Police. The man didn’t meet the threshold for a commitment hold and he had yet to commit a crime, so the police were unable to do anything with him. Hy knew none of this when he happened across the scene.

The mentally ill man saw the uniform and targeted SSG Hy. Hy was faced with a belligerent man who was spewing anti-government invective, verbally assaulting Hy himself, spitting on Hy’s vehicle, and lunging back and forth at Hy with a skateboard in a threatening manner.

The Iraq War combat veteran and off-duty city police officer is in a defensive posture in the video, but the man confronting him was giving indications that he was about to strike. When the man lunged forward, Hy punched him with a right hook, knocking his attacker on the ground. Hy then held the man down while police were again called.

In the five minutes or so it took for on-duty personnel to respond, a crowd formed. A man in a wheelchair even came and brandished an aluminum baseball bat at the uniformed US Army NCO. Racist members of the mob repeatedly challenged the staff sergeant to a physical fight.

Of course the mob demanded Hy’s arrest, despite knowing nothing of the situation once cops arrived. The man was uninjured and was taken to a hospital to receive the mental health treatment he so sorely needs. While Hy’s holding him down the dude even thanks him, repeatedly and says “I been waiting for this.”

The story here is that a uniformed soldier of the Army Reserve was able to defend himself and protect the community. Instead, because the soldier is white, it fits the narrative. He’s a previously suspended officer. He’s in camouflage. He punches the guy with mental health problems. A black guy no less!

Hy is reported to still be on the job while department investigators look into the incident. No word on the Army’s response to this.

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  1. OlafTheTanker says:

    “good job”


    “good job”



    **pat pat**

  2. MustangCryppie says:

    Funny how a fair number of arrested thank the cop.

    I had a guy thank me for tasing him.

    “Wow, Officer! That really cleared my head! Thanks very much!”

  3. Ex Coelis says:

    Bravo-Zulu SSG Richard Hy for duty ‘above and beyond’.
    Thank you for your Service and for making Buffalo NY a safer place to be.

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    To bystanders: here’s a conclusion: _______________

    Now, jump to it.

    One more time: _____________________________

    Jump to it.

  5. 5th/77th FA says:

    Seems to me that Warrior Hy needs a well deserved promotion…from both employers! And a nice new shiny piece of bling for his uniforms…from both employers.

    And the onlooking crowd/mob? They just need to STFU. They seem to be some of the spapos seagull type.

    And you wonder why I like to stay inside the wire in my own little world. There’s plenty of good food with drink and my fur babies love me unconditionally…leastways, long as THEIR food and drink are replenished.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Fur babies? You have buffalo in your yard, do you?

      Well, three of them got loose yesterday and ran all over the county until the deputies rounded them up and made them go home. (Real story, yes.)

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        “…you have buffalo in your yard…” Hell I wish I did Mi’Lady. On my trip to SD & NE back in ’09 I had mentioned to several people, including My Lady Friend, other friends, and NE Sister, that I wanted to bring back longhorns AND buffalo. One of only a very few (3?) pure breed Texas Longhorn cattle herds is at Ft Robinson NE. They also have, along with Custer State Park, some of the very few pure buffalo herds. Everybody told me I was crazy as all hell, that I couldn’t do that.

        Well come to find out, I could’ve. They have a major roundup every September and you can buy either full grown animals or the baby ones. Woulda been a little different from my FIRST plan of 2 of each boys and girls. Seems as if girl buffalo won’t mate unless there are 2 bulls to choose from and the bulls won’t mate unless they fight another bull FIRST. Talk about your rough sex fore play, huh. Bulls also want to have more than 1 heifer available. Go figure. Anyway, out west they calculate at least 10 acres per animal for grazing, but here in Georgia, with the abundant rainfall, you can do it with about 3 acres per head, less if you plan on supplementing their grazing with either feed or hay bales. COP CRC has 15 acres with 3 deep well pumps and the required heavy duty (steel board/bar) fencing would have run close to 100 large. The meat sells for about $10 per pound (2K lb per beast) and the hides (cured) go for 1K$ up. Would have taken a good little while for the ROI numbers to work out. Done got too decrepit to try now and COP CRC is a fixin’ to be for sale. Know anybody in the market for some prime real estate, with home and potential for a ranch/farm/Combat Outpost?

        If I coulda put some of it together had considered making the planned road trip starting next week in order to be at Custer just for that Buffalo Round up. It’s cool as all hell. You can find more info by Google Fooing South Dakota Buffalo Roundup.

        • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

          Bison can also take care of themselves. Say you have a snow-covered pasture with cattle, you will need to drop hay off for them as well as keep a hole in the ice on the ponds so the cattle won’t starve and dehydrate. No worries like that with Bison, they’ll eat the snow for a source of water and burrow through the snow to graze.

  6. 26Limabeans says:

    I guess SSG Hy was buffaloed.

  7. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    Of course the street critters are going to go batshit as soon as they see a uniform because the DNC propaganda media brainwashes them to be like that!

  8. OWB says:

    So how is this supposed to work in the world of snowflakes? Officer (or anybody else) is attacked by someone with mental issues. They are supposed to: a) allow the mental defective to kill them just because; b) defend themselves only after a mortal wound has been inflicted; c) levitate themselves to some other place; d) conduct some sort of field mental defectiveness test to determine the mental acuity of the guy attacking them, then exercise one of alternates a-c; e) quit reporting for duty/walking around in public because they are the problem; or f) get a replacement crystal ball because the one they have isn’t working properly.

    What difference does it make if the person attacking someone, whoever they are, has mental issues? And who was supposed to be supervising that person that day? Are folks with mental issues going to be branded somehow so that everyone else knows to avoid them? As stupid as that sounds, how are ordinary folks supposed to tell? Waiting for the trial might be a bit late for some of the victims of a crazy person’s violence.

    • David says:

      Sounds to me like the mental issues were in the crowd more than the perp.


      (Shoulda picked…) no idea how it ends

  9. Roh-Dog says:

    Stop the planet, I want to get off.

  10. rgr769 says:

    I guess, according to Progda, all white people are supposed to let crazy people attack them at will if the lunatic is black. Soon, I guess this unwritten rule will ratchet up to apply to any POC. No self defense if you are caucazoid and your attacker isn’t. Can we call it a Lars Law?

    • Roh-Dog says:

      According to Supreme Prophet Master Fard Muhammad, the Founder of the Nation of Islam, the Original Man was the Black Asiatic Man. Yacob, as instructed by the One True God, created the white blue-eyed devil, better known as the ‘colored man’, to reign over the Original Man for 6,000 years.
      I just dropped knowledge on you, Son! (I used to like Wu-Tang before I knew all this)
      (See above statement re leaving the planet)

  11. 26Limabeans says:

    “Buffalo Gals” is a traditional American song, written and published as “Lubly Fan” in 1844 by the blackface minstrel John Hodges, who performed as “Cool White.”

    Who knew?

  12. NHSparky says:

    I can’t wait for Dipshit to chime in with his .02 worth.

  13. timactual says:

    Strange. I didn’t hear one “Thank you for your service” on that video.