Tiny Differences

| June 21, 2020

Speaking of Apes in General:


We share up to 99% of our DNA with gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos. So calling someone “ape” is really not an insult to any species, because we are, as Desmond Morris put it so eloquently, naked apes. The fact that we have opposing thumbs, which our hairier cousins don’t have, is what sets us just slightly apart from them. And while bonobos are essentially peaceful peeps, preferring a swing in the shade with a cold drink, gorillas and chimpanzees can be quite aggressive.

Jane Goodall was utterly appalled when she discovered that her “peaceful” tribe of chimps not only got together to plan a raid on their neighbors, but also went ahead with it, killing them and cannibalizing them.  Gorillas are, likewise, aggressive on an as-needed basis. Not a good idea to let your toddlers pound on the bullet-proof glass at the zoo and annoy the head gorilla. The glass has to be replaced repeatedly, because it isn’t angry gorilla-proof. As I understand it, however, they won’t turn down a cold glass of beer.

From Sci-American article: In 1871 Charles Darwin surmised that humans were evolutionarily closer to the African apes than to any other species alive. The recent sequencing of the gorilla, chimpanzee and bonobo genomes confirms that supposition and provides a clearer view of how we are connected: chimps and bonobos in particular take pride of place as our nearest living relatives, sharing approximately 99 percent of our DNA, with gorillas trailing at 98 percent.

Yet that tiny portion of unshared DNA makes a world of difference: it gives us, for instance, our bipedal stance and the ability to plan missions to Mars. Scientists do not yet know how most of the DNA that is uniquely ours affects gene function. But they can conduct whole-genome analyses—with intriguing results. For example, comparing the 33 percent of our genome that codes for proteins with our relatives’ genomes reveals that although the sum total of our genetic differences is small, the individual differences pervade the genome, affecting each of our chromosomes in numerous ways. – article

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Inbred Redneck

I think some of us discovered that the missin’ link was found in Drill Sergeants at Ft. Lewis around ’68.

5th/77th FA

Few of in Seattle too…even more in Washington DC.

Cue Planet of the Apes Music.


At least I was -told- to imitate Marvin the Martian, and often. Thus when I would occasionally ad-lib on my own, all that was usually said was “knock it off” or “not now”, if that.

“Silly Earth creature” is not “the greeting of the day” when being instructed on “react to an approaching officer”.

…usually, but not always. Ahem.


When our knuckle dragging cousins pen Shakespeare or an equal Constitution, then I’ll be impressed. Until then continue to thank the Greatest Scientist that He’s kept most of our as-of-late poop flinging rhetorical and less kinetic.
(Cool article…from 2014)
Has anyone gotten a DNA test that checks for Neanderthal genes? I know a certain group of racist Marxist idiots that like to disparage Europeans as ‘cave dwellers’ and I’m interested to investigate my own ‘cave dwelling prowess’ as I am a fan of tunnels, more so after whiskey.


Neandertal DNA is significant in human immune genes.

There is very much argument about who, when, how much, etc for Neandertal DNA.

Since some humans migrated back into Africa, as well as out, the genes pop up there. It is amazing how much humans moved around in pre-historic times, using just feet.

There is some speculation that N+H hybrids were only viable if female, as no Nenadertal Y chromosome evidence has been found in humans. The Y lacks some key genes, and if the X also lacks them, the offspring is dead or doomed to be sterile. Females have two chances to have the one needed thing, so they survive and reproduce.

This is also the mechanism for color blindness. It can only be missing on Y, absent major genetic damage, so women almost never can be colorblind What they can have instead is a double color gene that can grant “super color”. So when the spouse lectures you on subtitle word color differences and you say “meh, same diff”, She may actually be seeing color hues you cannot.

There is still debate if Nenadertal was truly a separate species, or a sub species.

Genus Species Subspecies:
Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Homo Sapiens Neandertal
Homo Sapiens Denisovian

If species is the differentiation, drop the middle “Sapiens.

When one considers that HSS survived the Pleistocene’s global deep freeze, an environment full of interesting and often rather large predators, and survived with nothing more than stone-age technology, it is truly amazing we exist at all. There is evidence for repeated genetic bottlenecks where the breeding female population was less down to than 5000. One theory drops that to as low as 40. Our cousins did not survive, other than through us.

Any Port in a snowstorm, apparently.


Ever since I’ve been able to spot the sun’s green light, I’ve been able to see more shades of green in the trees, bushes, etc., than what I had previously been able to detect.


At 5k pax that’s a lotta trailer park type isht right there.
Yet went I call my cousin hot I’M the monster?!?

Slow Joe

Well, that was an uber-simplification.

As a reference point, we share 50 percent of our DNA with fish, as a comparison of why the 99 percent similarity with Apes.

Also, in many languages, there is no difference between Apes and Monkeys. They are called by the same name, which aids the anti-scientific views of the regressive.

I think, and I am completely speculating here, one of the reasons why Anglo-Saxon culture defeated French, Spanish and German cultures, is because English has separate terms for apes and monkeys, sky and heaven, and politics and policies, which lack in those aforementioned languages.

Yes, the colonial policies of the British Empire in settling as many Europeans in their colonies as possible clearly contrasts against the policies of restricting the migration of Europeans to the French, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese colonies. And Germany did not even exist as a unified country until the Prussian victory over France in the Franco-Prussian War of 1871.

But, culture is far more complex and more decisive in national success than we give it credit for.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

WOW and double WOW about this informative post I went ape reading it. Bethoven’s favorite fruit was ba na na na, ba na na na.

George V

One nit to pick in an otherwise fun read – opposable thumbs. We and the hairy ones both have them, as do the koala, and waxy monkey leaf frog. https://animalsake.com/list-of-animals-with-opposable-thumbs

I always thought raccoons had opposable thumbs and thanks to checking on ape’s thumbs I learned I was wrong about raccoons. Holy Thinking Cap, I learned 2 things today thanks to TAH!


Ex-PH2, the apes have opposable thumbs. So do most monkeys.

There are documented cases of Orangutans learning to pick simple locks on their enclosures. This after learning to steal small metal objects to try.

Chimps make crude tools, such as selecting an modifying sticks to extract termites from mounds.



The biggest difference between us and the other primates is that we can spell genome…


You mean those little pointy-hatted fuckers on people’s lawns?


Jarhead called black people “evil apes”….

and this is the bullshit you come up with to dismiss justify it?


Get back into your cage you hybrid orangutan. Yes, 11B warned us that your kind advanced to the level of lock picking. As the old saying goes, “You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose; but you can’t pick your friends’ nose.” Go back to picking poo and slinging it at people who disagree with you. Please see my post on Upcoming Solar Cycle Hints At Mini Ice Age 3:01 a m on June 20.

FYI, this post today was not justification for ANYTHING I or anyone else posted. Ex-PH2 was obviously trying (IMHO) to educate folks on the genetic differences between humans and other primates. Lest someone get the notion that YOU are some little irritating mindless ape bitch yourself. Thank you for confirming her post to be valid and worthwhile. She has made me rethink my original 6-20-20 post, and I have turned it into a money maker. I am now selling s__t shields at the zoo where you reside when visitors want to see a real DNA freak.


You really are an absolute racist shitbag.

And the fact that Ex has decided to white knight your bullshit is all I need to know about her as well.

And you don’t even have the integrity to stand by what you said. Instead allowing others to obfuscate and justify on your behalf.


Please pardon my error. May my penance show my respect for you by ALLOWING you to lick my dog’s testicles? Nah, you’d probably like it a lot more than he would.
Now if you don’t get hold of yourself and calm down, you are going to turn my creative juices loose and make me write the screen play that has been in the back of my mind ever since you returned. It will lead to a movie named Planet of The Lars. Story line is an exhaustive group of Lars vs. the Ordinary People; each seeking control and dominance of the world. Most of the Lars were sold by their own kind, yet they insist the Ordinary People owe them for decades of imaginary abuse. This in spite of generations of banana stamps being distributed every month. What would you think if I gave the starring role to David Allan Coe? Now don’t get too upset, you must know Ex-PH2 will have some rights to the movie since she is such an apologist. Can we count on you buying the first ticket?


“FYI, this post today was not justification for ANYTHING I or anyone else posted. Ex-PH2 was obviously trying (IMHO) to educate folks on the genetic differences between humans and other primates. “

Yeah, the fact that Ex posted this article two days after your racist “evil apes” comment is a coincidence.

She explicitly defends calling people “apes“ in this article.

But, she is just trying to educate people.

Your integrity is for shit.


If these folks fail to live up to your standards of humanity why do you keep coming back? Seriously. I’m not on here often but it seems whenever I am you are complaining about one or more of the “regulars” and you seem very passionate about your complaints. If this site adversely effects the quality of your life – delete it from your life


She explicitly referred to all people as apes. All. People. YOU decided to make it racist.

And you have the audacity to question anyone’s integrity. I have this burning desire to slap the shit out of your Army recruiter and the the dumb sonofabitch that allowed you to receive a commission.

Slow Joe

Evil apes?

Link, please.


If we’re sharing genomes
Hondo and Slow Joe are the same phenotype, right?

Also – valor guardians
more heros – less zeros

why does the returned home post
get more coverage than
the fakers
and the recipes

i wonder if this is where Jonn would be now

I would have saved this for an open post ,, I’ll save the rest for later


returned home post gets LESS coverage, my fault

thanks, you too, stay well


This is way off topic (from the Saharan post) but since you seem to enjoy graphics and science I will leave this mezmerizing gif of the Saharan dust plume as NASA projects its path into the US. Hint – the south gonna get dusty.
comment image


Blame ny fat fingers on the typo.

I meant it seems that the returned home post generally seems to get less responses. But since I mostly lurk and stop by on a semi annual basis, I could be wrong.

I hope that Slow Joe and Hondo are one and the same poster. That seems fright somehow.
Or maybe you are Hondo.

Anyway, thank you for that cordial response and hope you stay well

*disregard the other answer stuck in moderation due to email address typo