Phase III trials of coronavirus vaccine to take place at 5 US military sites

| September 5, 2020

We know the US government likes to use military personnel as guinea pigs. During these COVID times, this is no different. It’s not clear to me if they’re going to limit it to military personnel though.

Sites for coronavirus vaccine trials have been announced and volunteers are being asked to participate in the Phase III trials.

Five United States military sites were chosen to participate in the third phase of the COVID-19 vaccine trials, the Pentagon announced in a statement provided to Fox News Thursday.

“The Department of Defense continues to play a key role in the development of a potential COVID-19 vaccine,” Tom McCaffery, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, said in the release.

Source; Fox News

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Don’t forget the side benefits. After your six anthrax shots you could move to New Zealand or Scotland and shag all the sheep you wanted without worrying about catching anything.


Wrong, and I know from experience. You are free to fuck five sheep, the sixth will cost you.


3rd Worst US Prez commanded the USAF to give me the SWINE FLU….. err …. commanded the USAF to give me the SWINE FLU Vaccine. Our entire flight got….. wait for it….. SWINE FLU……
Then he gave away the Panama Canal…..


Got the swine flu shot, I was sick as a dog for three days. Haven’t had the flu since.


3rd worst? Who snuck in below him other than the obvious?

E4 Mafia '83-'87

That’s bad news for The Corona Bros. They want fear and lock-downs to rule the day, so one day they can tell you how to live your life.

5th/77th FA

Not surprised one single bit. Way back yonder in them Viet of the Nam Times Dayz, did any of us know what all they shot us up with? You troops that have come along since we started all the Sand Box Dayz probably had all of that, and then some. Vaguely recall some additional shots in ’73 when Yom Kipper broke out and the 1st/333rd was wink, wink, nod, nod this could be the start of WWIII, get these tracked launchers on that aircraft.

Can’t remember what kind of plague or bug/carnal disease the ones they gave us to prevent us catching that caused the two step trots. Took 2 steps and you were ready to throw up…from both ends. And how about the FIRST air guns that was ripping guys’ arms up if they flinched? Or the medics that had given so many injections with needles that they had multiple syringes in one hand, an alcohol pad in the other, slapped your arm with the pad, jabbed with the needles, and made the injections with the palm of the hand. Good Times!

Not sure if I will take their vaccine shot. ‘Specially if it’s got “Made in China” wrote on it. Y’all dug up your copy of “Rainbow 6” yet? Hey, Clancy was right about the airplane flying into buildings, who is to say he wasn’t right about a corporate invented bug?


Still have a scar from that damn airgun.


Do you military wobegones still get the smallpox vaxx? Just askin’, in case it rears its head again.

The Plague! The Plague!

A Proud Infidel®™️

Got it before going to A-stan a few years ago!


Yup. Had to get a “re-vaccination” since I had the original in ’71– boy, that gave the medics who were born while I was in high school the fits.


Make sure you get that sh*t in your shot record.


The problem with Covid19 is that it can and does produce severe damage to lung tissue. The body replaces cells damaged by the virus with scar tissue, which is thick and stiff. This can result in a condition called “pulmonary fibrosis”, which has been seen in people with COVID-19 and is probably more likely to develop if the lungs are severely affected by the infection.

The disease isn’t a simple flu bug. It can be and is damaging. You really do NOT want to catch it, regardless of age group. PERIOD.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

This is going to enrage the 3rd political party the lame stream media and all their demoRAT peeps because they have to keep the CHINA Virus going because the election is a couple of months away. I guess you all heard about those in the know Doctors talking about how things are going positive about handling the above and big tech shut them down so it couldn’t be seen on social media. Tucker Carlson told his viewers about it and had the actual footage.


Do you have a link to that? I’d like to see it, too.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

No Ex, Tucker Carlson showed a few seconds of it and then mentioned about it being shut down on social media. Maybe Fox would have it on their site. Just got on TAH after buying a food saver and bagged 3 bags of macaroni of the spagetti class and some sausage/meatballs one of my friends gave me. Works great if you read the instructions right which I didn’t do, but I finally got it.

Jus Bill

FYI – Johns Hopkins in Bloodymore was trolling for volunteers a few days ago. I guess they want to try it on the hood denizens too.


What the hell…gotten just about every vaccine out there…Smallpox and polio as a kid, diptheria, pertussis, tetanus, typhoid, yellow fever, cholera, Japanese B encephalitis, swine flu, anthrax, measles, mumps, rubella, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, swine flu, seasonal flu, Smallpox again as an adult, and shingles. I had mumps and chickenpox as a kid. I figure I’m pretty resistant to any biological out there.


I hear ya. Eleven (11) times overseas, the only shots I need are for the flu any more.


Yup. And don’t forget the malaria pills aka Chloroquine…obviously didn’t kill us..