Protests and Riots Good-Opening America Bad

| June 19, 2020

The left disregarded the coronavirus risks related to the protest and riots. Later, President Trump talked about continuing to open the country up. He also scheduled his rallies. Did the left disregard the coronavirus risks like they did with the protests? Nope. They highlighted the handful of states that have seen coronavirus upticks. However, the majority of the states have shown a decreasing trend in coronavirus rates.

From Fox News:

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway admonished what she described as “COVID-shaming” of people who seek to leave their homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve made incredible progress … we don’t want people to be so afraid that they don’t leave their homes, so afraid they don’t reopen their small businesses, so afraid of the hypocrisy that exists — that it’s OK if you are protesting about something and you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with no mask, and it’s not OK if you happen to go to a Trump rally or you happen to be dining at a small business in your community. So, we shouldn’t be COVID-shaming people, as the president has said, but we’ve been vigilant on this,” she told “America’s Newsroom.”

Her comments came amid accusations that the media and Democrats hypocritically attacked Americans for violating social distancing guidelines while not speaking out as strongly against anti-racism protesters in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

While the administration has pushed for states to reopen their economies, reports have surfaced showing spikes in coronavirus cases as that transition occurs.

Vice President Mike Pence, who leads the coronavirus task force, penned an op-ed blasting media “panic” over an alleged “second wave” of coronavirus infections.

“The media has tried to scare the American people every step of the way, and these grim predictions of a second wave are no different. The truth is, whatever the media says, our whole-of-America approach has been a success,” he said in a piece published Tuesday.

Fox News has the rest of the story here.

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5th/77th FA

I coulda, would, shoulda, had oughta been “socially distancing on these 22,000 acres of History. And giving a lesson on the true history of Juneteenth. When I was there in the past during this same time frame, many of the hired “actors” or “re-enactors” in “costume” that were portraying the Black Buffalo Soldiers of the 6th US Cavalry did not have a clue as to what it was. The curator of the museum had been passing by when she heard me chastising them for not knowing about Juneteenth. Offered me a job on the spot. Shoulda took it. Coulda realized my dream of being an Army Post Commander.

Guess the heat from burning down innocent buildings and the exertion of toppling statues destroys the Chinesecommunist Originated Virus Infecting Disease. This is more about the control of the people and the narrative than the control of the virus.


Of course it is. The media lost it’s mind when they found out that the Trump rally in Tulsa had around a million requests for tickets. If only those folks cared as much as the protesters rioters did./S

A Proud Infidel®™

BUTbutbut JUST WAIT until Major Moonbat aka Commissar comes and “enlightens” us with his daily excretion of his UC Berzerkely talking points and propaganda!


Oh goodie….. I just can’t wait…..
Assface will appear !!!


If a crowd can protest for Marxist-Lemmingism, a crowd can protest against it.

Or for welcoming strange orange aliens.

Political speech has the highest category of protection.


Y’know, I think space aliens of all sorts are avoiding us like the Plague. Whatever it is we’re afflicted with? They don’t want it.