James O’Keefe, Project Veritas, Denied 2nd Amendment Rights

| August 7, 2020

“I wonder if that’s more retaliation?” James O’Keefe, of Project Veritas, denied firearm purchase. (Project Veritas/YouTube)

James O’Keefe, through Project Veritas and undercover volunteers, exposed what the media doesn’t want to bring to light. They exposed Antifa, CNN, Facebook, and others. Facebook’s and CNN’s attitudes towards President Trump and Conservatives? Our suspicions confirmed. Antifa’s corporate nature and true objectives? Dito.

James O’Keefe attempted to purchase a shotgun. He truthfully filled out a form, then handed it in. When they did a background check, O’Keefe was flagged. They couldn’t sell him the firearm that he wanted to purchase.

O’Keefe vs FBI: Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe DENIED Constitutional Right to Bear Arms:

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  1. Graybeard says:

    I would not be surprised to learn that some petty bureaucrat is playing tyrant – and hope Mr. O’Keefe sues big time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Violation of civil rights under color of authority is 10 years in federal pen and personal liability for damages. Bet the Peter Strzok-style Democrat careerists there find a Trump supporter to throw under the bus.

  2. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Once again proving no one really likes the free speech of those they detest…most just like the free speech they agree with.

    If one can’t defend the speech of those they detest as their inherent right of birth then one can’t honestly claim they are in favor of speech and personal freedoms.

    In this case young Mr. O’Keefe has already crossed a few thresholds where he was unwelcome.

    Here’s hoping the ACLU steps up and helps him with the same vigor they showed in helping the Nazis and Mr. Limbaugh defend their cases.

    • Ret_25X says:

      Mr. Okeefe “crossed” no “thresholds”.

      In fact, his style of journalism is so old and acceptable that we have been watching it since moving pictures were invented.

      Yes, I’m speaking of hidden camera interviews.

      I’m sure you’ve heard of 60 Minutes, Lehrer Report, 20/20, and even movietone news.

      Do you believe that Project Veritas is “bad” when they do it, but CBS is “good” when they do it?

      It’s OK to admit your bias. We all have bias.

      • Hondo says:

        I think VOV was using “crossed a few thresholds” in the sense of “walked in a few doors” vice exceeded acceptable limits, 25X. And O’Keefe’s certainly gone to some places where he wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms.

        • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:


          What Hondo said is correct, I meant in reference to pissing off some powerful enemies…he crossed the threshold of his enemies and was branded a rapscallion troublemaker….

          His project has the same name as my operational nom de plume thus I am bound to come to his defense…

          • Anonymous says:

            Yup, it’s the so-sue-me Leftist ploy… they can’t but the due process hassle of making them “can’t” is the punishment.

            See the jackass hassling that couple for defending their property in St. Louis right now, too.

  3. KoB says:

    Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. You are the droids we are looking for. We pigs are more equal than you pigs.

    While every one of the useful idiots are repeating the scream of systemic rayciss BS, the systemic encroachment of your rights marches on, nearly unnoticed.

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    Hmmmm…. I have no parking tickets, period. No traffic tickets of any kind at all.
    Don’t even have a bus pass any more, because the bus will take quarters. I keep a roll of quarters in my purse, just in case I need a bus ride.
    Never been stopped for speeding or anything like that because I didn’t want my insurance rates going up.
    No unpaid anything. I pay for things with that oddity, cash money, because I dispensed with credit cards long ago.
    Don’t even have to renew my driver’s license at those sidewalk offices any more.
    I can just do it by phone or online.
    I might just wander on over to the gun range and fill out the FOID thingy just to see what happens.

    It would be so much fun to embarrass these lying jackasses in public.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Oddity? My aunt cut down a chunk of lead pipe to fit exactly the bottom of her purse.

      “Gimme your purse Bi(WHAM!) … thud”

      She played tennis enthusiasticly, and had a devastating backhand.

  5. The Other Whitey says:

    Yet another example of the problems with the FBI. It has grown from the bad seed of its corrupt and power-hungry founder, following in his footsteps the whole way. That organization has repeatedly demonstrated its institutional contempt for the law at every level, from agents spending on the payroll of organized crime, to railroading bullshit charges for a political agenda, to something as petty as this. They wipe their ass with the very Constitution they claim to be sworn to uphold, and clearly expect to get away with it every time.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      IF you don’t practice Transvestic Fetishism like Hoover
      you ain’t hardcore FBI. Even John Connolly wore panties.
      Comey wears a bra and who knows what Mueller does in his
      spare time.
      They are not just corrupt but also have an exploitable “hobby”.

      • The Other Whitey says:

        I have heard that Hoover’s Cross-dressing was a myth. Nevertheless, he was a wannabe-fascist cocksucker who tried to give himself and his office unlimited jurisdiction with zero accountability. He would’ve fit right in among the gestapo, NKVD, or stasi.

        • Mason says:

          You watch The Man in the High Castle? I really liked that they had Hoover continue as the director of the FBI and fully give in to his fascistic, domestic spying fully and openly.

  6. David says:

    When a background check is returned the clerk is told that the request is approved, denied, or delayed. No reason is given. If it is delayed, the feds have 3 days to provide a reason why, otherwise the store can deliver the gun. This is known in gun-ban circles as the Charleston loophole, because Dylan Roof was able to have his gun delivered due to the time limit having expired. Beside past criminal convictions, other reasons can include domestic violence restraining orders, known drug usage, or possibly having a similar name to someone shady (that was put Teddy Kennedy on the no-fly list… there was a suspected Irish bomb-maker named Edward Kennedy about whom the Brits had told the US.) Stores normally request the buyer’s SSN to help avoid this but the buyer is not obligated to provide it. There isn’t enough info in this article to judge.

    • Ret_25X says:

      I thought Ted Kennedy was on the no fly list because of his enormous “baggage train”…


      • The Other Whitey says:

        You mean it wasn’t because he killed somebody?

        • Hondo says:

          No. Though Kennedy pleaded guilty to “leaving the scene of an accident after causing injury” (or something similar) in a “quickie” trial held a week after the incident, neither he or anyone else was ever charged criminally for Kopechne’s death. The only punishments Kennedy ever received were a 2-month suspended sentence for the guilty plea to leaving the scene of an accident and a 16 month drivers license suspension from a Massachusetts DMV inquiry held about a year later.

          FWIW: no autopsy was ever performed on Kopechne’s body, so her exact time and cause of death remain unknown. In late 1969, a judge in Pennsylvania refused a request from Massachusetts officials to order her body exhumed for that purpose.


          Fair warning: don’t read the linked article if you’re in a bad mood.

    • Hondo says:

      Agreed. And with a name like “O’Keefe”, the reason may be similar to that which purportedly put Ted Kennedy on the “no-fly list”.

      We need more info to say whether O’Keefe is getting screwed with or if the system, imperfect though it is, simply “hiccuped”.

      It would be very interesting to know whether O’Keefe supplied his SSN or not when he filled out the 4473. Assuming no typos, in theory that should be definitive – SSNs are theoretically unique to a given individual. However, given the reality of identity theft and the knowledge that some number of duplicate SSNs were erroneously issued in the past, even that wouldn’t be completely definitive in practice.

      • NHSparky says:

        I haven’t filled out a 4473 lately, but I’m pretty sure it says CONVICTION of a felony vice charged.

        One possibility why he’s on the, “No-Buy List” is his conviction re: Senator Landrieu back in 2010. The original charge was a felony but knocked down to a misdemeanor.

        • Anonymous says:

          Under indictment, too (i.e., if you’ve been charged but not actually convicted yet). Somebody probably “forgot” to take off the bar.

      • USMC Steve says:

        Usually thery are, except for the one Obama has that was issued to a guy that had it like 80 or 90 years before. From a different state than Obama lived in.

    • thebesig says:

      He plans to sue the FBI. According to many news sites, he has initiated the process to sue them. His lawyer would have to provide him with this information when talking about his chances of succeeding.

      There may be a reason to why he didn’t provided additional information. This is in the same category as the IRS putting obstacles in the way of conservative non profits when they applied for a specific status.


      • rgr769 says:

        He will find out “why” in discovery. Also his attorney will have a right to recover attorney’s fees under his Section 1983 cause of action.

  7. NHSparky says:

    It’s about time we adopted a, “shall sell” policy regarding weapons on a state and federal level.

    IOW, if the feebs can’t demonstrate a reason to block a sale, they MUST allow it, and if they deny it, they have to show WHY, much like denial of a CCW permit in Constituional carry and “shall issue” states.

    He’ll, it’s federal law that if I’m denied credit or a loan, the bank has to tell me why. Shouldn’t the same principle apply?

    • Mason says:

      Without knowing, I imagine the reason they don’t give a reason to the dealer is to protect the dealer. They just get a yes or no. They wouldn’t be able to explain the whys of whatever reason it is anyway.

  8. penguinman000 says:

    Hmmm…..Government data base resulting in your rights being denied. You aren’t informed when you are put on the list. You only find out when you attempt to exercise your rights.

    I have this crazy notion the burden should be on the government to seize anyone’s rights. They should go in front of a judge, make their case, and you should be afforded an opportunity to defend yourself.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      Some real Kafka shit, eh?

      • Penguinman000 says:

        Right? It’s almost as if no one has read any of the numerous history, sci-fi, fantasy, fiction, or non fiction, books that lay this stuff out in detail from just about every conceivable angle.

        Almost makes one believe governments are not to be trusted.

  9. Jarhead says:

    Likely he will be denied the opportunity to enter certain Fed buildings AS WELL AS the right to fly on a commercial for-profit jet line. Attorney; I’d not waste the time going against big bro. and all our tax dollars used to fight us. Keep Lois Learner in mind if you want to reflect on how corrupt things are in D. C. Finally, closer to home, remember how the Grand Wizardess of the TEA Party was treated in D. C. A friend of mine is now on the same list thanks entirely (he is a retired ARMY enlisted dude) to his membership in the League of the South. Until the incident in Charleston (which he did not participate in) he was never on any list of any kind, other than Friends of Jarhead. Hmmmm….now that might be a problem after all.

  10. SteeleyI says:

    Look at the 5 ‘W’s’ here. We know who, what, when, and where, but we don’t know why O’Keefe was denied.

    It could be that he shares a name with a felon. It could be that he is lying about the whole thing in order to create a sensation. It could also be that his conviction for entering federal property with intent to commit a felony was misidentified by some computer algorithm as a felony:


    I’m sure Mr O’Keefe will make a few more videos to keep us informed. We do know that while this is rare, it does happen, and there is a process to fix it. I find it interesting that Mr O’Keefe, who apparently wants a shotgun real bad, prefers spending his time making videos of him being denied rather than going though the simple appeal process so he can actually get a gun.

    Personally, I believe citizens have the right to keep and bear arms and vote, but felons have forfeited their rights as citizens to some extent. I think it’s good that felons can’t legally purchase guns. The background check system, while always in need of improvement, is a good thing.

    The FBI makes mistakes, but of course the president can fire and hire the director without even needing a reason. I’m all for holding them accountable, but I don’t like this ‘defund the FBI’ tone I detect from time to time.

    James has done some good stuff in the past, I wish he would get back to it.