IG report’s in on fired USAF Maj Gen

| August 19, 2020


Maj Gen Dawn Dunlop

Ex-PH2 originally wrote on Maj Gen Dawn Dunlop when she was removed from her post as commanding general of Special Access Program Central Office, the Pentagon’s office for “black”, classified programs.

Now the Air Force IQ report has been completed. Among the findings were;

Dunlop commonly demeaned her subordinates when they failed to live up to her expectations, was unprofessionally insulting, and regularly implied they were stupid, said witnesses. Several of them used terms like “dictatorial” and “borderline abusive” to characterize her leadership style, and described her as treating subordinates like a “parent scolding a child.”

Her behavior was so bad, senior leaders quit attending meetings with her.

Dunlop’s confrontational leadership style reached a boiling point on Jan. 4, 2019, when she grabbed a shocked subordinate’s hand without her permission to get her attention during a dispute over her calendar and a visitor coming in for coffee.

The subordinate told investigators that Dunlop “just went ballistic” when she found out a visitor, with whom Dunlop had a coffee appointment, was first going to stop by her office. Dunlop scolded the subordinate for not telling her the visitor was coming up and said she was concerned the visitor would see bare walls in her office and askew coat hangars and papers on her desk.

The subordinate told investigators she looked at Dunlop’s schedule to bring a change to her attention and Dunlop grabbed her hand and shook it “like a child to get my attention.” The altercation was witnessed by multiple people, who told investigators that Dunlop raised her voice and told the subordinate, “Look at me, look at me please.”

The subordinate said that while she was shocked, Dunlop did not grab her hand hard. And witnesses said Dunlop did not appear to intend to harm or scare the subordinate, though they were surprised. One SAPCO employee called the Pentagon Force Protection Agency to report the incident the following week.

The Pentagon Force Protection Agency is the Pentagon’s police force for those not familiar with the workings of the five-sided insane asylum.

The general passed three years time in grade at the beginning of the month. She’s still on active duty, but I’d expect a retirement to happen any moment now. She had been the Air Force’s first female test pilot, first female to fly an F-22, first female to command a test wing.

Read the rest here; airforcetimes.com

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She did say “look at me please” at least.

Hack Stone

She was as helpless a kitten in a tree.

Carlton G Long

I see what you did there.


I got all misty.

Hack Stone

Thanks for the chuckle.

Bubblehead Ray

I have a hard time feeling sorry for some poor soul who was “scolded” by this General when I remember my Company Commander in boot camp screaming at us at 0-dark 30 on day 1 that if we didn’t get our f-ing feet on the painted footprints “Right F-ing NOW!” He was going to “Rip our heads off and shit down our necks”.

It was a phrase I had never heard before. (He was a Swift Boat Chief Bosun Mate. He expanded our vocabulary daily😳)

Safe space military. SMDH

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Now she can be the “first” female general shit canned for conduct unbecoming and get her very own golden parachute just like good ole boys do…



She will claime sexual bias and file lawsuit after lawsuit.

And go on CNN to complain and tear down the organization that gave her so much.

MSG Eric

Who knows if CNN can pay her after they’ve recently paid their newest and highest paid employee, Nick Sandmann

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Now she can go to a dealership and sell tires.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Or get a really cush job with some lobbying firm!


I bet she pens a book first, then does a speaking tour, then either snags a nice corp job, or the Dims ask her to carpetbag into some House district they think they can flip and have her run on her strong woman/ ambiguous sexual orientation creds

MSG Eric

Are you saying that because of the hairdo, or because of her 5 o’clock shadow?


probably Goodyear.


But doesn’t the fact that she is a “first female” in the doing of something mean she is above reproach? I thought that meant she was better than all of the hundreds of men that had done that thing prior to her coming along. Boy, I’m really disillusioned.


Females tend to go mad with assumed dictatorial powers when they get some power.

They view any kind of disagreement as a personal attack on their power that must be crushed by all means.

They violate all sorts ot regulations…cause I am in charge now.

In my personal opinion and experiences.

Hack Stone

The clinical term for that is Hillary Syndrome.


You must have known my mom….


And mine was your aunt.

Green Thumb

Pentagon Force Protection Agency.

Interesting outfit.

I met a few good ones and some clowns.


Aggressive and short tempered, Adam’s apple poking out…
Testosterone is a’hellova drug, especially if your brain didn’t develop with it in the first place.


Bet she has a thyroid problem… when it goes bad in a woman, it can be Hell on those around her.

a. viet vet

nah just post menopause syndrome says this viet vet,,,,in civilian life she would have hit the hard deck face down,,,,she slipped on some spilled coffee sarge,,,,,,,,,,,

Herbert J Messkit

Boy does this make me feel “Old Army”. I had a 1SG once who told all the platoon sergeants that if he had Not chewed us out by 1500, we needed to go find him before cob.


LOL! yeah, me too.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Haven’t seen or heard from IDC SARC in a while, I bet he’d hit that!


Worst sandwich maker ,,ever.


“Look, let her be a test pilot, or she’ll go all wacky-girl on us.”

“Look, let her fly the F22, or she’ll go all wacky-girl on us.”

“Look, give her a promotion, or she’ll go all wacky-girl on us.”

“Look, get her a Pentagon appointment, or she’ll go all wacky-girl on us.”

“Wow, she went all wacky-girl on us. Never saw that coming…”


Holly Graf could not be reached for comment.


Wonder what that cunt is doing now…


I immediately thought of Captain Hook. (Graf)
About 4-5 years ago,
she was posting on FlakeBook,
a permanent vacation of kayaks, hikes, and water.
However, I see NONE of it today.
Then again, I’m not looking too hard this time.
All quiet on the internet front since 2012,
when her General Discharge was reversed, to Honorable.


I would not want to wake up at the crack of that Dawn.


So according to this IG Report, it’s possible to be professionally insulting.

Looks like I still have a shot at LtCol !!


Men-o-pause? Or just a bitch in a flight suit?

Hmmmm? Where have we seen a bitch in a flight suit?