Democratic Governors Handling Two Different Protests

| June 13, 2020

Sometimes, the statues being pulled down are going to “fight back”. (The Donald Win)

Conservative groups protested the lockdown, demanding that people be allowed to work. They complained about the draconian measures used to infringe on basic freedoms. Condemnation against these protests came from leftist politicians, medical groups, and others. Many argued that these protestors increased the risk of widespread infection; they vilified the conservative protestors.

Fast forward through time. An African American dies as a result of the process used to detain him. Protests and riots occur in Minneapolis and elsewhere in the country. Those that frowned on the peaceful conservative protests changed their tune with the leftist protests.

From Newsweek:

Instead of easing the painful restrictions and striving to reopen America, many Democratic mayors and governors, infuriatingly, sought to extend them even further–sometimes in open defiance of the First Amendment and always in open defiance of the concerns expressed by ordinary citizens desperate to be allowed to go back to work and live their lives.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, for instance, condescendingly quipped that anti-lockdown protesters who want to earn a living should simply “take a job as an essential worker.”

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, also a Democrat, was especially caustic, calling the protesters who showed up at the Michigan state capitol “racist” and fretting that they were spreading the virus by assembling in public.

“This is not appropriate in a global pandemic,” Whitmer complained. “But it’s certainly not an exercise of democratic principles where we have free speech.”

Whitmer was especially distraught over the fact that some anti-lockdown protesters chose to exercise their legal right to openly carry firearms, interpreting the behavior as some kind of a “threat” rather than a visually poignant way for ordinary citizens to express their determination to protect their constitutional rights.

These arguments; however, aren’t consistent with the arguments they advanced for the George Floyd protests and riots. One of those that criticized the conservative protests actually interacted with the leftist demonstrators.

Newsweek has more here.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    September and October are gonna be real interesting.

  2. AW1Ed says:

    “Never let a crisis go to waste” tends to fall apart when attempting to capitalize on conflicting crises, and the underlying hypocrisy becomes glaringly obvious. Like now.

  3. 5th/77th FA says:

    We shut down the entire free world economy for a bug that has a 99% survival rate, and made a hero out of a hood rat thug that got himself killed by a dumbass cop. Now when the numbers start spiking on new infections it’s gonna be ’cause “Whitey” is so rayyyycccissss. At least a bunch of them will have a new flat screen TV to keep them entertained while they re-cooperate. And some new Air Jordans to wear when they get admitted to the hospital…with the hospital bill being paid by the taxpayer. I really hope that none of them get sick, because I don’t want to pay for their hospital stay.

    I also hope that the statues keep fighting back and smash a few more destroyers of History. Bet we’ll be paying for his hospital bill, therapy, long term care, with a stipend for him never being able to work, if he ever did work.

    I should be sight-seeing down around Vicksburg right now, getting ready to head into Arkansas tomorrow, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, all of those carefully made plans from the last 1-3 years were shot to sh^t by a ChiCom Originated Virus Infecting Disease of 2019.

    The basic plan was to make a 3-4 week round robin from Central God’s Country to Western South Dakota, without getting on an interstate highway and without going thru a big city. I am one more pissed off white boy right now. I’ve known for a few weeks that the trip was postponed with a very good chance of cancelation, it’s hitting home right now, hard, cause the FIRST leg was to have been started yesterday or NLT today. Grrrrrrr!

    Phuque the Commies, Phuque the Demon Rats, Phuque the politicians (of BOTH PARTIES), PHUQUE the Socialist, PHUQUE the Fascists, PHUQUE antifa, PHUQUE the Illinois Nazis, and while we’re at it PHUQUE you to you spapos seagulled chuntihoilio commissar. Why don’t you go self fornicate.

    LONG LIVE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Take a chill pill, 5th/77th. I got some stuff that will make you happy. Real backwoods cooking from a hillbilly cook. Posting it for tomorrow.

      Get your binkie and put your feet up and watch old movies from the 40s. People had good manners back then.

      • David says:

        And if you need a good travel read to whet your appetite, “Travels With Charlie” by John Steinbeck or “Blue Highways” by William Least Heat Moon.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Yes Dear! Trying to Dear! My apologies Dear. This one has been in the works since June of ’17,for June of ’18 postponed/canceled/rescheduled for June of ’19 bc of the stroke in Mar & May of 18, wasn’t able to make the drive alone and no extra driver so I flew the Sister and her girls here. This year will be the possible last year to have to put it together for a drive and the routes I had picked out I’d never taken.

        Get this; I was using a 1950 Road Atlas as a base for the route and was superimposing a 2020 just to compare the Hwy #s for any that had changed. Some of the Hwys are different but the towns are the same and haven’t moved. Part of the route is the Southern Leg Trail of Tears (I’ve driven the Northern one thru KY & IL), part of it is the original Rt 66, The Chisholm Trail, The Original Lincoln Hwy (The FIRST Coast to Coast Hwy) parts of the Santa Fe, The Mormon, The Oregon, Pony Express Trail, Transcontinental Telegraph AND Railroad Routes. Was not gonna be in a hurry and not gonna do it on the cheap. This was the last hurrah for this road Warrior. Sister M is 82 and Brother C is 84. Add that to the deterioration that is happening from my strokes (on the schedule and doing exactly as the predictions said they would) and here we are. Among other things there was to be a week at Fort Robinson State Park near Crawford, NE (an excellent facility Google it) with extended Family and another week with more extended family in and around the Black Hills of South Dakota. No interstates, no big cities, no fast food, and no sh^t, I have been looking forward to it. Ft Rob will not even be opening up their full facilities till July, and those are reserved a year in advance. We were scheduled for 17 thru 21 June. Lotta work went into the planning and logistics of all of this. Plus keep in mind, had to line up house/fur baby sitters and co-ordinating 45 people + vacation time. Some of the nephews are NG and have been activated and some of my nieces are medicos/nurses so all of their time off was canceled. Another niece is a lab tech for a hush hush research group and they got detailed to test for the ChiCom Bug. Oh well.

        Tanks for listening Matey, little more better now. Had me a porked beast sammich on some of that real good herbal cheesy crusty bread that Ms Thang made me, warshed it down with a cold Yuengling and fixin’ to make me a bowl of Blue Bunny Caramel and Nuts Ice Cream over some chewy chocolate chip cookies. Watching an old cowboy picture, The Gunfight at Dodge City (50s era, story of Bat Masterson). I used to have very good manners…until…reasons.

        I look forward to your culinary post on tomorrow upcoming. ps… your post on tomorrow in no way relieves AW1Ed of his responsibilities for Friday’s Recipe. I think Roh-Dog is expecting the World’s Best Grilled Crab Cakes.

        And Hey, David, when I take a road trip I don’t take a book other than a travel atlas and a “What to See and Do Here” guide. Back in the day I had to do the driving and couldn’t see it all. This time I was planning on having my nose pressed against the glass and hollering out; “Pull over, I wanna see this.”

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Well, you will love what I have for tomorrow, because it is down-home backwoods cooking at its best. Ran across it by accident. She uses heirloom recipes (not gourmet stuff, just plain good food passed down). Simple recipes, simple ingredients – that always works best.
          Also, she puts her stuff on videos instead of just posting the stuff online.

          It’s cold here in my AO. Temps dropped last night to low 50s, and never got about 64 up here daytime today. I’m running the furnace again – in June, fer Pete’s sake! Only saw three dragonflies on Thursday morning when I should be seeing at least two dozen at a time.

          It means change is coming and the ecohippies and looters and pillagers won’t like what they’ll have to face in the Autumn, when the birds fly south and the voting stations are open, never mind what happens when the real cold gets dropped on them.

          You take care, KoB, and that post will appear around 1:00 PM EDT.

          • 5th/77th FA says:

            Cool beaners, I’ll be looking forward to it. We having a cold snap too, not getting over about 89 -91 for the next day or 2. Gonna run into the big city FIRST thing in the morning, check on some stuff, get a few provisions and hopefully check out the girlfriends at one of my all time favorite home owned dinning in places. They have re-opened for carry out and limited dine in. Hope to do the dine in so I can leave the girls a big tip. Words out that they miss their buddy, Here’s a linky;


          • Ex-PH2 says:

            Thanks for that. Lemon Baked Chicken on the menu, and I love lemon chicken – substantially.

            • 5th/77th FA says:

              Yesum, I remembered that. Theirs is literally world famous. One of the major tourist events in Maconga is the annual Yoshino Cherry Blossom Festival in March. Plane/bus loads of foreigners come to that, plus domestic. One of the main neighborhoods that the trees bloom in is close by Jeneanes. There are tour bus operators that schedule their tours around her menu. Her FIRST location in downtown served a killer breakfast and anytime the line crews had an underground/man hole run job we hit there to fuel up and let the getting to work traffic get by. Can’t close DOT roads except at certain times. Folks forget that downtown streets are still state and federal business routes. Her buttermilk cat headed biscuits will melt in your mouth and the johnnycakes/hoecakes are like thin pancakes of cornbread delight. Part of the planning for my trip was googling the towns I was going thru and finding the places like that. Did I mention I was planning on having a wide variety of heavy western grain fed beef beast? Linky for Cherry Blossom Festival;


          • OldCorpsTanker72 says:

            Oh, no, not baked possum again!

        • AW1Ed says:

          Whoa, ho, stop and WTFO? How did I get dragged into this soiree?
          Very sorry your bucket list lap around Big Sky Country has hit a road block, and I sincerely hope you’ll stick around to complete it in the next year or three. Or six.
          Or however many it takes.
          As for Roh-Dog, haven’t heard him scratching at my door, and besides, he and SFC D are tied for First Loser on the Mick&Ed Hate List, which you top. If he wants the recipe for TWBCC he’ll have to ask. Nicely.
          Since this AW1Ed doggie pile wouldn’t be be complete without our own ninja, Go Navy Beat Army.
          (whtbn) *grin*

          • 5th/77th FA says:

            Not really dragged into into it Bro as much as mentioned. Us culinary challenged persons have really looked forward to the cooking segments, TWBCCs is downright outstanding and we have lost the Monday breakfast foods segment. Besides, you brought it up by mentioning TWBCC last Friday. By now you should know how we are. I just didn’t want you to think that an added “love for me offering” that Ex was putting together was going to relieve you of your love for us and the desire you have for us to be happy to negate the need to speed to the zone of TWBCC. Might get dangerous. I’ll oil up the skillet that we can use for the Crab Cakes.

            Roh-Dog, you up on the net? Let’s try it his way FIRST and ask very very nicely. If that doesn’t work then we’ll have to go back with the plan you discussed on the Punisher thread.

            Oh and yeah, for some, Navy Grilled Crab Cakes will beat Army Baked possum, unless of course the possum is baked with sweet taters. Then it could be a toss up. YMMV

            • Roh-Dog says:

              Kinda up on the ‘net. Yesterday was a long one, many beers had, saying ‘til the Last High Ground’ to a WW2 friend.
              It was expected but ain’t ever easy…
              I’ll play ketchup, time meow.

          • Roh-Dog says:

            I’m just happy to be on the score board!
            How ‘bout you just consider passing along the Recipe, CC, WB, T, 1 each as a Birthday Pre-sant to the FIRST Branch of Service of These States United?
            I’m sure the Cannoncocker would take it easy on y’all for a couple hours as he try’s to sound out all the words!
            (I’m mean when HO, and would apologize but said 99.9% outta love!)

        • Just Lurkin says:

          That sounds like a great trip and I recommend Vicksburg (make sure to make time to go see the Cairo if you ever get to go). Me and the Mrs. took a long road trip from western NC all the way to Idaho down to Arizona and then back through St. Louis in 2015-15 national parks and three baseball games. It was an awesome trip and one I would make again in a heartbeat.

        • David says:

          Should read those books before you go… they’ll make you want to go so bad you’ll chew your own leg off to get gone. You’ll want to travel more than Hillary wants the White House.

          Plus I admit to a bad habit. Gotta have a book. Always. I read pretty much every down minute, read any kind of book, and have some books I consider old friends which MUST get read at least annually (Connecticut Yankee, I mean you and your ilk!) Ya never know when it’s gonna rain too hard to leave shelter, or have a breakdown that leaves you killing time in the shade for a long while. My “traveling library” Nook has almost 2000 books in it, and I have another 25,000 or so waiting on a backup drive. Can’t get to sleep without reading a while.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Ninety-nine point seven four percent survival.

      And climbing.

  4. OldSoldier54 says:

    Some animals are more equal than other animals.

  5. Mason says:

    Bernie, Hillary, and all the other usual suspects are still making a stink. Trump’s scheduling rallies and they’re acting like he’s Typhoid Mary. But they support the anarcho-communist protests.

  6. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    And in the spirit of the graphic, and the violent nincompoops who inspired it…

    This is your brain …. on statuary.

    Just say “no” to statuary abuse.

  7. Skippy says:

    This fix is in part 2
    Let’s hope it doesn’t succeed

  8. Roh-Dog says:

    Oh Whitmer, you ignorant sl*t. It’s not a ‘threat’, it was a reminder.
    Consent of the governed.
    Rub some dirt on it, reread the founding documents, have a moment of self discovery and change, or kys, whatever works for you, sweetfart.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      “That sound you just heard was millions of liberal brains blowing a circuit breaker.”

      Let’s hope that message gets out loud and clear. I’d like to see lots of liberal heads exploding… from a safe distance, of course.

  9. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    And, to blow our resident SJW’s mind about his “friends” being “unorganized” :

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Gee whiz, if he comes here, most of the residents in my neighborhood are Latinos, a few are blacks and a small bunch of retired white folks. If he c comes here, he’ll be destroying his own kind.

      Aside from being utterly stupid and self-centered, what’s this idiot’s problem? Oh, wait – I know: he can’t see past the end of his nose!!!

    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

      I’ve heard that some people in “chaz” have been banging on residents’ doors demanding supplies and threatening violence and vandalism if they don’t pony up, maybe they need to rename the place “New Venezuela”?

    • Roh-Dog says:

      That ‘dude’(?) is a known provocateur and agitator, was present at the Battle for Bizarrekeley.
      40 years ago these ‘community organizers’ woulda been Thorazine-drooling all over themselves in State Hospitals for the Insane.
      Make Straightjackets Great Again?

      • Slow Joe says:

        That dude from Fox News, Gerardo Moustache something, is responsible for letting all the crazy people out of the asylums, or so I hear.

    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

      The little shit has no idea of how many people own guns in Red State America ditto with excavators and how many people that know how quickly hogs can get rid of a human corpse!