Stolen Valor Cases Rising Amidst Pandemic

| July 28, 2020

Agents that track stolen artifacts from the National Archives. (National Archives)

This is what National Archives investigators believe. They’re making their research resources more available to help combat stolen valor. They suspect an increase in stolen valor cases amidst the pandemic. They want to better assist law enforcement with addressing stolen valor cases.


Metrick pointed to the recent case of Christopher Crawford, 31, who was sentenced in May on fraud and related charges to six to 12 years in jail for stealing at least $17,000 from American Legion Post 568 in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Crawford allegedly used false claims to get the job as the post’s executive director and misused the post’s debit cards for unauthorized purchases, including trips to casinos.

He had claimed to be an Army combat veteran wounded in Iraq, but the charges showed that he had been discharged at Fort Benning, Georgia, under “less than honorable conditions” for going absent without leave during basic training.

In a statement when charges were filed in January, Lackawanna County District Attorney Mark Powell said, “The conduct alleged in this case — masquerading as a combat veteran in order to infiltrate and steal funds from an American Legion post — is breathtakingly brazen and unprecedented in my almost 30 years of practicing criminal law in Lackawanna County. It’s an affront to every veteran.” has the article here.

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IS1 (SW)


Wilted Willy

How about my asshat brother that has screwed us taxpayers out of 750K over that last 30 years! Talk about a cocksucker!!!
Please somebody arrest my scumbag brother!!!


Wilted Willy,
have you reported him here?

5th/77th FA

More phonies out there and more time needed to bust them. Another of the many problems brought on by the Chinesecommunist Originate Virus Infecting Disease of 2019. It’s good that the Feds are wanting to do something about it, but it remains to be seen. Wilted Willy’s brother’s case is a good example of them not really caring.

In today’s case I, again, blame the Legion Post for not verifying this dirtbag before giving him the “key to the safe.”


The National Archives are concerned?

If there was ever a time to go after SV it is now. Just look at all the Marxists claiming to have
“served” this country as they riot.
I am trying to be patient but The NPRC needs to
get going and serve those who served honorably by
by doning hazmat suits if thats what it takes to
“set the record straight”.

Maybe Susan Collins can come out from under her
desk and put in a good word for “the vets”.
You know, kinda like a campaign issue.
Oh…wait. She will be leaving soon and won’t be
of much help after the election.


It would be nice if the Archives, at the very least, lift their current COVID-19 restriction on just doing emergencies and funerals for the general public.

We would LOVE to help out with this fight, but are currently hamstrung by the inability to get FOIA responses.


How’s about they just digitize everything public (redact where necessary) and post in a searchable database. I know it’ll require a lot of work, but if you could type out a quick Google search to verify service, it’d clear up almost all the stolen valor.


Well, at least THIS moron won’t be getting away with it anymore…

Hack Stone

This guy is definitely All Points Logistics material.


He’s been featured here before.


Dick is a dick… and gonna see a lot of dick where he’s going to.


Makes you wonder how many assbags hide for a weekend, then claim they were “fighting the man in Portland”.


Just waiting for the first person to claim PTSD from the Burger Wars back in the 80s.


With his commemorative Battle of Hoth campaign ribbon wtih Endor device proudly displayed… plus MOH w/ 1 OLC, of course.


Is this guy (MIKE HASTLE) legit,
or is he another Maggie DeSanti type?

Mike Hastle is in the national news now (Google it),
portrayed as a Bronze Star combat medic in Nam.

I am seeing FakeBook comments,
that people who know him personally
are saying that he was a Supply Clerk,
kicked out for FLAT FEET,
and tried for years to get back in, and failed.



Many claims in this post gassing live video.

Green Thumb

What a clown.

He was probably exposed to a lot of semen.


Green Thumb,
I just spit up my PA Dutch Birch Beer….
…. on my KEYBOARD.


Both HASTIE and HASTLE are all over the internet.
H A S T I E (not HASTLE) appears to be the correct spelling.


First, since I was an Army officer serving in Vietnam in 1970, in and around where this faker claims he served, I can say that combat medics on Dustoff crews in An Khe didn’t, IMHO, get exposed to agent Orange. Air Force crews who sprayed it and infantry units moving through defoliated areas were the people exposed to it.

Second, Mr. Hastle or Hastie did not get kicked out of the Army for flat feet. I had and still have flat feet, it had no effect on my commissioning as a Regular Army infantry officer. Once this dude made it through Basic, with no problems with his feet, he would not have been booted for flat feet. Moreover, a supply clerk stays in the rear and never humps a rucksack, so he is unlikely to have had any foot disabilities from flat feet. If he was refused re-enlistment, it would not have been because he had flat feet. I also might add that flat feet that are asymptomatic are not disqualifying for service without related impairment. I humped a ruck daily in the Viet of the Nam with my flat feet, in addition to successfully completing Ranger school.


So, it sounds like protest hero Mike Hastie is FOS,
and the locals don’t have the whole story straight, either?

This sounds like a job for MP/TAH,
to flex their superpowers!

Admin – It’s in the video with the BS, born in 1945.


I don’t know whether the progtard anti-war douche ever really served in the Viet of the Nam, but his claims that Dustoff medics died of exposure to Agent Orange is bunk. There was only a zone on each side of Highway 19 near An Khe that was defoliated. In over six months of hiking through the jungle covered terrain around An Khe in the Central Highlands, I only experienced an area that had been defoliated for a couple of weeks. Most of Vietnam where U.S. and ARVN units operated had not even been sprayed with the defoliant.


It was used sporadically on the permeter of hilltop Signal sites.
Applied using wand applicators.
Don’t know of anyone that was injured by that method
but there it is.


More from the horse’s mouth.
Much more.
I haven’t watched all of it.
But I’ve seen enough.
Thanks for tipping us off with some details.


He claims he stood next to a ditch in Vietnam where there were the bodies of 170 murdered civilians. He is full of shit. He arrived at An Khe in September, 1970, by his own admission. The 4th Infantry Division was de-activated the second week of December, 1970. I commanded the last rifle company to leave Camp Radcliff, An Khe. There was no significant enemy contact during the time he was at An Khe, except for a sapper attack that failed and an ambush of our aero rifle platoon by an NVA heavy weapons company (that I chased for weeks). There were no killings of dozens let alone hundreds of civilians anywhere in the Division’s AO. I ought to know, as I received the intel briefings when my company was securing the firebase and before every helo operation to the boonies. In fact during the six months by battalion was based in An Khe, there was very little contact in the Division’s AO because the Cambodian operation had destroyed their supply depos across the border.

I view of the fact that Hastie likes to wear the NVA pith helmet he likely purchased online. I wouldn’t believe anything he says. Commies and their useful idiots always lie, especially when it serves the party line. So, yes he is FOS. MP needs to FOIA him. His yarns are about as truthful as that “Winter Soldier” BS that Lurch championed.