A Saturday Twofer

| June 27, 2020

Grab a cold one and fix a sandwich. There is a ten year gap between these two videos, but they have distinct relevance to each other and are worth your time. Save them for after supper, if you like but watch both of them.

First of all, if you don’t remember 2010, you need to start remembering ASAP. What is in the following video, a Hoover Institute with Mark Steyn in 2010 regarding the forecasts he made in his book “America Alone”, is very relevant to what is happening now. It is especially relevant, because he addresses how America is/was able to avoid the invasions that flooded Europe, et al., back then, and spends the entire final 10 minutes on it.


The second video is Tucker Carlson having a rant a few days ago about the chaos and destruction going on the past three weeks, with  mobs taking over America. Don’t think so? Then why is Minneapolis announcing that it is disbanding its police force ASAP?  If you can’t see the relevance to Steyn’s response at the end of the first video, you aren’t paying attention.


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Better dead than Red!

5th/77th FA

From my cold, stiff fingers or a body surrounded by a pile of hot brass.

If you think the video is scary, pick up the book and read it. I did about 8 or 9 years ago. His writings are one reason why I have been screaming about the foreign and domestic enemies of our country for so long.

Get ready Little Lady, hell is coming to breakfast. Lock and Load. The JEF built this.


I’ve always had much respect for Mr Steyn, I’ll have to check out his book(s).
Check out Trevor Loudon’s movie The Enemies Within. Just make sure you have some whiskey handy, you’re gonna need it.


Here’s the thing, and you won’t like it…

The only thing that keeps America’s birthrate at the sustainment rate is hispanic immigrants.

So, while we complain about who is coming over the border, consider this: at least Mexican, Central, and South Americans have Western, Christian values.

I shall sit back, sip my margarita (on the rocks, as God intended), and await the backlash


So you’re basically celebrating anchor babies.


Not at all. Read Steyn’s book (I did back when it came out, just as I read After America). He makes this very point. First off, without immigration we would be a dying nation just like those in Western Europe. Americans are having boutique families. 2.5 kids so you can get them through college and still afford that place at the lake. That birthrate will not sustain growth. Look at who comes to the US:… Read more »


So you’re saying unchecked illegal “immigration” from Mexico will be our salvation, our only hope for growth.


Where did I say that? I didn’t use the terms legal or illegal.

Construct your straw men on your own time.

For now, examine the possibility that we are better off having the majority of our immigrants come from countries that share western values.


Wasn’t a straw man. Just yanking your chain a little.


think of it this way: would you rather have X number of illegal immigrants from a nation that does not share western values, or the same number from a nation that does?


“would you rather have X number of illegal immigrants from a nation that does not share western values, or the same number from a nation that does?”

Why are those the only two choices? How about neither? I want legal immigrants who will assimilate and share in our American values.


Hey, don’t get into a pissing match, you two. Save that for something that really deserves it. Just sayin’…. I had a good friend whose parents were Mexican by birth and she considered herself to be American. She had all the slang (some of it really nasty) you could ask for, and she told me that the biggest complaint people in Mexico Lindo had was the Europeans who migrated to Mexico to breed with and… Read more »

Slow Joe

Excellent links.

I raise you, Free To Choose, with Milton Friedman.
Best economic documentary evah.
Originally filmed in 1980.

Slow Joe

After watching Steyn’s video and researching a little bit about birth rates across the globe, a few points come to mind. 1) It seems birth rates stabilizes with access to formal education and the raise of household income to about 5k a year. Regardless of cultural background. 2) It seems fundamentalist observation of any religion nullifies this birth rate stabilization. For example, Haredi jews have the highest birth rate in Israel. It is the same… Read more »


it seems that birthrates are leveling off around the world. Moving people from one location to another is not actually going to achieve any lasting population changes. The earth may never see a population higher than 10 billion at current rates. The other side to this argument is an observation that birthrate is not the key issue, but culture is. By that argument, the problem is not that immigrants come to a nation, but that… Read more »